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Top 10 Most Dangerous sports

Top 10 Dangerous SportsThere are many kind of sport being played now a day’s some are played for the fun and entertainment but there are some which are so much risky that can even be injurious to health and may even cause death.  Every sportsman has the passion to do something for himself and his country. The people who take part in such kind of games are full of confidence and passion they know there is a risk involved and in trying to do so they can get injured or hurtled badly and may even lose their life but the word difficult make them stronger because the believe that nothing is impossible.  Nothing can stop these people in doing such sports even having the knowledge Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous sports” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful churches

Most Beautiful churchesChurches are basically the Holy places of Christians for their religious activities and worships. As there are countless churches in the world, many are well known for their extra ordinary beauty and design. But we are going to discuss some of those churches which are considered as some of the most beautiful churches of the world. According to religious scholars the only thing which matters for the real worship of God is a pure clean soul and a clean heart to remember the Almighty God. Rest of the things doesn’t matter because if the intentions are neat and clean then it doesn’t matter how much costly or beautiful place you are in to pray. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful churches” »

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Top 10 Largest countries

World GlobeTop 10 Largest countries of the world are listed on the basis of their total area in this post along with some crispy things. The total area of our planet earth is round about 510 million square kilometers. Now if we do the analysis with the total size of land then it would be something near about 148.94 million square kilometers while the total area of the top 10 largest countries is 72.5 million square kilometers and rest of the countries has 76.44 million square kilometers. There are many countries in the world with different size and shapes according to world map. Some are popular for their beauty while some are popular because of their population and some due to their total occupied area. In total there are 196 countries which cover the whole planet Continue reading “Top 10 Largest countries” »

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