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Top 10 Biggest diamonds of the world

Top 10 Biggest DiamondsIt is almost every woman’s desire to own a large and expensive diamond. The only thing which holds greater charm for women would be a bigger diamond! Shopping inevitably lands on the first position of every woman’s to-do list and buying a precious gemstone or gold is certainly a delight. Diamonds are a cause of attraction for every man and women and owning diamond  jewellery is considered a big luxury by most of the people. One of the most attractive and expensive diamonds which, being every woman’s dream, is the ‘Wittelsbach’ which is 35.56 carats blue diamond mined in India. It was sold at the price of $24.6 million. But here we are about to find out about the top 10 biggest diamonds Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest diamonds of the world” »

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Top 10 Computer viruses

Top 10 Computer VirusesComputer Virus is a common threat which all of us faces now days. A virus is basically a hidden code programmed to do something harmful or against the will of the computer it attacks. We try  to use one the best anti- virus available according to our data and computing needs .Computer virus is a virtual disease which affect the pc in various ways for example, deleting and corrupting files, slowing down the speed of processing or operating, deleting system files, stealing/sending data without permission and making the pc freeze for a long time. These are relatively less harmful as compared to others. There are some viruses which have literally destroyed the computers of the modern world. Continue reading “Top 10 Computer viruses” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Candies of the world

Top 10 CandiesWhenever i hear the word chocolate, the first words that come to my mind are smooth, sweet, luscious, creamy, delicious and milky m&ms! Chocolates are liked by everyone. Not only kids, but the young generation also has fallen for its addictive taste as so have the elders. As candies are a definite part of our life nowadays, and most of us can’t live without them. However, there are some things which will shock you that candies which are not related to its calorie contents or packing. The business of chocolate manufacture and supply controls a wide range of cash flow throughout the world .Everyone has its own favorite candy and that is the reason why numerous number of companies are fighting to reach up to the taste of every customer. Candies have the maximum business globally after tobacco it is sold are over the world and has the perfect Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Candies of the world” »

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Top 10 most popular cartoons

Top 10 cartoonsHow does it look like when today we wake up early in the morning and see the children’s watching cartoons with the same interest as we use to see when we were kids. It just gives us a flash back to our childhood. As they are liked by children and they choose their hero and try to act and behave likewise. Moreover every animated character teaches some moral lesson. Cartoons are basically the animated movies which are the source of fun for kids. Many of the people say that the best cartoons where made in early 80s and 90s those had a charm and not only kids of that era but elders also use to watch cartoons. Now day’s children are so much addicted to cartoons that they start watching them before going to school and finishes before sleeping and one thing which is Continue reading “Top 10 most popular cartoons” »

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Top 10 Beautiful cities

top-10-beautiful-citiesBeauty does not need words to explain it is express itself. The beautiful things always attract and gain the attention of people itself. Everything that attracts you is beautiful. There are many cities in the world but it is normally said that the cities which are larger in size are beautiful but it is not always the same case many cites with smaller area are beautiful than those having larger area . As it a famous saying that Beauty lies in the eyes of viewer or observer and it all depends on him or her how to observe and view things. Continue reading “Top 10 Beautiful cities” »

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Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet Connection

Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet ConnectionIt sounds really interesting when someone tells you that I download a complete Bluray movie within 10 minutes and my Internet connection is awesome. In present days while Internet speed matters a lot because most of the work is done online which mostly includes online streaming of movies, downloading of heavy data files, downloading of movies and songs and more over the online competitions related to gaming. There is still a lot more work beyond our thinking which requires high Internet speed and a fast Internet connection. There are multiple Continue reading “Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet Connection” »

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Top 10 Popular Crocodile-Alligator species

American AlligatorBefore proceeding further to this post I would like to tell you a brief difference between crocodile and alligator. There are many differences but some of the main physical appearance difference can easily differentiate both the alligators and the crocodiles. One of the main thing found in crocodiles is that they have a V shaped snout which is a long one and narrow as well while on the other hand the alligators have a U shape snout and it’s mostly very wide as well as compared to crocodile. The other common difference is this that crocodiles have both the jaws almost the same and the teeth’s used to show out all of the jaw line while alligators have upper jaw quite wider than the lower jaw and Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Crocodile-Alligator species” »

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