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Top 10 Largest bugs-insects

top-10-largest-bugs-insectsBugs and insects are part of our daily life nowadays and some people are so much frightened by bugs and insects that they start screaming and running around which, sometimes, makes a very funny situation and if the video is captured at that time then no doubt that video can get couple of 100 thousand views on any social media site. According to scientists and many named researchers, there are more than quintillion insects and bugs species living and extinct since this world started. That’s a quite huge number to imagine the types of bugs and insects like the Giant Weta. The following list is not made on the base of the poison, venom or biting ratio but the list is basically related to those bugs Continue reading “Top 10 Largest bugs-insects” »

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10 youngest Nobel Prize winners

10-youngest-nobel-prize-winnersThere are many legendary people in this world who have done great work in field of physics, medicine, Chemistry, Physiology, Literature, Peace and many more. The people who do extra efforts and hard work for the benefit of human being in any aspect are awarded a special honor which is called the Nobel Prize. There are many great scientists, physicists, Biologists and many more who have won this Nobel Prize but the following list basically explains those legendary people who won Nobel Prize at very young age and made themselves the youngest Nobel Prize winners of the world. Continue reading “10 youngest Nobel Prize winners” »

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Top 10 Football teams ranking after May 2011

Football Ranking

When you ask for the game of the globe, the only answer that comes in mind is Football. It is the game played all over the world, and truly marked as the universal sport. Football’s mega event, the Fifa Football world cup attracts masses from all over the world. Football has a huge fan following from almost every country. For football fans, football is their passion, football is their emotion and football is everything for them. FIFA is the governing body of football headed by Sepp Blatter. It has 208 member countries. Its main job is to hold the mega event, the Football World cup every four years. The next world cup will be held in Brazil in 2014.In this post we will be giving a top 10 view of International Football teams based Continue reading “Top 10 Football teams ranking after May 2011” »

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Top 10 Tallest Man Alive

Tallest ManBeing taller is a good quality and plus point in most of the aspects of life and if you look it from a professional point of view then tall people have many more plus points then a normal heighted person because this being a tall ability enhances their personality and impression as well. Especially when it comes to forces or armies then tall people with good physique are preferred the most. This post is actually about those tallest males who are still alive. Hope you have met any Tallest Man present on the list. Although there are many people who have crossed the height of 8 feet but they are all dead now except one and we in this post will emphasize only on those tallest man who Continue reading “Top 10 Tallest Man Alive” »

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