Top 10 Android Phones 2012

Android PhonesAndroid phones 2012 took the world by a storm in 2007. Android phones work on the Google Android which is a Linux based operating system. Google Android revolutionized the way people used high end Smart phones by providing them everything they could ever possibly need. The Android format introduced a unique user interface which was simple yet attractive and it could be operated with ease. Android phones as well as Android tablets are now running the latest Android version called Ice Cream Sandwich now days which is a true showcase of the blazing 4G connection speed and the HD large 3.5 inch and 4.5 inch screen displays of the Top 10 Best Android Phones on which it runs. Other versions, like the latest ones, were also named after desserts like Gingerbread and Honeycomb! A dual core processor has already been added to some of the ultra thin Android phones; something which Apple has failed to do till now. Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Android Phones which can beat the Apple iPhone in the future.


Android Phones 2012 List


10. HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt 

As the name suggests, the HTC Thunderbolt is very fast and quite impressive with download speeds up to 12Mbps! The only drawback seems to be the poor battery backup time but if you take a look at the capabilities of this Android Smartphone, you will understand why it is so. Nicknamed the scorpion, the 4.3 inch touch screen HTC Thunderbolt is a 4G LTE device has lots of storage and more than average camera results. There was a problem in booting and connectivity initially but that was quickly fixed by an update. HTC Thunderbolt made its place in our list of Android Phones 2012.


9. Samsung Infuse

Samsung Infuse 

The Samsung Infuse instantly enthralls anyone who touches it! Equipped with a 4.5 inch touch screen and 8 MP cameras with a LED flash to go with it, the performance is with fast but connection speeds are not as fast as to be expected from a 4G Smartphone. Other than that, the Samsung Infuse is presently the thinnest mobile phone ever made and is really a beauty to look at. With 720p camera recordings and large bright screen display, the Samsung Infuse is placed 9th in the Top 10 Best Android Phones in the market presently.


8. LG Revolution

LG Revolution 

Quite identical to HTC Thunderbolt, the LG Revolution comes in at 8 in the Top 10 Best Android Phones list. The LG Revolution has a 1 GHz processor and has a 4.3 inch display with an 800×480 touch screen and is the heaviest Smartphone on this list. It also has dual cameras so you can make video calls over the network or Skype. The battery time is the main issue here but it has become an acceptable fact as the android phones require more power than the ones from previous generations.


7. HTC One X

HTC One X 

HTC Sensation is the thing of the past as the new leader of the pack is undoubtedly HTC One X! HTC promised us a quad core processor Android phone and has more than delivered on the promise! The 4.7 inch excellent touch screen HD display and aluminum body are present here which have become quite a norm ever since Apple launched its iPhone line. HTC One X also has an 8 MP camera which is capable of 1080p full HD video at 30 fps! It is 11.3mm thick which is just a bit more than Samsung Galaxy S2. HTC Sensation has been thoroughly been overtaken by the new HTC One X and is one of the most liked Android Phones by young generation now days!


6. Motorola Droid 4

Motorola Droid 4 

Taking a step up from their Bionic series, Motorola addressed all these complains and shortcomings of the Bionic and came up with the Motorola Droid 4 android phone. Motorola have also launched the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX which has been given a bigger battery. Motorola Droid 4 is the slider type with a 5 row keypad hidden behind the 4 inch qHD screen when not in use. Motorola Droid 4 also comes in a purple color which is really attractive. Specs include 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 8 MP camera. Motorola Droid 4 is one of the most famous sliding Android Phones present in the market right now.


5. Samsung Function

Samsung Function 

The Samsung Function is quite like the Samsung Galaxy S in many aspects.  The Samsung Function has an 8 MP camera which can record up to 1080p full HD video. It sports a 1.2 GHz processor which is fast enough to cover all your data transferring needs as well as video playback and recording requirements. Excellent Wi-Fi connectivity comes as a plus as it goes without saying that all the mobile phones in this list have this technology. when it comes to the elite class of Android Phones than Samsung Function deserves a place to be on this list.


4. Samsung Droid Charge

Samsung Droid Charge 

The Samsung Droid Charge is named so because the company claims that it uses almost half the battery as compared to Samsung Droid 4G LTE. This 4.3 inch Super Amolded Plus touch screen with 1GHz phone looks and feels much larger than other cell phones of the same screen size. The Samsung Droid Charge has a Cortex A8 processor which gives a pretty decent speed. In the list of Android Phones Samsung Droid Charge holds its place due to many factors especially its business look and functions.


3. LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X 

LG Optimus 2X was the world’s first Smartphone to have 2.1 GHz dual core processors with graphics powered by Nvidia. All this speed would have been rather useless had LG not included an 8 MP camera capable of 1080p recording, DLNA streaming and a mini HDMI port to go with its WVGA display! The price of LG Optimus 2X has been kept lower than most of the high end phones which makes it a great offer! LG Optimus 2X is also counted in the list of slimmest Android Phones present today


2. Samsung Nexus S

Samsung Nexus S 

Second only to the Galaxy series, the Samsung Nexus S is a must have Smartphone if you really depend on these gadgets to get your tasks done. Be it entertainment or office presentations, the Samsung Nexus S has covered every task you can imagine doing with your phone. It has a Super Amolded display with a curved screen which gives better operating conditions all over the 4 inch 235 ppi screen. It also has the NFC chip which is the latest sensation among phone users. Samsung Nexus S is one of the most popular Android Phones with very much affordable price by any individual.


1. Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S2 

Samsung has really taken over the android market with five Samsung phones making it to the Top 10 best android phones. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has taken over the Samsung Galaxy S2 reigns and is on fire right now! the S3 is so slim that it feels unreal the first time you pick it up! How the guys at Samsung managed to fit a quad core processor in this size zero beauty is still a mystery to us! The Samsung Galaxy S3 sports super 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED touchscreen which has been reinforced with gorilla glass 2. The Samsung Galaxy S3 experience is then taken miles further with an 8 MP auto-focus camera and the sweetness of the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x.x) . The Samsung Galaxy S3 is perfect in every sense and ranks at the top in the Top 10 Best Android Phones list.





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