Top 10 Beautiful cities

top-10-beautiful-citiesBeauty does not need words to explain it is express itself. The beautiful things always attract and gain the attention of people itself. Everything that attracts you is beautiful. There are many cities in the world but it is normally said that the cities which are larger in size are beautiful but it is not always the same case many cites with smaller area are beautiful than those having larger area . As it a famous saying that Beauty lies in the eyes of viewer or observer and it all depends on him or her how to observe and view things. The beauty of cites might be natural or artificial. Some cities have natural beauty but it increases with an artificial work done by a man.





10. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia
the land of beauties and full of nature is the 10th most beautiful city of the world and the largest city of Australia.  Sydney was founded in 1788 and has the beauty of all time. It is mostly the place of tourism for many people because Sydney has many attractive sights to visit and has the strong economical position. Its art, commerce, culture and entertainment are famous internationally.


9. Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland
the most beautiful city of Switzerland is on 9th position in world ranking. It is the small city of Switzerland with maximum beauty in it. Bern is covered with hills and has the cool and calm environment. Bern is the place of birth of most famous scientist Albert Einstein. The most visited area of this Bern is Old town, Albert’ house and the famous museums.


8. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany
is the 8th most beautiful city of the world and is most populous in Germany with about 2,295,000 people living in it. Frankfurt is located on the main river and is it is the main source of finance, tour, commerce and transport for Germany. The beauty of Frankfurt is due to the hard work of architecture and due to its culture and art. There are many amazing and attract full sights of Frankfurt some are Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral (The place of Holy Roman Empire) Saint Paul Church, Old Opera House, Romer (the City Hall) and many others.


7. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

The 7th beautiful city of the world is Munich which is the 3rd largest city of Germany. Munich is having a motto and its motto is “Munich likes you” So motto of Munich clearly tells us that it is place where people love each other .The foundation of Munich was in 1158 and is among the oldest cites. The art and culture of Munich is very famous which attract the world towards it and increases the beauty of Munich. Munich is also the center of historical places Munich was ranked on 3oth placed in one survey regarding the place where most historical building are found. Other than historical places it has parks, museums and different theatre which maximize its beauty.

6. Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf, Germany
is the 6th most beautiful city if the world in Germany. It has cool winters and warm summers. Dusseldorf is the tourist place the music and nightlife of this is the most common. Dusseldorf has some traditional functions like Carnival which is popular all over the globe and has many other sights to visit like the famous parks and museums and moreover the buildings and the shopping center are the most visited places of Dusseldorf which increases its beauty.


5. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand
is the 5th most beautiful city of the world and also the most populous city of New Zealand. Auckland is an interesting place to visit and to spend holidays. As Auckland is the place of mysteries and adventure so people love to travel in Auckland. There are many places and sights which can be visited in Auckland such as Queen street, Sky tower, Harbor bridge, Eden park and many other such famous sights.


4. Vancouver, Canada

Canada Vancouver
is in Canada and is the 4th most beautiful city of the world and more than 3 million people live in Vancouver and is considered as the seventh most populous city of Canada. Vancouver is the place of international conferences and maximum number of international conferences are held in Vancouver. As the culture every city plays a key role in its beauty and make it a dream living paradise for other same is the case with Vancouver .The music and nightlife and beauty of Vancouver has increased is quality of living and makes it the most visited place from last 10 years.


3. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland
is considered as the 3rd most beautiful city of the world which is the city of Switzerland. Geneva is the Calm and cool place to live in and people living in Geneva feel relax. Geneva is a interesting place to travel and spend holidays as it has many popular views and many visitor places where one can spend his weekends the system of transport is good and the Lake Geneva is the beauty of Geneva.


2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland
is the 2nd most beautiful city of the world and is also the Capital of Switzerland. As Zurich is almost 408 m above the level of sea so the lake view around it gives Zurich an amazing look. Zurich is filled with tourists for all the four seasons through out the year and tourists love to  spend their holidays in Zurich every season. The main and the attractive places of Zurich are the churches, museums, parks and nature. The beauty of the Zurich increases with architecture work.


1 .Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
is the most beautiful city of the world and is also among the cities having maximum population in the world. Vienna is the Capital of Austria and is the oldest city from 500BC and is ranked number 1 in the beautiful cities of the world due to its art culture and architecture .Vienna is also consider as the land of beauties. It has 23 districts with about 25% of Austria population living in it.




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