Top 10 Best Action Movies 2012

Action Movies 2012Action movies have such a way of playing with the emotions of the audience which even romance movies cannot pull off. They start off slowly so that you get to associate with the character and then the real action starts. No matter how mean or cold, the heroes and heroines in the following Top 10 Best Action Movies 2012 list have already made a special place in our hearts. Top Action movies like The Dark Knight, The Avengers and MIB have already declared super hits and are the top action movies to look forward to this summer. Action movies have gotten bigger, badder and louder with each passing year and this year is no exception. The 3D technology takes the overall experience one step further. This year’s list of Top 10 Best Action Movies 2012 also includes G.I. Joe (featuring The Rock) as well as The Expendables 2! So quickly write down all these Action Movies 2012 titles so that you won’t miss the real man movies this summer!




10. Snow white and the Huntsman

Best Action Movies 2012 

With the release of Snow White and the Huntsman just around the corner, the debate about this distorted fairytale being a hit or a miss is getting hotter. Snow White and the Huntsman is loosely based on the well-known fable of affection, bravery and envy. The wicked Queen orders a huntsman to kill Snow white because she has become more beautiful than her! Luckily, Snow White can be found in the Dark Forest where no one is willing to go.  Kristen Stewart (Twilight) looks quite gorgeous as Snow White and the performance of Charlize Theron as the evil queen is outstanding. Snow White and the Huntsman ranks 10th in the list of the Top 10 Action Movies 2012.


9. Total Recall

Action Movies 2012 

One of the best spy movies coming out this year, Total Recall is the story of a common man who unknowing becomes the main difference between two of the biggest world powers. Soon he finds out that he is being used as a spy, the only thing is that he does not know which side he is defecting to! Total Recall will definitely be one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters and has gained a lot of attention from both critics and the movie lovers! Total Recall will be released on the 3rd of August and is ranked 9th on the list of Top 10 Action Movies 2012.


8. The Bourne Legacy

Best Action Movies 2012 

The world created by Robert Ludlum is as vast and detailed as the ones created by Marvel or the Lucas team. The Bourne Legacy is the continuation of the Bourne series based on a special spy who has become a danger to the establishment who created him. This time around, we get to see a new spy instead of the main protagonist Jason Bourne. The new plot and characters will give a much needed fresh start to this hit series. Mind blowing action sequences as well as an intruiging plot are the main ingredients of the Action Movies 2012 and this has made the series a huge hit with fans and no less can be expected from this time as well.


7. The Amazing Spiderman

Best Action Movies of 2012 

The inclusion of the dazzling Emma Stone is just one of the numerous changes you will get to see in the brand new take on The Amazing Spiderman. Using the original name of the series which was dropped a long time ago, the Spiderman series returns to the roots and many new secrets will be revealed about our superhero’s past. The lizard, one of spidey’s biggest enemies, is all set to make his silver screen debut in The Amazing Spiderman. Sony presently owns the rights to The Spiderman and only tme will tell if they are any better than the Marvel team. The Amazing Spiderman ranks 7th in the Top 10 Best Action Movies 2012 list.


6. Battleship

Best Action Movies of 2012 

Battleship movie brings back the vibe of the 80s in a very different fashion. Battleship was the most successful board game of its era which was also made into a video game later on. In the action movie which goes with the same name, aliens start a full fledged invasion of mother earth after the navy accidently activates one of its ships. The fact that actual ships were used in the movie increases the visual appeal and makes everything look frightfully real! The singing phenomena Rihanna will also appear in Battleship but her role and screen time in this action movie is still not clear yet.


5. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Action Movies 2012 

G.I. Joe: Retaliation has created a lot of hype and people are eager to see this movie. Set to come out in June this year, a lot of credit for the hype and publicity goes to Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Bruce Willis who will grace the silver screen in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. This is the second installment of the already successful G.I.Joe franchise which was started back in 2009. The special effects look great in the trailer and the movie is expected to be a hit. G.I. Joe: Retaliation is placed 5th in the Top 10 Best Action Movies 2012 list.


4. Men in Black 3

Action Movies 2012 

Will Smith makes a comeback on the silver screen with the Men in Black series. Men in Black 3 is being viewed by critics with mixed results. The last attempt in this series backfired pretty badly and thus the long break before the next installment. This time around, however, what we are seeing from the trailers look promising and everyone is expecting a great movie this time. Will Smith travels back in time in Men in Black 3 to uncover one of the Agency’s biggest secrets and he is in for the ride of his life! Hold on tight for the biggest extraterrestrial adventure of the Action Movies 2012!


3. The Expendables 2

Action Movies 2012 

With a more star studded cast than the Milky Way, The Expendables 2 enjoys the reputation of being the most awaited action movie for the year 2012 (according to men)! Placed 3rd in the list of the Top 10 Best Action Movies 2012 list, The Expendables 2 will feature Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and a lot more! Sylvester Stallone will be the leading hero of this movie and has limited his job only to acting unlike the last time when he was producing or directing The Expendables.


2. The Avengers

Action Movies of 2012 

Another feather out of the Marvel universe hat, The Avengers hit the 1 billion mark in just 15 days after being released and has made other Action Movies 2012 like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America look small! The Hulk and Black Widow also appeared in The Avengers. The Avengers team is created in the face of the greatest threat known to man and the superheroes overcome their differences to combat the invading aliens. Iron Man 3 will be coming out in the next year and is expected to be made in the same universe as a sequel. The blend of traditional heroes with modern equipment has a really enjoyable effect on the viewer.


1. The Dark Knight Rises

Action Movies 2012 

The Dark Knight Rises trailers have already made fans restless and eager for its release! Director Christopher Nolan is a seasoned director and is known to turn simple ideas in to breathtaking scenes. The Dark Knight Rises will be the last part of The Batman Trilogy and is tipped off to be the biggest hit of all the Action Movies 2012. With The Avengers already amassing $1 billion, only time will tell which one is a bigger hit. Bane wrecks havoc in Gotham city in a way never seen before which leaves the law enforcers baffled and running for their lives! Bruce Wayne has to don the cape for one last time to rescue the metropolis he lives for! The Dark Knight Rises is at the top in the Top 10 Best Action Movies 2012 list.





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