Top 10 Best boxers ever

Top 10 BoxersBoxing is one of the most popular games played all over the world. From experienced boxers point of view boxing is a sport which requires passion, hard work, consistency, determination and blood to win any title. Basically it’s a one man show game in which not only power but the stamina, technique and style of fighting also maters to win the title and climb the ladder of success. No doubt Boxing is also one of the most expensive games played throughout the world. Now days you will listening about the new champs striking the world but this post is basically made on a special request of a subscriber and it is related to all time favorite boxers existed ever. For every sport everyone has their own ideal personality and some people do not agree with others. After doing overall analysis of different things like knockouts, victories, survival time, standing last, round calculation, winning of titles and many more we have come to a List which is here for you. So enjoy and share the knowledge with your friends of Top 10 Best boxers ever. By the how many of you are aware of the name Rocky Balboa?

10. George Edward Foreman

George Edward Foreman

George Edward Foreman was born in Jan 1949 in Marshall, Texas. George Edward Foreman is one of the most legendary boxers existed on this planet who has the won the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship Twice and along with that George Edward Foreman has also created his name in City Olympic games by winning a Gold Medal. If we go back to historical fights then this can be easily judged that George Edward Foreman used to be one of the toughest opponents for any boxer standing against him in the ring. With an international career of total 81 fights he won 76 in total. One interesting thing which gave a massive rise to George Edward Foreman in his boxing career was his straight winning of first 40 fights without losing any single in them.

9. Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina in May 1956. Sugar Ray Leonard was the name who stroked the world from 1970 to 1980 with a consecutive winning of titles. Although he didn’t won the world heavyweight championship and his matches were also only 40 but on the other hand he won 36 matches and 5 titles which made him one of the best boxers in history. Sugar Ray Leonard was active boxer and never gives a weak move to be attacked on by the opponent. According to Sugar Ray Leonard that I never enter the ring with a fear of losing because winning is not my need it’s my passion. One of the most interesting things about Sugar Ray Leonard is that he has knocked out 25 fighters but he never got himself knocked out.

8. Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler was born in Newark, New Jersey in May 1954. Marvin Hagler has been an ideal personality for most of the boxing fans and according to his fans he has a chin of iron, heart of the lion and a massive beast present inside him who comes out only in the ring to smash the face and body of his opponent. When Marvin Hagler enters the ring he just wants to smash his opponent in to pieces no matter what happens victory is the only thing for iron headed Marvin Hagler. If we do some analysis then Marvin Hagler is the person on our list who has done the maximum % of knockouts in his entire career. Although he never won the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship but he was a massive punching machine. In total of 67 fights he won 62.

7. Archie Moore

Archie Moore

Here comes the big name Archie Moore who has the maximum number of fights on our list. Archie Moore was born in December 1916 in Benoit, Mississippi. Archie Moore was that kind of boxer who has the longest boxing career in history. Out of the total of 219 fights he won 185 which is quite a good ratio and the thing which makes it even more interesting is that Archie Moore has an honor of making maximum knockouts ever as compared to any other professional boxer. Archie Moore won several titles throughout his career and when his boxing career got over he involved himself in to media related things like movies and TV shows.

6. Roy Jones

Roy Jones

Roy Jones was born in Pensacola, Florida in Jan 1969. Roy Jones has won so many titles that it will be a bit difficult to list all of them here but in short he is the only boxer in boxing history that started his international boxing career from Junior Middleweight. In total of 62 fights of his international career Roy Jones won 54 from which he made 40 knockouts. One of the main reasons of Roy Jones boom was his unique style of boxing in which he tries to tease the opponent as much as he can by making faces and dancing moves as well sometimes. According to his fans they really like to watch him playing around with his opponent as a kid to break his temperament level.

5. Joe Louis

Joe Louis

Joe Louis is one of the most legendary names in boxing history. Born in Lafayette, Alabama in May 1914 this survivor of the ring has gone through many victories. Basically Joe Louis belonged to a very poor family when he entered in to the boxing world. He is the only person who holds the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship Title for straight 12 years from 1937 to 1949. Joe Louis was basically a very nice natured, honest and hardworking boxer who has a patriotic heart. Having a magnificent career of 72 fights from which he won 69 and the thing which makes him even more mark able was 55 knockouts by him to his opponents.

4. Julio Cesar Chave

Julio Cesar Chave

Julio Cesar Chave is one of the most glorious names in boxing history. Julio Cesar Chave was born in Obregon, Sonora, Mexico in July 1962. People most of the times call Julio Cesar Chave the massive winning machine because of his outstanding start of boxing career in which the first 87 fights were won straightly by him without even a single defeat. People love to watch his fights because of his extraordinary punching power and rotating body attack. In total of his international boxing career of 115 fights he won 107 from which 89 were knockouts by him. As far as the winning title are concerned then in short there are many but the most important ones are his six times winning of different weight championships.

3. Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong was a short heighted boxer as compared to others on the list. Henry Armstrong was born in Columbus, Mississippi in Dec 1912. Henry Armstrong was very well known for his nonstop punching ability and a very unique style of fighting by looking at the opponent’s feet by head down while still being able to punch the head accurately. For this ability most of his fans use to call him the hammering machine. Basically Henry Armstrong belonged to a poor family who stepped in to the boxing world to light up his days of life in financial terms. Henry Armstrong had a long boxing career of 180 fights from which he won 149 and the thing which makes it more interesting is 101 knockouts by him.

2. Muhhamed Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is the most legendary name in boxing history which almost 99.99 % of the boxing fans are aware of and there are countless fans of this remarkable boxing iron man. Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky in Jan 1942. Muhammad Ali was boxer with speed, stamina, grace, strength and a brave heart. His best quality was that he was a master of physiological hitting and winning. In a glorious career of 61 fights Muhammad Ali won 56 from which he made 37 knockouts. As far as the titles are concerned then Muhammad Ali won several but the most important ones are that he won World Heavyweight Championship 3 times which raised his name in the world.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson

The real name of Sugar Ray Robinson was Walker Smith who was born in Ailey, Georgia in May 1921. If you look at the boxing style of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson then you will say that this is one man because it was very much identical. Sugar Ray Robinson family moved to New York to improve their financial condition. According to many legendary boxers Sugar Ray Robinson was the one perfect genius fighter. In a long international boxing career of 200 fights he won 173 and made 108 knockouts. If we look at his official immature record which is 85 straight wins, 69 knockouts from which 40 were in the first round. If you ask any pro about it then no doubt he will say it’s phenomenal immature record.



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