Top 10 Best Indoor Sports

indoor gamesIndoor sports were started when the extreme weather did not permit sports to be played outside as usual. This is true to some extent but not for all indoor sports. A lot of indoor sports have been made specifically to be played inside. The funny thing is that over 95% of indoor sports use some sort of ball in the game like football and hockey. Certain sports like basketball and can be played outdoor but the regulating authorities like NBA and NHL conduct matches indoors only. This takes a lot of natural factors out of the indoor games like wind and rainy weather. It is interesting to note that the WWE does not fall in the indoor sports category because it is an entertainment sport which is much different than the regular indoor sports. Here we take a look at the Top 10 Best Indoor Sports list. Which of these do you enjoy to watch or play? Do let us know!




10. Squash



The indoor sports equal to tennis, Squash is one of the toughest indoor sports to play and requires loads of strength and stamina. Squash is placed in a somewhat smaller area than tennis where the player has to hit the ball towards the wall to complete his turn and send it on its way to his opponent. International tournaments are held for singles and doubles just like other racquet and ball games. Asian players have been quite dominant in these indoor games and have ruled the squash court for many years.


9. Swimming


A surprising fact about this indoor sports is that the governing body of swimming events and tournaments is located in Switzerland which has only 4% water! Swimming requires endurance and endless hours of practice and is said to be the best exercise for the whole body. Swimming includes indoor sports such as diving, water polo and sync diving to name a few. There are many swimming techniques which have been developed and refined over the years and all of them focus on minimizing physical exertion as well as maintaining body form.


8. Indoor Cricket

indoor cricket

This popular game was included in the list of indoor games when indoor cricket was made. Although not played officially anywhere, indoor cricket is hugely popular in Asia where the people literally live and breathe cricket. Indoor Cricket has a totally different set of rules and so much so that even the number of overs and scoring are different. Indoor Cricket is quite fast as compared to cricket and does not take as much time and also has negative scoring which makes the game even harder to play.


7. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Though many of us know it only as NHL, Ice Hockey is an international sport and has a governing body which oversees its contests. Ice Hockey is more popular in the US and Canada than anywhere else in the world and is only called hockey here. However, calling it hockey is wrong as hockey is a different sport which has nothing to do with ice! Stanley Cups are the biggest Ice Hockey events in the NHL and they draw in huge crowds who cheer for their favorite teams.


6. Boxing


Boxing is a complex game of physical prowess mixed with razor sharp reflexes! Imagine a 300 pound guy moving around the ring as quick as lighting and as light as a feather! Most of us only associate Boxing to the Rocky Balboa action movies but there is more to it. Just google it up and you’ll get more than 36 million results! Boxers employ many fighting techniques according to the situation from staring a brawl to swarming the opponent so that he does not have enough room to strike! Boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray have revolutionized the Boxing sport.


5. Volleyball


Apart from the fact that Women’s Volleyball is a much more watched indoor sports than the men’s, Volleyball matches are a compulsory part of indoor sports and are popular all over the world. Volleyball is played between two teams having 6 players each. Both teams try to throw the ball into the other’s court and score a point if it falls to the floor. Volleyball has one of the most detailed rules and it is quite easy to break a few unknowingly. An interesting variation to these indoor sports is the Beach Volleyball which is played on a sandy surface.


4. Indoor Soccer/ Football

indoor soccer

The world’s most loved sports has been inducted into the indoor sports category and is called Indoor Soccer. With 6 players on both sides, the Indoor Soccer is basically the stripped down version of soccer and is tweaked to be easier to play as indoor sports. With short walls instead of boundary lines, the ball can’t be out of play (except for fouls) which saves a lot of time. One of the most hilarious things about Indoor Soccer is that although it is counted as indoor sports, many of its matches are held out in the open!


3. Snooker


Know as the game of the elite, Snooker and pool table are generally considered to be the games invented and played by the British while in India. Soon, fame of these indoor sports spread over the world and even today there are millions of enthusiastic around the world of these indoor sports. With different rules according to the UK and American Cueist bodies, tournaments of these indoor sports are overlooked by World Snooker Association. One of the biggest differences between these indoor sports is that snooker has a scoring system while pool does not require any.


2. Table tennis

Table Tennis

Known to many as Ping Pong, Table tennis is all about quick hands and an even quicker eye. Being the singles or doubles match, these indoor sports have evolved from the ball and racquet sports. Table tennis is difficult enough given the limited time and space where you can hit the ball. This, however, becomes the least of your worries when playing these indoor sports as the plastic ball can be spun in any direction using the face of the paddle!


1. Basketball


Basketball is the biggest indoor sports in the US and is played literally everywhere! All you need are two nets and you can start right inside your room! Basketball is governed by NBA in the US and FIBA elsewhere. Streetball is an interesting variation of this indoor sports and enjoys popularity among a lot of teenagers. The Basketball has to be dribbled constantly and not doing so will be called a foul. Scoring is done by passing the Basketball through the hoop of your opponent team.




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