Top 10 Kristen Stewart Movies

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart is latest hot star in Hollywood film industry. She is going to be 22 years old on the 9th of April but within the age of just 22 she has become one of the most renowned celebrities all over the world. No one had any idea that this young beautiful girl will become so famous in such a short span of time. There are many reasons for her instant fame like her beauty, acting skills, face expressions, body language and lot more.  Kristen Stewart movies have always been considered the best movies by the young generation now days( like the ongoing Twilight series).  The acting skills are given to her in her genetics because her whole family has worked behind the camera . Kristen Stewart started her acting career at the tender age of 9 with her first movie named The Thirteenth Year in which she performed a small role of girl in fountain line. Later on with the passage of each year, Kristen Stewart started showing up in a lot of movies with minor and major roles for consecutive 5 years. This continued for a while and she was rapidly gaining popularity and recognition in the Hollywood industry but her big breakthrough came in the movie Twilight which rocked the entire world. Kristen Stewart’s demand and popularity increased with each part of Twilight. One of the most interesting things which users don’t know about Kristen Stewart is that since 2002, she has been nominated 41 times for different awards and has won 19 out of them. The interesting thing is that, out of 19 awards, Kristen Stewart won 18 awards for the Twilight series including Twilight, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Another thing which might become a source of attraction for you that Kristen Stewart is also counted in the list of those women who have the most beautiful eyes all over the world.

The following list of Kristen Stewart movies is made on the basis of real viewer reviews and rating awarded to them. Enjoy the list and don’t forget to share it for fun. Kristen Stewart also has one of the most beautiful eyes of the world!



Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Movies List

The following list Kristen Stewart Movies are not selected on the basis of individual choices so your favorite one may not be present on the list (so no funny stuff in the comments please). Enjoy the list and share it with your friends for fun.

10. Twilight


Twilight is one of those Kristen Stewart movies which became the major source of her popularity. Almost every person on earth who has been in love or any kind of relation involved in has seen this movie and people have a highly appreciated the story of the movie. Kristen Stewart is performing a role of Bella Swan who’s a totally separate girl and is not easily attracted and attached to any one in any kind of relationship. Her mother got remarried and she decided to stay with her father in a small rainy little town of Forks. Her life totally changed when Kristen Stewart meets Robert Pattinson (performing as Edward Cullen) the most beautiful and intelligent boy she had ever seen or met. With the passage of time they both fell in love and the love was so highly connected that she didn’t even care that Edward Cullen is a boy with many with many things which normal human being don’t have, Like running faster than a cheetah, unbelievable power which can been seen that he can stop the fast moving vehicles with his bare hands and lot more. Twilight is one of the best movie of Kristen Stewart movies.

Kristen Stewart Movies

9. Fierce People

Fierce People

Well the name of this movie is quite attractive and frightening but the movie is very interesting. Fierce People is basically a Drama and Thriller movie based on a story of young boy named Kim who wants to move to his father to spend summer vacations with an intention to study the Iskanani Indians, or “Fierce People but the luck took a u turn and he moved to a Rich man house who used to be her mother’s boyfriend in the past and the granddaughter of this rich man is Kristen Stewart (Maya) who’s playing a role of a passionate and bold girl.

Kristen Stewart

8. The Runaways

The Runaways

The Runaways is one of those Kristen Stewart movies which are based on a true story. Kristen Stewart is performing the role of a Joan Jet who is a beautiful and talented girl with a passion to become a leading member of a rock band. On the other hand Kristen Stewart also having the talent and skills play the guitar in many aspects especially the rhythm tunes. The Runaways basically represents the story of an old band in 1975 and focusing deeply on the friendly relationship of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Kristen Stewart

7. In the Land of Women

In the Land of Women

In the Land of Women is one of those Kristen Stewart movies which were considered to be one of the best romantic movies of 2007. Kristen Stewart represents the role of a young lady who bold and confident in the decision making of life and conscious about her boyfriend. The story of this movie is about a film writer who travels across the country to meet her grandmother and while travelling he meet a family and build a strong emotional and mental relationship with them as being a visiting friend. The life of the writer changes completely when he meets with this family and his life routine also get a u turn to leave the industry for which he used to write.

Kristen Stewart

6. Undertow


Undertow is one of those Kristen Stewart movies which were in made in her early film career. In this movie Kristen Stewart plays a role of a young girl named Lila. It’s a story of a family who’s past is about to catch up to them no matter how fast they run away from it. As every family has its secrets but this family has a Every family has a past that could destroy them. Its basically a thriller and drama based movie which gives lot of emotions and action scenes with a daily lifestyle look.

Kristen Stewart

5. The Yellow Handkerchief

The Yellow Handkerchief

The Yellow Handkerchief is a movie based on a a true story in which Kristen Stewart is playing a role of a young lady travelling from Louisiana Town. It’s a Drama and Romance movie in which Kristen Stewart showed some real talented face expressions and acting skills, because of her mind blowing performance after this movie she was casted in Twilight which became the movie of the century according to real time young generation.

Kristen Stewart

4. Panic Room

Panic Room

Well you guys don’t need to panic after reading the name of the movie. Panic Room is one of those Kristen Stewart movies in which she was just small 12 year old girl and no one had any idea that this young girl will lead the world in her beauty and acting skills. The entire movie is based on a safe room which is called the panic room designed in the house in such a indestructible way that if burglars or robber broke in to your house than you can hide in it and they can’t reach you unless they have to break the walls of the room and the steel walls of panic room. The movie contains action, thrill, drama and emotional touch which can be observed by watching it.

Kristen Stewart

3. Welcome to the Rileys

Welcome to the Rileys

Welcome to the Rileys is a drama based movie in which Kristen Stewart use to work in a night club and she gets in touch with a Douglas Lloyd ‘Doug’ Riley who’s on a business trip and came all over Indianapolis. The time when this gentleman don’t reach home which he had to then her old lonely wife who don’t speaks much and don’t want to leave her town called him but in the answer she got that her husband will be staying more to the place he moved. By hearing this wife also moved to the town where husband is supposed to be and the real drama starts at that time.

Kristen Stewart

2. Speak


Speak is one of those Kristen Stewart movies in which she has acted as a confused, depressed and lonely girl who has entered the high school but is full of unknown depression. Kristen Stewart is performing a role of Malinda a calm girl who don’t speaks much and on the last day of 8th grade she went to attend a friends party where she called the cops and because of this act her friends abandoned her and humiliated her in almost every aspect of her high school life. Then she met someone who can see that Melinda has a secret that had to come out. Speak is one of those Kristen Stewart movies in which she was a beautiful teenager and her beauty rocked the world especially the teenagers of her age.

Kristen Stewart

1. Into the Wild

Into the Wild

In our list of Best Kristen Stewart movies, Into the Wild holds the first position on the basis of extraordinary story full of attraction and a theme which will lead you in to real adventurous life. Into the Wild is a Adventure, Biography and Drama based movie of a young talented student who gives out all of his life savings in charity just to live a  wilderness life of Alaska to explore the real world with full of natural beauty and adventurous life. Kristen Stewart role in this movie is that she is a 16 year old girl who meets this student while he is on his way to Alaska. With a interrogation of couple of days while the young Student named Chris stayed at their place, Kristen Stewart started developing feelings for him and so was the case with Chris. He was also involved in to her but due to the age difference and his destination which was Alaska, they didn’t got a chance to fulfill their dreams about their relationship. Into the Wild is one of the most remarkable Kristen Stewart movies.

Kristen Stewart




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