Top 10 Mel Blanc Popular Cartoon Character Voices

Mel BlancMelvin Jerome Blanc, or simply Mel Blanc, is one of those people who have dedicated their lives to the art of making people happy and have easily mastered it! Mel Blanc has touch countless lives by voice acting and has given numerous voiceover performances as well as voicing one of the most important and famous cartoon characters man has ever created! Known as a man with 1000 voices, Mel Blanc had an amazing talent of voice characterization and is the main cause of the funny and strange personalities we tend to see in famous cartoons from the Looney Tunes like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the beloved Tweety bird! Mel Blanc voiced Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck for almost 50 years which in itself is a world record! He also holds the record for voicing the most number of Cartoon characters as well! The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit featured all these characters in which Mel voiced all of them except Yosemite Sam



10. Barney Rubble

Barney Rubble 

Starting off the list of the Top 10 famous Mel Blanc cartoon character voices, we have Barney Rubble (The Flintstones) at the 10th spot because Mel Blanc is not usually associated with this character. Mel characterized Barney Rubble as a simpleton who is willing led by his much bossier best friend and neighbor, Fred Flintstone. A Christmas Special was made a few years ago and the hour long special shown can be viewed in the video below. It was quite a huge hit and is loosely based on The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.



9. Pepé Le Pew

Pepé Le Pew 

A take on the French and their little ways, Pepé Le Pew is shown as a lovelorn skunk who is always convinced that the lady (or when he mistakes Sylvester or Penelope Pussycat for one) in question is deeply in love with him but too shy to tell! Thus start the funniest romance cartoons you will ever see!  A lot of the cartoons have to do with perfumes as Pepé Le Pew is a skunk who is quite smelly at times. Pepé Le Pew is very confident and bold in his advances as he knows (or doesn’t know) how a big hit he is with the lady skunks! Pepé Le Pew is due to appear in a full length film as the lead role and will be a sure hit; with the ladies atleast!



8. Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales 

Speedy Gonzales is the fastest gringo mouse in the world, after Danger Mouse of course! The El ratito mouse shouts Arriba, Arriba… Andale, Andale as he zooms past all the villains who conspire to eat him! Mel Blanc shows his versatility here by his short but speedy Spanish bursts. The Mexican accent is hilarious with occasional use of bad grammar which adds to the fun factor and is placed 10th in the list of Top 10 famous Mel Blanc cartoon character voices. Speedy Gonzales doesn’t say much other than his famous lines which have become quite famous and can be recognized anywhere! Speedy Gonzales is pretty handy with the guitar and entertains the audience on occasions.



7. Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker 

One hint or sound of that manic laughter on the TV and you instantly know that the Woody Woodpecker Show is on! Flaming red hair with emerald green eyes (later turned black) did tell a lot about the spontaneous and almost combustible personality of Woody Woodpecker! Mel voiced Woody Woodpecker but his voice had to be speeded up a bit to make the laughing part more fun and catchy. Woody had to be tamed a bit because the broadcasters though him of being very aggressive. This turned out to be a wrong move as the people enjoyed seeing Woody beating up people and were rather taken aback by the new image.



6. Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam 

Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd are the two cartoon characters which were created as arch rivals for Bugs Bunny. Yosemite Sam is an every grouchy cowboy who has the shortest temper in the cartoon world and starts shooting at a moment’s notice! He despises Bugs and can’t stand the sight of him. Mel accidently invented Yosemite Sam’s voice when he screamed at the top of his voice because of a road incident which had angered him! This very fact led him to quit voicing Yosemite Sam because of the stress it put on his throat!



5. Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird 

Tweety Bird screams “I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat” every time Sylvester creeps up behind him in an attempt to catch and eat him! Although millions of people have seen and loved him over the years, only a few know that Tweety is a male! Tweety is perhaps the most aggressive cartoon character among its peers as it foils all attempts by its foes as well as hatching countermeasures on its unsuspecting victims! So God help those on whom Tweety unleashes its wrath after saying “I did, I did, I did tee a Puddy tat!”




4. Porky Pig

Porky Pig 

“Th-th-th-that’s all folks!” Porky Pig is as famous as Bugs bunny himself but remains on the 4th position in the list of Top 10 famous Mel Blanc cartoon character voices. Porky Pig, much like Elmer Fudd, remains a sidekick and is at the receiving end most of the time. Porky Pig is neither too bright nor too brilliant but still has managed to win the hearts of the audience with his cute stutters and simple antics back from the black and white days till the present! His line became a staple part of the Looney Tunes endings. Mel Blanc voiced Porky Pig for a straight 52 years from 1937 to 1939!



3. Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck 

Daffy Duck was one of the newer generations of comical character in cartoons along with Porky and Bugs which came after the Mickey Mouse era. Daffy Duck became an instant hit because of his irrational actions which almost backfired every time! Mel Blanc added a slur to his pronunciation of words to showcase the rather self righteous and uncontrollable personality of Daffy Duck and it did wonders! Daffy usually appeared alongside Bugs Bunny who he usually trusted in Looney Tunes but later on came on many shows solo. This cartoon character is placed 3rd in the list of the Top 10 most famous and popular Mel Blanc cartoon character voices ever.



2. Sylvester the Cat

Sylvester the Cat 

Sylvester the Cat or as commonly know, Sylvester, is a tuxedo cat with an almost trademark lisp which has become on of Mel Blanc’s most prominent achievements. Sylvester is a lovable character with a red nose and is often found chasing Tweety Bird and Speedy Gonzales in earlier cartoons. Later he formed a solid partnership with Porky Pig and they appeared in over 100 cartoons together. A funny thing is that Sylvester’s voice was quite similar to Mel Blanc’s own voice! Sylvester also has a son named Sylvester junior who is as much full of pride and hardheadedness as his father.



1. Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny 

Topping the Top 10 famous Mel Blanc cartoon character voices is the ever popular Bugs Bunny. Generations after generations grew up watching this rabbit asking “What’s up Doc?” and creating havoc with anything it can get its hands on! Be it hunter or extraterrestrial aliens, Bugs Bunny always came out at the top of every situation! Bugs is shown as a jester who is always in the mood of plying pranks and jokes on people, even in the most direst of situations. He has a very worry free personality and hardly frets about anything. Mel Blanc added laid-back bursts to his dialogue just to show this trait.



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