Top 10 Most Awaited movies

Star Wars Phantom Menace 3DIn the second part of the Top 10 upcoming movies 2012 post, we continue to look at the CGI heavy and awe inspiring movies which have been lined up for us this year. Rom-Coms and dramas are also being released this year as always but the last couple of years has shown that the animated or effects heavy movies; be it action, comedy or romance, have generated more public interest than other genres. A good many movie sequels will be seen this year like from the Twilight Saga and Underworld franchise along with many more. We will also see the singing sensation Rihanna this year in a movie which is based on a board game (no, it’s not Jumanji 3!). So without much waste of time, we proceed to the Top 10 Most Awaited Movies 2012. We will be categorizing the movies according to types soon as you can also look up your favorite horror, comedy, action, animated or romance movies for the year 2012 as well!



10. Prometheus

Prometheus 2012  

Saying that a movie has great special effects or mind blowing action scenes has become quite normal these days so we won’t be going down that road anymore. Prometheus is kept quite secret by Ridley Scott and not much has been given to the public to drool upon. The Prometheus trailer only lets us know that the movie would be much like the Aliens series and is about a group of scientists who have stumbled on a deadly secret. It is a horror Sci-fi set in the fantastic worlds which Ridley Scott is quite famous for.


9. Battleship

Battleship 2012  

Rihanna is starring in the upcoming Battleship movie which is based on a very popular board game of the 80s which got successfully ported on the electronic mediums. Aliens start to attack the American Naval fleet out of the blue after a group of soldiers accidently activate one of its ships. Real Battleships have been used in the making of this movie which adds to the visual wonders which are abundant throughout the movie.


8. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe Retaliation 2012  

All set to be released in June 2012, G.I. Joe: Retaliation continues its fight against the evil Zartan and his minions which happen to be influential politicians from around the world! Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis also grace the silver screen in G.I. Joe: Retaliation which is the second installment of this franchise which was started back in 2009. The special effects look great in the trailer and the movie is expected to be a hit.


7. Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows 2012  

Johnny Depp plays the vampire called Barnabas Collins in this conversion of the hit TV series into a movie. Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows shows a vampire and his various chance meetings with other supernatural entities like werewolves and demons. As the Dark Shadows series showed, he was a fine young man until he broke the heart of a witch (unknowingly) who then turned him into a vampire and locked him up. He manages to free himself only to find that a good 200 years have passed and now the world is quite a different place.


6. Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans 2012  

Wrath of the Titans is a follow up to the hit movie Clash of the Titans from 2011 and is also known as Clash of the Titans 2. Our hero Perseus has decided to live a simple life away from all the action but fate has something different in store for him. As the imprisoned Titans start to gain power and come dangerously close to overthrowing the rulers of Mount Olympus. Perseus is then forced by his conscience to travel deep into the underworld to save his father Zeus! Wrath of the Titans will be released in 3D as well as IMAX.


5. Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4  

Paranormal Activity 4 is a surprise inclusion in our list of Top 10 Most awaited Movies 2012. It was just recently announced that Paranormal Activity 4 would be released this year and is already in production. The 4th installation of this supernatural horror movie is said to be a prequel like Paranormal Activity 3 but dates back way further than the last time. All the questions which were left unanswered will finally be revealed this time as the directors predict.


4. Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil Retribution  

With probably the best mix of horror, action and sci-fi, Resident Evil: Retribution continues on with the ongoing fight between the deadly Umbrella and the growing groups of people who have vowed to fight them till the end. Resident Evil: Retribution is set to be produced with almost a mind blowing $80 million budget. Milla Jovovich stars as Alice who is the main protagonist of the video game series as well as the movie. Resident Evil: Retribution is placed 4th in the Top 10 Most Awaited Movies list.


3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is probably the most unique movie coming out this year. Based on yesteryear’s hit novel which goes by the same name, the novel was written in a style of documents and diary entries. The tale takes us through Abraham Lincoln’s of youth and his alter secret life. After finding out that his mother was killed by a vampire, he succeeds in getting his revenge from the vampire but gets brutally beaten by another one. Ironically, he is nursed back to health by a good vampire and thus starts a tale of a deep insight in the ways of the vampire.


2. Star Wars: Phantom Menace 3D

Star Wars Phantom Menace 3D  

Most of us have already seen the epic Star Wars: Phantom Menace countless times and enjoyed it each time. So, it came as a pleasant surprise when it was announced that it would be re-released this year as Star Wars: Phantom Menace 3D in full 3D. It is originally a part of the prequel series of The Star Wars Trilogy. A unique thing about this film is that it was directed by George Lucas himself. We will just have to wait to see if Star Wars: Phantom Menace 3D takes the Star Wars saga on to a new level or not.


1. The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black  

The Woman in Black is novel which was written by Susan Hill in 1983. It was converted into a stage ply and now production of the movie with the same name is almost complete. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe stars in this horror movie about a restless ghost who has a secret to tell. The bleak atmosphere coupled with the cold England season perfectly sets the scary atmosphere and sends chills down your spine even in the trailers! The Woman in Black ranks number 1 in the Top 10 Most Awaited Movies 2012 list.



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