Top 10 Most Dangerous sports

Top 10 Dangerous SportsThere are many kind of sport being played now a day’s some are played for the fun and entertainment but there are some which are so much risky that can even be injurious to health and may even cause death.  Every sportsman has the passion to do something for himself and his country. The people who take part in such kind of games are full of confidence and passion they know there is a risk involved and in trying to do so they can get injured or hurtled badly and may even lose their life but the word difficult make them stronger because the believe that nothing is impossible.  Nothing can stop these people in doing such sports even having the knowledge that many people are killed in trying to do so. In the earlier day’s sports have some kind of purpose involved in them but now days it is more of advertisement and entertainment. Although every sport has a risk involved of getting injured but here is the list of Top 10 most dangerous sports of the world.


10. Street Luging

Street Luging 

Street luging is the 10th most dangerous sport of the world and was introduced in 1970s in Southern California. Street Luging  is the extreme gravity-powered activity that is riding the street luging board. It was very dangerous in the early days as there was no protection but still is considered among the dangerous sport instead of having protection of hamlets and guard. Street Luging is on control and luck because on coming down from the hill on the skate board you don’t have the brakes to apply a person can even be killed in this kind of game.

9. Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing 

Heli Skiing is the 9th most dangerous sport of the world and is also considered as one the most expensive because in this sport Heli- Seekers climb up the snow hill with the help of  helicopter which is difficult and risky task to do and then they come back on ground by seeking through snow. Even though Heli-Skiing is very expensive and dangerous but it is loved by many people and high passion and confidence is required in trying to attempt such kind of sport.

8. Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing 

Big Wave Surfing is the 8th most dangerous sport in the world. Big Wave Surfing is like fighting and competing with the waves of water simply saying fighting with nature. Surfer in Big Wave Surfing move up to the height of twenty feet above the water and maintain their equilibrium by moving zigzag or spinning themselves on surface of water. In case of any disequilibrium or the wave higher than the limit of surfer can take tem 2o to 30 feet below the surface that may even cause death or any serious injury.

7. Bull Riding

Bull Riding 

Here comes the Bull Riding. What will be the situation of any human being when a Bull whose weight is 2000 pound jumps over him? This is a real daring situation and such kind of dare is performed by the Bull riders in doing so they may break their bones and this may also cause the death of some people but still they do that. In Bull Riding a person rides on Bull who ant even accept the presence on men for second and throws him out of the park with the force. This is the reason why Bull Riding is ranked on 7th number as the world most dangerous sport.

6. Bull Running

Bull running 

Bull Running is considered as the 6th most dangerous sport of the world. In Bull Running the runners run in front of the bull in fact they run for their life’s it is the do or die situation and there is a rare chance of serving  many got injured and some are also killed but this is also loved by many people. Only people having the age above 18 can participate in this kind of game. As the safety measures are always done before playing Bull Runnnig but injuries are the part of every game.

5. Cheerleading


Cheerleading is the world 5th most dangerous sport of the world. It is more than a physical sport than a sport. The Cheerleaders in this sport are fully trained and skilled. They stand on each other without any support and perform dance, tumble and stunt. The athletes who take part in this sport are called cheerleaders. Cheerleading is done by professional and needs a lot of practice because a little mistake or unbalance can cause serious injury and some times even the life is loosed just because of a single mistake in movement.

4. Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle Racing 

Motorcycle racing is the 4th most dangerous sport of the world and is liked by billion of users and many have dreams to ride the bike instead of them but when they see accident during the race some change their mind but many who have passion still love it. Because the injury in Motorcycle Racing is very rare and many have been killed instead of having the safety.

3. High Altitude Climbing

High Altitude Climbing 

The 3rd most dangerous sport of the world is High Altitude climbing. It is always do and die situation either you make up or else you lost your life because jumping from high attitude is very dangerous. There is a lot of risk involved in High Altitude Climbing. Every year many people loose their lives because of High Altitude Climbing. This is attempted only by that person who has high spirit and guts because knowing about the fact that if they fail to do so they may lost their life.

2. BASE Jumping

Base jumping 

The world 2nd most dangerous sport is Base jumping. As in Base jumping the base jumpers jumps from any fix base down on earth. That base might be anything it may be building it may be bridges anything. Normally base jumpers attain relative velocity which allows them to land save and if they fail to do so it can cause trouble for them.

1. Cave Diving

Cave Diving 

The world most dangerous sport is Cave Diving. It is the word number 1 dangerous sport because of many reasons from which one of the main reason is this that you are fighting against the nature. Cave Diving is basically a type of technical diving in the cave with a safety precaution and is very risky as a little mistake can result in persons or the diver’s death. It is a type of talent which if un successful result in forego of life. The injuries are common part and serious injuries use to take place when diver dives in the cave without precautions.



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