Top 10 Most Expensive Cell phones

The cell phone has a basic need of today. Most of the times we tell about our cell phones with our friends and associates and discuss their plus and negative points with them. The social as well as communicational value of cell phones has become higher than ever before. Owners of iphone 4 or more expensive cell phones have an attitude which can’t be touched with a ten foot pole! The world is full of luxury items and cell phones are one of the most common part of the everyday luxuries. Not only they represents your style, class and worth but also make your status and personality in the society while impressing other people. But do you guys have any idea about the top 10 most expensive cell phones of the world. I bet that people who love cell phones will be dreaming right now to own one of these. The best thing in this world which is free is imagination! Read the post and close your eyes, imagining that you own one of the most expensive cell phone of the world. I am sure that it will at least give u a smile!




10. Prada phone

Prada phone 
Prada phone
by LG is a luxurious and normal affordable mobile with lot of cool features and gives you  a look of style with fashion. When it comes to expensive cell phones Prada phone by LG managed to reach the list on the 10th number. Prada phone gives a resemblance of Iphone. It is 1.2 cm thick with no buttons on it at all and is totally operated by the touch screen. The estimated price of Prada phone is $760.

9. Porsche phone

Porsche phone 
Porsche Cell
phone is designed by Porsche but is manufactured by Segem. Mostly this cell phone is seen with those people who own a Porsche . It’s a type of achievement and Luxurious item for them to represent their personality and success. The estimated price of Porsche Cell phone is $1,600 and the coolest thing about it is this that it represents Porsche car. It’s a flip phone with multiple features of all your needs.


8. Mobiado Professional EM

Mobiado Professional EM 
Mobiado Professional EM
is one of the most exotic looking pieces of art in the luxury cell phones market. Just like men in black, most of the people call Mobiado Professional EM “phone in wood”. The estimated price of Mobiado Professional EM is $2,100. Almost all of the surface of Mobiado Professional EM is covered in wood along with titanium buttons on the keypad. Its unique style is one of the main reasons of its popularity as well.

7. Gresso Luxury Phone

Gresso Luxury Phone 
Gresso Luxury Phones
stands on number 7 in the list. The Gresso Luxury Phone is a recent entry in luxury phones market of the world and very quickly it has became very popular. The price ranges of Gresso Luxury Phones vary between $1000 to $12000 plus. The uniqueness of Gresso Luxury Phones is this that they are completely made up of African Blackwood.


6. Diamond Iphone

Diamond Iphone 
Diamond Iphone
stands on number 6 in the ranking list. The estimated price of this cool cell phone is $41,000.When it come to outlook of the cell phone then no doubt Diamond Iphone has got all that what is requires the attraction to itself. Diamond Iphone is having 420 diamonds weighing 5.65 carats which are fixed in a white gold strip surrounding its body in a nice symmetry. The colors available in Diamond Iphone are white, black or pink.


5. Vertu Diamond

Vertu Diamond 
In the ranking of top 10 most expensive cell phones Vertu Diamond stands on number 5. The estimated price of Vertu Diamond is $88,000. A unique and attractive fact about Vertu Diamond is that it is has 943 small shining diamonds on its sides along with 48 more prominent ones on its keypad. The overall body of Vertu Diamond is made up of platinum along with small ruby bearings.


4. Black Diamond Smartphone

Black Diamond Smartphone 
Black Diamond Smartphone
was designed by Jaren Goh. Black Diamond Smartphone has an estimated price of $300,000. Many people have a misconception about the Black Diamond Smartphone thinking that it’s a Sony Ericsson cell phone. However, it was manufactured by a company named VIPN (Voice Internet Phone Network) . The coolest thing about Black Diamond Smartphone is this that its body is made up of titan and polycarbonate and also covered from sides with fine small well shaped diamonds.


3. Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra 
Vertu Signature Cobra
was designed by a popular French jeweler named Boucheron. There are only 8 Vertu Signature Cobra ever made up till now. The estimated price of Vertu Signature Cobra is $310,000. One of the most interesting things about Vertu Signature Cobra phone is that it has a 2 carat pear shaped cut diamond near the top of the screen. At the bottom, it sports a round shaped one carat diamond. Along with that it has 439 rubies and 2 embroiled eyes in a snake shape which in total weighing 21 carats. The combinations of these all make a cobra snake look which is the most attractive part of Vertu Signature Cobra.


2. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone 
The Diamond Crypto Smartphone
was designed by Peter Aloisson who is one of the most popular luxury item designers around the globe. The estimated price of The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is $1,300,000. The uniqueness of The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is that 50 diamonds are fixed all around its body in which 10 of the diamonds are the very rare blue diamonds. The joystick is also made of diamond and below the side circling diamonds there are small strips which are made of gold. When it comes to technology of a cell phone The Diamond Crypto Smartphone has a lot more then you can imagine.


1. The GoldVish Le Million

The GoldVish Le Million 
In the list of expensive phones the honor of being of highest value goes to The GoldVish Le Million. The GoldVish Le Million is having unique look and style and along with that it is having a price of $1,450,000. The question which strikes the mind is this that why it is so much expensive and some of the reasons behind this is this that there are 1,800 diamonds on it which are having a total weight of 120 carats and more over it is made of pure 18 carat white gold. The GoldVish Le Million was last bought by a Russian businessman as a present for his wife.




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