Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Maximum Facebook LikesOne of the biggest race going on facebook is about the likes of the specific pages including, brands, actors, actresses, athletes, companies, websites and lot more. The race gets more interesting when 2 opponents are close enough with the difference of just couple of likes. The most beautiful thing about the like page is that it not only encourages the specific like page owner about the repute and work done by him/her but also makes a true identity in front of the world about the business or work which he/she is doing. Many people who have like pages ask their friends and colleagues to like their page so that they can reach a specific thousand figure of numbers but have you ever imagined that what are the more liked pages ever on facebook. We have brought you the list of most liked pages on facebook ever.  Many interesting new posts are in the queue which can become the great source of negotiation and social sharing for you and your friends but it all depends on the speed of encouragement which we receive from our beloved readers like you to bring more and more interesting stuff for you all. Enjoy the Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages list.






10. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

The universe created in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling is so extraordinary and unique that millions of fans have been sucked up into it. The Harry Potter Facebook fan page has more than 45.6 million likes and it got a huge boost when rumor started that the series was not dead and some sort of continuation was to be expected.


9. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The king of Pop Michael Jackson has ruled the pop industry as well as million of hearts like no one else. The Michael Jackson fan page deserves to be in the list of top 10 most liked pages on facebook. The last number of likes recorded while preparing this article for Michael Jackson Facebook fan page were 48.4 Million likes and are still rising day by day.


8. Shakira


Shakira has always been one of the leading singer for the last 10 years and every year her demand as well as fame increases many folds. After the last world cup song sung by Shakira, her official Facebook like page got a massive boom in terms of likes, 49.9 Million and still rising.


7. The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Easily the most epic and fun TV show on the cable, The Simpsons have made their way into our hearts and lives like no other. The Simpsons have evolved from an entertaining TV show to an influential franchise and enjoy lots of popularity everywhere including Facebook. The official Simpsons Facebook fan page has almost million like and that itself says a lot.


6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is among one of those legends who gained phenomenal popularity all over the globe in a very less fraction of time. This can easily be seen on Facebook by visiting the official Lady Gaga facebook page. It has almost 50.5 million likes which are still increasing like a storm.


5. Rihanna


When we talk about Rihanna, we are talking about the black beauty queen who is currently one of the biggest celebrities of the world. Her official like page of facebook has more than 55.4 Million fans and is still rising. Rihanna is also set to appear in the action movie called Battleship this year.


4. Eminem


Eminem is currently known as the best and the biggest Rapper of the world and his songs have been the source of inspiration for many and people love to hear his songs everywhere. Eminem holds the record of being the most liked personality on facebook while others above him as Facebook fan pages with a higher likes count are companies and not individuals. The Facebook likes count of Eminem are above 56.7 Million and still increasing everyday.


3. YouTube


Now who in this world would not be aware of YouTube. YouTube holds the title of being the biggest video site ever and has become one of the biggest platforms for individuals to promote their talent and express their views. The recorded Facebook likes for YouTube official Facebook Like page are above 57.2 Million and are increasing rapidly.


2. Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker is one of the biggest online playing game on facebook and people love to spend hours while playing it. The popularity and demand of this game can be judged easily by looking at its official like page. The number of likes are 60.9 Million and increasing like anything. Rumors are spreading that very soon Texas Holdem Poker going to be number one Facebook page and will cross the number one in the race of likes to become the Most Popular Facebook Page.


 1. Facebook


Now comes the big name. Facebook has provided the platform to millions of fan pages and groups which has in turn started off all this race to take the first position. That’s right; the official like page of facebook itself holds the title of being number one Facebook fan page with over 66.2 million likes


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