Top 10 Best Alesha Dixon Songs

Alesha Dixon songsAlesha Dixon is one of the latest most popular names in the music world and currently one of the hot favorite topics under discussion in the beginning of year 2012. In the total career period of almost 12 years Alesha Dixon has ruled the stage many times with mind blowing performances and has been an iconic role singer for many newbie’s. As Top10HM team is now days paying special attention to these celebs due to user requests, we have created a list of top 10 most popular Alesha Dixon songs. Please leave a comment about your favorite singer or celebrity and we’ll come up with a post just for you. Enjoy the list of Top 10 most popular Alesha Dixon songs.



10. Radio 7th Heaven Remix

9. Play Me

8. Let’s Get Excited

7. Radio

6. To Love Again

5. The Boy Does Nothing

4. Drummer Boy

3. Breathe Slow

2. Every Little Part Of Me

1. Breathe Slow

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