Top 10 Best Justin Timberlake Songs

Top 10 Most Popular Justin Timberlake SongsJustin Timberlake is one of those stars who started off early. He was in the Mickey Mouse club along with Britney Spears(his long time girlfriend) and Christina Aguilera which later made them famous and gave them a big shot at stardom. Justin Timberlake got his next big break at the age of 14 when he got to be a part of Europe’s answer to the Backstreet Boys; the band called N’sync. He later on became more known for his stylish dance steps and boyish smile. The Top 10 most popular songs by Justin Timberlake came out after he went solo and released an album titled Justified in 2002. He then went on and spwaned hit after hit and has been quite successful as a solo singer. He has also done a few movies; the latest one is a sci-fi and is called In Time has been quite a hit in which he plays the role of a young man who has more time on his hands than could ever be used! The following videos are the Top 10 most popular songs and videos by Justin Timberlake which have been played over the radios and TVs again and again over  the last decade.



Top 10 Most Popular Justin Timberlake Videos


10. What Goes Around…Comes Around

9. I’m Lovin’ It

8. Rock Your Body

7. Like I Love You

6. Senorita

5. SexyBack (Director’s Cut)

4. Let Me Talk To You/My Love

3. LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude

2. Cry Me A River

1. What Goes Around…Comes Around

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