Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad

Top 10 Stunts Gone BadShowing off is a very dominant human trait which is more visible in some people than others. People do stunts for two main reasons: to impress their friends (and horrify their parents) and to get famous. The media now days has become quite fast and videos of stunts do get around quickly. However, these videos of Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad got around a lot faster and got viral. People who are out to impress the world (read: girls) and failing badly is nothing to be laughing at; but you got to admit that it they are really funny! Karma has funny ways of getting back at people and this is exactly what the Top 10 Stunts gone Bad list is about to show you. So grab your chair tight as we take you through the most painful and agonizing videos of people performing (unknowingly) in these Stunts gone Bad videos.






10. Office Prank

The Office Prank was included in the Top 10 Stunts gone Bad list because no stunt list would be complete without a failed prank video. A recruiter teams up with his pal to prank a possible employee by jumping out of a hole in the wall. What happens in Office Prank next is quite unexpected and hilarious.


9. Grape Lady

The Grapes of Wrath have finally extracted their revenge! In the Grape Lady fall video, we are shown two contestants who are squishing grapes in order to win a luxury hotel stay for the weekend. I’m not sure who won the match, but the lady on the left most probably spent her weekend at the hospital!


8. Bad Biker

The Stunts gone bad genre has a special niche for Bad bikers. A biker tries a ramp and does the jump perfectly. Confident, he tries again at double the speed and goes head over heels with his bike! With more than a couple of broken bones, Bad Biker ranks 8th in the Top 10 Stunts gone Bad list.


7. Back jump

Jumping in water may sound a relatively simple thing to do. Some people, however, have to complicate things just in order to prove a point but don’t always succeed at it. The guy in this Back Jump video has overdone it and heads towards the consequences!


6. Captain America Kid

Captain America Kid shows us what his shield is all about. To prove his point, he sets up an attack on him which he will defend with his super shield. Things go a little off the mark as you will see in this stunts gone bad video. Thankfully, no Captain America kid was hurt in the video.


5. Roof jump

The feeling of jumping into your favorite couch at the end of the day is like no other. It really helps you relax and take the load off your mind. Sadly, the same can’t be said for this unlucky Roof Jump guy who missed his couch by a few feet…from the roof!


4. Pole Jumping

Thought it was time to show the world what you’re really made of? The guy in the Pole jumping video certainly did. The only thing is that this stunt gone wrong will definitely leave a mark on him for some time to come! Pole jumping ranks 4th in the Top 10 stunts gone bad list.


3. Owen Hart

Owen Hart was a popular WWE (WWF back then) performer and a major villain character of the storyboards back in the day. Owen Hart‘s career was, however, cut short when an accident during the match became the cause of his death. This stunts gone bad is the saddest one on the list.


2. Biker Boys

Ever looked out the window of your car and saw two Biker Boys staring at you? Well the next time it happens, remember this video and you’ll feel sorry for those blokes. It’s not very wise to try dangerous stuff on impulse as was the case with these Biker Boys in this stunt gone bad video.


1. Cheerleader

No list of stunts gone bad would be complete without a few cheerleader fails. A group of cheerleaders practice and polish their skills when one of them gets a bit carried away! The landing is not as soft as would be preferred and the girl ends up being carried away from the field.

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