Top 10 Tallest Women

Top 10 Tallest WomenTallest Women are not seen often but it is the nature of every human being that whenever something unique is seen by him he/she is attracted towards that. As human being is always in search of something new and unique so that he can gain attention of everyone. We have normally seen the taller males in our life and in our daily life we observed that normally men are taller in height than women’s. It is the source of depression for men whenever they see a women standing nearby is taller in height than a men, taller women are source of entertainment for many people. Everyone has the dream of being tall some love the average height everyone has its own choice. But these are the latest top10 tallest women of the world according to genius’s book of world record. Every human being has a growth hormone in his body which allows humans to grow up to certain level and it has a limit up to certain age. A tumor in pituitary gland can also be considered as one of the major reason of ongoing height of the body. Height level can also keep on going if a person is suffering from a disease called alkalosis. Because of this disease the bones became very weak and shrink as well sometimes and a person can’t walk of stand.


10. Gwen Bachman 6 feet 11 inches

Gwen Bachman

Gwen Bachman is the tallest women of the world she hold 10th position in the world ranking of Tallest Women as she is 6 feet 11 inches tall. Gwen Bachmanbelongs to Englewood CO (USA). She is the famous and one of the tallest women basketball players. Gwen Bachman has no depression of being tall but seeks many advantages of being tall. Gwen Bachman played the basket ball on international level. She is still single due to her height.


9. Lyuba Shilo 7 feet

Lyuba Shilo 7 feet

Lyubia Shilo is considered as the 9th tallest women living on earth. Lyubia Shilo is 7 feet tall and belongs to Ukraine. Lyubia Shilo had the great interest in playing basketball and she is tallest women basketball player of Ukraine as well. Her basketball coach said that she had a better and nice future in basketball but Lyubia Shilo had changed her life and moved her life toward the illegal activities.


8. Kimberly Diamond 7 feet

Kimberly Diamond

Kimberly Diamond lived in America (Texas) is the 8th tallest women of the world and she is 7 feet tall. Kimberly Diamondis also considered as the Beauty Queen. Kimberly Diamond act as model and there is a conflict about her height in some books it is recorded that she is 6ft 5in  some says she is of 6ft 3in and some recorded seven. Some of the people even argued own her identity but she had been the Beauty Queen and a charming model in 70s which are considered to be the tallest women.


7. Zainab bibi Pakistan 7 feet 2 inches

Zainab bibi Pakistan

Zainab bibi is considered as the 7th tallest women she stand 7 feet and 2 inches she belonged to Pakistan and was born in 1970s and is 33 years old.  Zainab bibi had worked a lot for the welfare of girls and their rights. Zainab bibi moved on to Britain as she thought she is not saved in her home town. Zainab bibi belongs to poor family but she had earned a lot money and supported her family in every way. Zainab Bibi is currently the tallest women of Pakistan.


6. Malgorzata Dydek  7 feet 2 inches

Malgorzata Dydek

Malgorzata Dydek is the tallest women according to medical history and genius’s book of world record. Malgorzata Dydek is ranked on number 6 as her height is 7 feet and 2 inches. Malgorzata Dydek was born on 28 April 1974 in Poland. She is a famous and tallest women basket ball player. She had got a lot of fame from her profession that is playing basketball.  She had won bundle of awards and she loves to play this game from her early age.


5. Maria Feliciana Santos 7 feet 4 ½ inches

Maria Feliciana Santos

Maria Feliciana Santos the 5th tallest women on earth she stands 7 feet and 4.5 inchestall. Maria Feliciana Santos is multitalented girl as she play basketball perform in circus and is a singer to. She belongs to Brazil. Maria Feliciana Santos gained the title of Queen of height. She belongs to a very poor family and had no source of earning after the death of her husband.


4. Sandy Allen  7 feet 4.25 inches

Sandy Allen

Sandy Allen is considered as the world 4th tallest women because she was 7 feet and 7.25 inchestall. Sandy Allen was born in Chicago on 18 June 1955 and grew up in Shelbyville. Sandy Allen retained the title of tallest women for 31 years in her life. Sandy Allen worked as an actor in many TV shows drams and films.  Sandy Allen lived for 53 years and died on 13 August 2008 as being the tallest women of her time.


3. De Fen Yao 7 feet 8 ½ inches

De Fen Yao

De Fen Yao is considered as the 3rd tallest women of the world as her height is 7 feet and 8.5 inches. De Fen Yao belongs to China and was the tallest women in 2006. De Fen Yao was born on 15 July 1972. She had a tumor in her pituitary gland which became the reason of her taller height an. De Fen Yao belongs to a very poor family and earns money by showing herself in the circus. She is still alive. De Fen Yao is currently the tallest women of China.


2. Zeng Jinlian 8 feet 1.75 inches

Zeng Jinlian

Zeng Jinlian is the 2nd tallest women of the world. Zeeg Jinlian belongs to China normally we see people of China are smaller in height but there is always an exception.  Zeng Jinlian is 8 feet and 1.75 inchestall and rank second position in genius’s book she was born on 26 June 1964. Due to abnormal growth of pituitary gland she could not stand straight. She lived for 17 years and died on 13 February 1982.


1. Trijntje Kever 8 feet 4.4 inches

Trijntje Keever

Trijntje Kever was the tallest women on planet earth according to genius’s book of world record as she was 8 feet 4.4 inches tall. Trijntje Kever belongs to Hague. She was born on 16 April 1606 in Edam. Trijntje Kever was unique to the world due to her height that is the reason why her mother uses to take her to the fair to earn some money as she belongs to very poor family. Trijntje lived for 17 years and died on 25 July 1633. Till today Trijntje Kever holds the title of being the tallest women of the world.



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