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Top 10 Most Deadly Snakes of the world

Deadly snakesIt’s no wonder people are scared of snakes! Each year the average deaths according to snake bites are above 30,000. Not all snakes are deadly and some are a lot more dangerous than others. The following list ropes up the top 10 most deadly snakes present in the world right now. A single hiss from them can stop us dead in our tracks! There are more than 2500 species of snakes present in the world and not even a single one of them is vegetarian (yup…they are cannibals)! Every snake can be dangerous if it bites and injects its venom in to your body which might lead to death if proper medical attention is not available. So we should avoid places where they might live and the most important Continue reading “Top 10 Most Deadly Snakes of the world” »

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Top 10 most dangerous cobra snakes

Cobra SnakesCobra Snakes are one of the most feared animals on our planet. Almost all Cobra snakes of the world are very dangerous because of their venom and fierce behavior. The following Top 10 Most Dangerous Cobra snakes list tells you exactly why. Size, weight, venom, casualties and the number of sightings of these Cobra Snakes are the factors which have been kept in mind. Hindus hold the Cobra Snakes in high esteem and consider these snakes to be a gift from their gods. However, even in India, a human’s life is more important than the Cobra Snakes! Cobra Snakes have many types and we Continue reading “Top 10 most dangerous cobra snakes” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

Dangerous AnimalsDangerous animals are basically those animals which usually harm human beings either directly or indirectly. If we take a walk in the jungle,surely enough we can come across hundreds dangerous animals which might be harmful to us. However, the current topic is about those dangerous animals which are quite deadly and can be counted as the top 10 dangerous animals of the world. While making this list, we have gone through various analysis including attacks on humans, deaths caused by their attacks, injuries, poison (if present in any), size, weight, teeth, paws and the probability of those dangerous animals of coming in contact with humans. All these factors have been weighted to make the list of the most dangerous animals present on our planet. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals” »

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Top 10 Beautiful Albino Animals

Albino AnimalsBeautiful Albino animals are a rare gift from nature and are seldom found on the planet. These traits are not only found in animals but in humans as well. Beautiful Albino animals are exotic gifts of nature and these beautiful creatures deserve attention. Although they are limited in numbers, we  occasionally do some across some beautiful Albino animals every once in a while. Some of the most beautiful Albino animals are found in different zoo of the world while some may be the pride of a certain billionaire’s farmhouse. Those who might not get a chance to see these Albino animals live can Continue reading “Top 10 Beautiful Albino Animals” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Dogs

Beautiful DogsCute and beautiful is not exactly what comes to mind when we look at Dogs. Cute and beautiful is used for the soft and less powerful animals like beautiful cats or kittens. For dogs, it’s all about grace, power and intelligence. Therefore, we aim to break this wrong image and bring you the Top 10 Most beautiful dogs lists which shows that these furry friends of man as just as beautiful and cute as any other animal or pet. Beautiful dogs are found all over the world and belong to different breeds. Also, perspective is also very important as someone may claim that pugs or Chihuahuas are the most beautiful dogs around and other might not even like them! Putting aside general opinions Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Dogs” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats

Top 10 Most Beautiful CatsBeautiful cats are the epitome of cuteness and can win the heart of pet lover with a single meow!  Cats are the most kept pets (after dogs) with more than 37 million houses in the US being home to these beautiful cats. On a larger scale, people wrongly believe that dogs are more popular as pets all over the world as detailed analysis shows that more than 350 million beautiful cats are kept as pets all over the globe and the figure is still rising every day. Recently, our team got a request to make the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats of the world list and the subscriber sent us a list of some of the most beautiful cats Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats” »

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Top 10 Best Bathroom Plants

Top 10 Best Bathroom PlantsThe humid and moist conditions of the bathroom make them an excellent place to put your tropical plants. Bathroom plants are usually those plants which love hot and humid conditions and thrive in them, these are the ones usually found on the jungle floor. Most of the bathroom plants do not require direct sunlight and can happily live in low to moderate filtered sunlight. Artificial lights are also available in the market and can be used if you suspect that the lighting conditions are not adequate for your bathroom plants. Following is Continue reading “Top 10 Best Bathroom Plants” »

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Top 10 Most popular cartoon mouse

Top 10 mot popular cartoon mouseThe list of Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mouse is one which is full of golden childhood memories and the happy nostalgic feeling of remembering the good times. Mice has been used in cartoon since the beginning of, well, cartoons because of two main factors. A mouse is not so cute in real life but they have always been shown in cartoons as adorable and lovable albeit a bit mischievous. This appeals to children and has been a hit formula. The other reason is that they are small and are the underdogs in real life. So, Continue reading “Top 10 Most popular cartoon mouse” »

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Top 10 Fastest Land Animals

Top 10 Fastest Land AnimalsTop 10 Fastest Land Animals which are mentioned here in our list are ranked on the basis of their speed. In wild life, speed is one of the major factors of survival from attacking predators or wildlife hunters. Cars, bikes and aircrafts come to mind when we think about the fastest things on earth but do you know which animals are the fastest ones on land? Most of us only have an idea that the Cheetah is the fastest animal of the world.  There are many animals on this planet which are way faster than human beings (like the cat family) and all belong to the mammal group. So after short listing; we have brought you this list of Top 10 Fastest Continue reading “Top 10 Fastest Land Animals” »

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Top 10 Largest bugs-insects

top-10-largest-bugs-insectsBugs and insects are part of our daily life nowadays and some people are so much frightened by bugs and insects that they start screaming and running around which, sometimes, makes a very funny situation and if the video is captured at that time then no doubt that video can get couple of 100 thousand views on any social media site. According to scientists and many named researchers, there are more than quintillion insects and bugs species living and extinct since this world started. That’s a quite huge number to imagine the types of bugs and insects like the Giant Weta. The following list is not made on the base of the poison, venom or biting ratio but the list is basically related to those bugs Continue reading “Top 10 Largest bugs-insects” »

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Top 10 Popular Crocodile-Alligator species

American AlligatorBefore proceeding further to this post I would like to tell you a brief difference between crocodile and alligator. There are many differences but some of the main physical appearance difference can easily differentiate both the alligators and the crocodiles. One of the main thing found in crocodiles is that they have a V shaped snout which is a long one and narrow as well while on the other hand the alligators have a U shape snout and it’s mostly very wide as well as compared to crocodile. The other common difference is this that crocodiles have both the jaws almost the same and the teeth’s used to show out all of the jaw line while alligators have upper jaw quite wider than the lower jaw and Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Crocodile-Alligator species” »

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Top 10 Deadliest bugs-insects

Fat Tailed ScorpionTop 10 deadliest bugs and insects are hard to find because every bug and insect has its own specialty. In our normal routine we use to see different types of insects and bugs on daily basis and sometimes we just walk away without even noticing them. Most of the times we use to hear that one of our friends is bitten by a bug or sometimes we see faces which show as weird liked swollen or skin color change in excess manner or may be something more after bitten by the bugs or insects. According to scientists there are thousands of bug species which are very dangerous for human being but among thesethousands there are many which can be called extremely Continue reading “Top 10 Deadliest bugs-insects” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog breeds

Most dangerous dogsDogs have been one of the best companions as well as protectors for humans for many centuries now.Dogs are kept as pets everywhere now and have become an integral part of our families and lives. The Most dangerous dogs list is made keeping those dogs in mind which make good aggressive guard dogs and are specifically trained to be so. Some people who have kept these dogs treat them like their own children and face no threat from them at all! While we were making this list of most dangerous dogs, Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog breeds” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful fish of the world

Beautiful fishFishes have fascinated people for a very long time. Although fishes are very healthy as a nutrient intake and also as a medicinal ingredient, they are also very popular with hobbyists for their beauty and attraction. Beautiful Fish is attraction of sight by many fish lovers. Sparkling like moonlight, these creatures color the oceans and the rivers with their brilliance and radiation. They soothe the senses and relieve the mind of its occupancies, distributing calmness and peace along their path. There is a long list of species of fish in the world and each has its own “beauty fish” to boast of. We thought of compiling a brief list of the prettiest fishes in the oceans and in freshwaters which continue to indulge collectors, ever willing to shift their beauty to their personal aquariums, as well as the general public, with their Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful fish of the world” »

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Top 10 Fastest fishes

Fastest Fish of the world

Fishes vary in quite a lot in size and this affects their speed. Speed is essential for predator fishes so that they are able to capture their prey successfully. This can be done by ambush or pursuit. However, the same can be said about a fish which is running for its life! It is amazing to know how fast the top 10 fastest fishes can move. The chemical reactions happening inside their lives alone can propel them to unbelievable velocities. Such is the acceleration of some fishes that their speeds are comparable to vehicles running on mechanical motors! It is extremely difficult to measure the speed of a moving fish but the list of the fastest fishes has finally been Continue reading “Top 10 Fastest fishes” »

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