Unique facts compiled regarding Dogs and their behaviour.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Dogs

Beautiful DogsCute and beautiful is not exactly what comes to mind when we look at Dogs. Cute and beautiful is used for the soft and less powerful animals like beautiful cats or kittens. For dogs, it’s all about grace, power and intelligence. Therefore, we aim to break this wrong image and bring you the Top 10 Most beautiful dogs lists which shows that these furry friends of man as just as beautiful and cute as any other animal or pet. Beautiful dogs are found all over the world and belong to different breeds. Also, perspective is also very important as someone may claim that pugs or Chihuahuas are the most beautiful dogs around and other might not even like them! Putting aside general opinions Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Dogs” »

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Top 10 Fastest Land Animals

Top 10 Fastest Land AnimalsTop 10 Fastest Land Animals which are mentioned here in our list are ranked on the basis of their speed. In wild life, speed is one of the major factors of survival from attacking predators or wildlife hunters. Cars, bikes and aircrafts come to mind when we think about the fastest things on earth but do you know which animals are the fastest ones on land? Most of us only have an idea that the Cheetah is the fastest animal of the world.  There are many animals on this planet which are way faster than human beings (like the cat family) and all belong to the mammal group. So after short listing; we have brought you this list of Top 10 Fastest Continue reading “Top 10 Fastest Land Animals” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog breeds

Most dangerous dogsDogs have been one of the best companions as well as protectors for humans for many centuries now.Dogs are kept as pets everywhere now and have become an integral part of our families and lives. The Most dangerous dogs list is made keeping those dogs in mind which make good aggressive guard dogs and are specifically trained to be so. Some people who have kept these dogs treat them like their own children and face no threat from them at all! While we were making this list of most dangerous dogs, Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog breeds” »

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