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Top 10 Most Poisonous animals

Top 10 Most Poisonous animalsWhenever we hear the phrase poisonous animals the very first things which strike our minds are snakes, scorpions and may be spiders but the reality is this that there are creatures in this world which are much more dangerous than ordinary garden snakes or scorpions. The animals on the list are not listed on the basis of total annual deaths caused by them but on the level of the venomousness of their poison which they have. Nature has granted the gift of poison to these animals for their defense and these poisonous animals don’t hesitate to use it against any predator. Before moving further we would like to differentiate between poison Continue reading “Top 10 Most Poisonous animals” »

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Top 10 Deadly snakes

Top 10 Deadly SnakesThey may be slimy dark and dangerous, but the world’s Top 10 Most Deadliest snakes are also quite important in the proper functioning of our ecosystems. Most reported cases of snake bites occur when the human unknowingly steps or disturbs the snake. Snakes are generally a shy species with a very few type having a really bad temper. A single bite from these venomous snakes results in death in more than half the cases. The toxic poison starts destroying cells as it enters the body and quickly paralyses or kills the victim. Snakes use this to catch it’s pray but willingly let anyone have it who steps on their tail! Proper and timely medical attention can Continue reading “Top 10 Deadly snakes” »

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Top 10 Recently Discovered species

Top 10 Recently Discovered speciesIt’s a small world after all where we interact with people from all around the world as if they were sitting in the next room! Technology and useful gadgets have reduced uncertainty was we now know everything from the far off planets and stars a million light years away to the hot liquid core of the earth! However, as you will see, some animal and plant species have managed to give us the slip and have been living under our noses (literally!) for thousands of years. These include land animals as well as marine life which have managed to stay hidden from our scientists and biologist. These are the Top 10 recently discovered Species list and is ranked on the Continue reading “Top 10 Recently Discovered species” »

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