Lists pretaining to the unique feats of Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies.

Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs 2012

top 10 best punjabi songs 2012Punjabi songs are some of the most sought after songs nowdays as they are being remixed with inhouse, techno and lots of other genres like these. Punjabi songs are also known as bhangra songs and are quite popular with music lovers who don’t even fully understand Punjabi language! Indians have a way with everything and manage to shine and stand out from the crowd in any field. The west has successfully infused their music types with Punjabi songs and bhangra songs to bring out a wonderful new experience for the listeners worldwide. Punjabi Songs are more popular in the UK than in US but that may change in a couple of years. This huge and widespread success Continue reading “Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs 2012” »

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Top 10 Most Underrated Movies 2012

Top 10 Most Underrated Movies 2012Underrated movies 2012 list is thankfully not a long list and there are only but a few gems which have remained unearthed and people have not gotten around to viewing and appreciating them! The main aim of this Top 10 Most Underrated movies 2012 list is to bring to your those movies which have been generally overlooked by the masses in favor of other action movies or comedy movies and deserve a second chance. These Underrated movies are infact quite a piece of art and should not be overlooked. The list also includes some movies which have made it good at the box office but were unfortunate enough to be overlooked because of bigger titles being Continue reading “Top 10 Most Underrated Movies 2012” »

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Top 10 Angelina Jolie tattoos

Top 10 Angelina Jolie tattoosWith the attention now more towards the tattoos of Megan fox and Justin Beiber, Angelina Jolie tattoos have somewhat vanished from the spot light as they no longer attract the masses. Angelina Jolie tattoos are well past their prtattime and we have decided to give them one last tribute before her children grow up and make her remove them! Some of the Angelina Jolie tattoos had to be covered up with make up for a few movies like the action movies Tomb Raider because they did not fit the character. From the Cambodian inscriptions to the snakes and dragons, we show you the most famous Angelina Jolie Continue reading “Top 10 Angelina Jolie tattoos” »

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Top 10 Celebrity Death Rumors

Top 10 Celebrity Death RumorsCelebrity gossips have always been the brightest part of our day and thousands of tabloids and magazines are published just to cover these. Sometimes, some mischievous fan or hater comes up with the death rumor of a certain celebrity who has not been seen for a couple of days. Celebrity death rumors were few and far between just a decade ago but the media of today presents quite a different scene. With billions of people within the reach of man just in a few keystrokes, people of misuse this power for their own purposes. Celebrity death rumors spread like wildfire around the world as soon as they are tweeted or posted in Facebook. They might sometimes be true but if they Continue reading “Top 10 Celebrity Death Rumors” »

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Top 10 Hindi Songs June 2012

Hindi SongsHindi Songs 2012 have been getting better and better as the big movies and titles have started to roll out. With the summer fever at its peak, Bollywood Hindi songs have finally delivered all the promised fun and great music we were promised at the beginning of the year. Top Hindi Songs June 2012 are much of a mixed group with influences going back to the 60s in some of the songs! Other are simply mind blowing Dance numbers which will make you want to jump and shake! Movies like Rowdy Rathore and Cocktail have provided us with one of the best Hindi Songs of the year 2012 and are as fun to watch on the TV as they are to listen to on your iPhone or iPod Continue reading “Top 10 Hindi Songs June 2012” »

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Top 10 Bollywood Songs 2012

Top 10 Bollywood Songs 2012Bollywood songs 2012 or Hindi songs as they are commonly known are evolving even as we speak. What started out as a different genre has now been influenced by everything under the sun ranging from in house to hard metal! Bollywood songs 2012 or Hindi songs 2012 have now gone international in a sense that they are freely using foreign singers now; even those who don’t know any Hindi! Bollywood Songs of this year are already making waves despite the fact that the best movies and movie songs have not been even Continue reading “Top 10 Bollywood Songs 2012” »

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Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures

Megan Fox without makeup picturesMegan Fox is no doubt one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of the current era and is popular all over the globe because of her outstanding acting skills. Every actor and actress, however, has something which people rarely get to see; their real faces! We have brought you the list of some pictures of Megan Fox without makeup. In these pictures, she might be looking like an ordinary young lady but in reality, the Megan Fox is the heartbeat of millions of her fans all over the globe! After the transformers series, people are desperately waiting for her new and upcoming movies and that’s why we have decided to bring something different for her fans. Continue reading “Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures” »

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Top 10 Best Johnny Depp Movies

Johnny Depp MoviesJohnny Depp is one of those Hollywood superstars who started off quite slowly but now have become so influential and popular that the release of their movies has become a major event! Johnny Depp movies are mostly out standing and Johnny Depp has played every role under the sun and has no doubt excelled at each and every one of his role! The acting skills as well as endless supply of charisma has made Johnny Depp what he is today. Known to his close friends as the colonel, Johnny Depp has appeared on more than a hundred magazine covers around the world! He is almost notorious for quickly accepting roles which involve a lot of white face powder! Have a look Continue reading “Top 10 Best Johnny Depp Movies” »

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Top 10 Best Adventure Movies Ever

Adventure MoviesWhen we think of adventure movies, we visualize heroic deeds performed in supernatural maneuvers by simple but brave people. Adventure movies tingle our nerves and make us want to do the impossible! The action filled stunt sequences give us quite a rush of adrenaline every time! This is the reason people enjoy watching adventure movies which make us believe the impossible situation the hero has to go through to save the human race (which very conveniently includes the love of his life). Exotic locations and fictional events form a big part of the adventure movies plot. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Adventure Movies that not only provide entertainment Continue reading “Top 10 Best Adventure Movies Ever” »

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Top 10 Best Time Travel Movies

Time travellTime travel is a subject which is as attractive as it is intriguing. Everyone one of us may want to change a couple of dumb things we have done in our lives when we were young. The best time travel movies satisfy our fantasies of going back and setting out right all the wrongs. These Sci-Fi movies have been quite popular and this is evident by the fact that the biggest grossing movies this year are both Sci-Fi with The Avengers being on the top. The best time travel movies show men meddling going back in time and meddling with history. Some are sent to save thousands of lives and Continue reading “Top 10 Best Time Travel Movies” »

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Top 10 Best John Woo Movies

John Woo MoviesJohn Woo movies always have had a special place among the Hollywood action movies as well as Chinese movies. With almost 90 titles to his name as director, producer, writer or actor, John Woo has never failed to impress his audience. He had a brief but successful stint at Hollywood but later returned to his roots and is currently busy with Chinese action movies. One of the signature scenes in John Woo movies  are the intense and fast action sequences which are filled with so many levels of details that even a couple of viewings would not be enough to grasp them all! A lot of inspiration for his movies came from the Western movies which he grew up watching in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Top 10 Best John Woo Movies” »

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Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook

Celebrities on FacebookPopular celebrities on Facebook is a unique list created for you. Popular Celebrities have owned the world of entertainment and our planet is full of legends and celebs everywhere. No matter what you watch, you come come upon these popular faces known as popular celebrities. Due to the rapid increase in demand of popular celebrities’ related posts on Top10HM, our team has decided to bring something very interesting and entertaining as related to popular celebrities. But our list is something different because we are not going to rank these popular celebrities Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook” »

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Top 10 Best Family Movies Ever

Top 10 Best Family Movies EverWatching movies has been a long time favorite activity for families. The best family movie nights are those which entertain the whole family and are as fun for the kids as they are for the grownups! Not is it only a great opportunity for the whole family to get together, family movies makes you realize the true bond of love and friendship that exists within the family. For years, movie makers have been making family movies for that very purpose. Entertaining a wide range of audience requires a story that is both engaging and entertaining. The plot of the best family movies should also appeal Continue reading “Top 10 Best Family Movies Ever” »

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Top 10 Best Ghost Movies

Ghost MoviesLike it or not, ghost movies form a large part of the horror movies genre and has millions of fans. Hardcore horror movies fans claim that ghost movies are for kids and slashers are the only type of horror movies which grownups enjoy. The best ghost movies are always wrapped up in mystery connected to an undying ghost which is unraveled as the movie progresses. The list of the Top 10 Best Ghost Movies proves all those people wrong who claim that this genre is dead. These movies where a major box office hit and some of them have also Continue reading “Top 10 Best Ghost Movies” »

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Top 10 Strangest Movie Characters

Strangest movie charactersJust like some of the cartoon characters which we will always remember no matter how old we get, strangest movie characters are also those which leave a lasting impression on us. It may be due to their bizarre and strange appearance or because of their psycho behavior. The Top 10 Strangest Movie Characters list contains those names which have become an alternate to horror and terror. Some of the strangest movie characters listed here have made only one or two appearances and the others have been regular visitors of the silver screen. The intensity of their obsession and mania has guaranteed them a permanent place in the minds and hearts of the viewers Continue reading “Top 10 Strangest Movie Characters” »

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