A list analysing the best or unique features of shows which have graced your TV sets over the years.

Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012

WWE T shirts

WWE t shirts are the most common and affordable merchandise fans buy to show loyalty and support to their favorite Superstars. After Wrestle Mania 28, demand of WWE T shirts has skyrocketed and people are buying their favorite wrestler’s shirts. If we look at the history of WWE T shirts, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the one who brought radical changes in the concept of WWE T shirts. He was popular for his quotes and phrases and was as loved back then as John Cena is nowdays. Fans young and old love to buy the shirts like John Cena wears. After a short survey of real WWE fans and people who buy WWE merchandise Continue reading “Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012” »

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Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures

Megan Fox without makeup picturesMegan Fox is no doubt one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of the current era and is popular all over the globe because of her outstanding acting skills. Every actor and actress, however, has something which people rarely get to see; their real faces! We have brought you the list of some pictures of Megan Fox without makeup. In these pictures, she might be looking like an ordinary young lady but in reality, the Megan Fox is the heartbeat of millions of her fans all over the globe! After the transformers series, people are desperately waiting for her new and upcoming movies and that’s why we have decided to bring something different for her fans. Continue reading “Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures” »

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Top 10 John Cena qualities

John CenaJohn Cena is currently the most popular and most famous WWE superstar of the world with millions of fans all over the globe. After the last Wrestle Mania in which John Cena was defeated by Rock, there were rumors that the career of John Cena will spiral downwards. But with an outstanding comeback match against Brock Lestner, John Cena not only proved that he is still the best but also proved that he is not afraid to face anyone in the ring! As every WWE Superstar has a unique set of qualities, so does John Cena which we are going to mention here in the form of a Top 10 list for John Cena fans and lovers. Continue reading “Top 10 John Cena qualities” »

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Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook

Celebrities on FacebookPopular celebrities on Facebook is a unique list created for you. Popular Celebrities have owned the world of entertainment and our planet is full of legends and celebs everywhere. No matter what you watch, you come come upon these popular faces known as popular celebrities. Due to the rapid increase in demand of popular celebrities’ related posts on Top10HM, our team has decided to bring something very interesting and entertaining as related to popular celebrities. But our list is something different because we are not going to rank these popular celebrities Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook” »

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Top 10 Best Family Movies Ever

Top 10 Best Family Movies EverWatching movies has been a long time favorite activity for families. The best family movie nights are those which entertain the whole family and are as fun for the kids as they are for the grownups! Not is it only a great opportunity for the whole family to get together, family movies makes you realize the true bond of love and friendship that exists within the family. For years, movie makers have been making family movies for that very purpose. Entertaining a wide range of audience requires a story that is both engaging and entertaining. The plot of the best family movies should also appeal Continue reading “Top 10 Best Family Movies Ever” »

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Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad

Top 10 Stunts Gone BadShowing off is a very dominant human trait which is more visible in some people than others. People do stunts for two main reasons: to impress their friends (and horrify their parents) and to get famous. The media now days has become quite fast and videos of stunts do get around quickly. However, these videos of Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad got around a lot faster and got viral. People who are out to impress the world (read: girls) and failing badly is nothing to be laughing at; but you got to admit that it they are really funny! Karma has funny Continue reading “Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad” »

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Top 10 Best Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Alfred Hitchcock MoviesRenowned as the true king of cinematic thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock has single handedly made what the cinema is today. Many would argue that cinema has also benefited from other great directors like Spielberg and Burton, but the fact that some of Hitchcock’s techniques and methods are still being regularly used today in mystery movies as well as thrillers; albeit with improvisations and modifications. Alfred Hitchcock Movies have attained cult status among his fans all over the world. Alfred Hitchcock directed around 55 movies out of which many are still being watched and critically praised even today! The Alfred Hitchcock Presents was a huge hit back in the 60s Continue reading “Top 10 Best Alfred Hitchcock Movies” »

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Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012

WWE Divas 2012

When we talk about WWE Divas, we are actually talking about the female pillars of WWE which are holding together the excitement of users in a unique way. Much of the excitment and entertainment would be lost if the WWE Divas were to be ignored! Although people love to watch WWE because of their famous wrestlers like John Cena, Undertaker, Khali, Triple H etc but many just watch WWE just for the sake of WWE Divas. While these WWE Superstars perform all the heavy action, the Divas hold the charge of entertainment and attraction. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012” »

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Top 10 Best Madonna Songs

Top 10 Best Madonna SongsMadonna (Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) is has done everything a music diva can possibly do under the sun (and the moon too) and yet amazes us again and again with her mind blowing live performances as well as rocking songs! The list of the Top 10 Best Madonna songs is a great showcase of her vast musical diversity and boundless creativity. Her music as well as videos have a niche of their own and are masterpieces in themselves. She is currently the most successful solo female artist of all time and has even tried her hand at acting, designing, production as well as writing! Madonna recently rocked America with her Super Bowl halftime Continue reading “Top 10 Best Madonna Songs” »

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Top 10 Most popular cartoon mouse

Top 10 mot popular cartoon mouseThe list of Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mouse is one which is full of golden childhood memories and the happy nostalgic feeling of remembering the good times. Mice has been used in cartoon since the beginning of, well, cartoons because of two main factors. A mouse is not so cute in real life but they have always been shown in cartoons as adorable and lovable albeit a bit mischievous. This appeals to children and has been a hit formula. The other reason is that they are small and are the underdogs in real life. So, Continue reading “Top 10 Most popular cartoon mouse” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters

NewscasterNewscaster is a face which we see almost every day. Somehow, I suppose, it is much better being told about some event or weather forecast by a beautiful woman than by some chap. Women have really dominated the news casting profession because of the facelift they give to the usually tense newsroom as well as the channel. It has almost become a ritual to name the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters every year! People do not realize that these women newscasters and news anchors enjoy as much attention interest as celebrities and movie stars do. They have their own makeup team and what they wear has become a matter of great importance to the TV channel! Most channels employee women news casters especially Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters” »

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Top 10 Most Famous Aliens of the World

top 10 most famous aliensThere are many aliens who have become so popular that they have become a part of our daily lives and we love to watch them on TV almost everyday. Aliens are still a part of our imagination and writers have created dozens of unique aliens to create wonderful stories and movies. The concept of using aliens was popularized by cartoons and was later adapted by shows and movies when the proper technology was made available. We have seen probably hundreds of aliens in TV serials, movies books and other places and have come to love them! Continue reading “Top 10 Most Famous Aliens of the World” »

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Top 10 most popular cartoons

Top 10 cartoonsHow does it look like when today we wake up early in the morning and see the children’s watching cartoons with the same interest as we use to see when we were kids. It just gives us a flash back to our childhood. As they are liked by children and they choose their hero and try to act and behave likewise. Moreover every animated character teaches some moral lesson. Cartoons are basically the animated movies which are the source of fun for kids. Many of the people say that the best cartoons where made in early 80s and 90s those had a charm and not only kids of that era but elders also use to watch cartoons. Now day’s children are so much addicted to cartoons that they start watching them before going to school and finishes before sleeping and one thing which is Continue reading “Top 10 most popular cartoons” »

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