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Top 10 Things People Notice About You

People notice Things about YouPeople spend thousands of dollars on useless courses which claim to teach you the way to win over others instantly or how to influence others. Although a lot of it is plain crap, there are a few basic things which people notice about you when they meet you the first time and every time. If you work on those particular things, people will always see you as a successful and compassionate person! A lot of it deals with our involuntary reactions to certain stimuli and others have to do with the basic urge of the human nature to interact with others! What people notice about you when they meet you are small things which will make or break your impression. Continue reading “Top 10 Things People Notice About You” »

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Top 10 Angelina Jolie tattoos

Top 10 Angelina Jolie tattoosWith the attention now more towards the tattoos of Megan fox and Justin Beiber, Angelina Jolie tattoos have somewhat vanished from the spot light as they no longer attract the masses. Angelina Jolie tattoos are well past their prtattime and we have decided to give them one last tribute before her children grow up and make her remove them! Some of the Angelina Jolie tattoos had to be covered up with make up for a few movies like the action movies Tomb Raider because they did not fit the character. From the Cambodian inscriptions to the snakes and dragons, we show you the most famous Angelina Jolie Continue reading “Top 10 Angelina Jolie tattoos” »

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Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012

WWE T shirts

WWE t shirts are the most common and affordable merchandise fans buy to show loyalty and support to their favorite Superstars. After Wrestle Mania 28, demand of WWE T shirts has skyrocketed and people are buying their favorite wrestler’s shirts. If we look at the history of WWE T shirts, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the one who brought radical changes in the concept of WWE T shirts. He was popular for his quotes and phrases and was as loved back then as John Cena is nowdays. Fans young and old love to buy the shirts like John Cena wears. After a short survey of real WWE fans and people who buy WWE merchandise Continue reading “Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012” »

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Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures

Megan Fox without makeup picturesMegan Fox is no doubt one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of the current era and is popular all over the globe because of her outstanding acting skills. Every actor and actress, however, has something which people rarely get to see; their real faces! We have brought you the list of some pictures of Megan Fox without makeup. In these pictures, she might be looking like an ordinary young lady but in reality, the Megan Fox is the heartbeat of millions of her fans all over the globe! After the transformers series, people are desperately waiting for her new and upcoming movies and that’s why we have decided to bring something different for her fans. Continue reading “Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures” »

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Top 10 best iphone 4 cases and covers 2012

iphone 4 casesAs the world is changing rapidly, people love to go with the flow of the latest technology and luxury, and so is the case (pun intended) with iphone 4 lovers. Iphone 4 cases are one of the most likely topics discussed between people who keep iphone 4. People who keep this expensive phone always want it to look unique as well as good enough so that they can not only keep it safe from scratches or any sort of losses but to also make a great impression in front of their friends and colleagues. Apart from just making impressions, most of the people have a habit of changing their Continue reading “Top 10 best iphone 4 cases and covers 2012” »

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Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles

Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair StylesThe ultra beautiful and stylish Selena Gomez has been the talk of town nowadays as she is equally popular among the older as well as younger fans. Her acting and singing talents have become a lot better and polished over the years since she started off with the Mickey Mouse Club. Today we take a critical look at her preferred hair styles and the unconventional ones she sports every now and then. The Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles are the ones which she usually uses to crown her cute and roundish face. The jet black hair of Selena Gomez is very straight and healthy so it’s really a breeze for her to change over from one style to the other quickly. This can Continue reading “Top 10 Selena Gomez Hair Styles” »

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Top 10 Taylor Swift Hair Styles 2012

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift (Taylor Alison Swift) is a country music singer who has quickly established herself as a breakthrough artist. Only 19 years old, Taylor Swift is one of Nashville’s top singer/songwriters at the moment.She has aggressively used online social networks such as MySpace to stay connected with her young audience in a way that, while typical for rock and hip-hop artists, is proving to be revolutionary in country music. As she vigilantly narrates her own story and diminishes barriers between herself and her fans, Taylor Swift is helping country music reach a new height and widespread audience. Taylor Swift has won a ton of awards including Continue reading “Top 10 Taylor Swift Hair Styles 2012” »

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Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit

Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup KitThe list of Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit basically takes a look at those items which are an important part of your make up. We also will tell you how and why theses makeup products so critical for you and should always be kept in your hand bag. Choosing the smokey eyes look or opting for the minimalist and natural look, keeping these cosmetic products handy will let you change your entire look within minutes which comes in quite handy for the working girls! Just make sure you know what you are doing while using these items as make, even when overdone slightly, looks out of place and very noticeable. These Top 10 Must haves in your Continue reading “Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit” »

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Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases 2012

iPhone 4 casesNow that you have your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S safely tucked away in the protective covers or bumpers, you can start choosing which iPhone 4 cases you are going to buy next. We covered the most popular casings last week and this week we are going to take a look at the Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases. The reason of the casing being expensive may be due to special or rare materials being used to manufacture the casing. Precious stones and gems have also been used to decorate the iPhone 4 cases which has given its price quite a jump! The price ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands Continue reading “Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases 2012” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes of the World

top 10 most beautiful eyes of the worldWhen coming up with a list of the most beautiful eyes of the world, we were quite ill at ease with the ranking process. Every woman of this world is unique and beautiful in her own way. Although it is quite useless to judge someone just by looking at them, judging actresses based on their fame and fan following was considerably easy. We have included beauty queens from all around the world solely due to the exquisiteness and perfection of their eyes. The list includes singers, actresses and even a few fashion designers. Please leave comments about your favorite star with beautiful eyes and we will make a list of men with beautiful eyes too! Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes of the World” »

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Top 10 Best Ties for men

Top 10 Best Ties for menTies are a staple part of a businessman’s dressing as well as of those who are of executive and managerial class. The image of a sharp dressed man can never be complete without a tie! A classy tie does not have to be very expensive. Choosing the right color and type to go with your suit is very important as a bad tie can make you look clueless and unproffesional. A nicley matching one, on the other hand, can make even an inexpensive suit look amazing. The four main materials from which ties are being Continue reading “Top 10 Best Ties for men” »

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Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Dresses

Top 10 Iconic Celebrity DressesWomen are, no doubt one, of the most beautiful creations in our world. Each woman is beautiful in her own way and it is quite useless to compare one to another despite what the people from around the world are bent on doing. Dresses, makeup and other fashion accessories simply increase their beauty. Today we take a look at the Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Dresses which the ladies have worn to different occasions and awards over the years. The dresses counted in the Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Dresses are those which are easily recognized because of their uniqueness and creativity. Most of these dresses Continue reading “Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Dresses” »

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Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women MakeIn an attempt to look trendy, women are apt to follow the latest fashions and styles blindly. Just because a dress looks good in a magazine doesn’t mean it will make you look good too (a mean but wise advice for all my women readers)! Wanting to fit in with the high street fashion requires a lot of practice and caution. Overdoing any style or trend can backfire. Top 10 Common Fashion mistakes Women make regarding fashion are not those in which you dress up in emo clothes when going to an important business meeting. That a major blunder. What we are here to talk about is those silly fashion mistakes which make you look like a juvenile Continue reading “Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Make” »

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Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping DestinationsStanding for hours in front of a superstore only to be first ones to grab that perfect Black Friday deal before it runs out is one of the best things about this holiday! Sadly the trend of doing so is declining every year. This Black Friday, however, will be a totally new experience as shops opt to open a lot earlier than usual and trying to be the first to get the deals may very well cost you your Thanksgiving dinner! Ordering gifts off the internet is quite a different experience. No hassle, no waiting and no searching frantically for parking space! A study shows that an average American is willing to spend up to $600 in deals on Black Friday. Following is a list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations” »

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Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes

Top 10 perfumes for menImagine heads turning as soon as you enter a room or hall. Everyone present notices the cologne or perfume you are wearing and you make a definite statement about your presence and personality without even saying a word. Such is the force and impact of fragrance to the human sensory system. People often associate various smells with different things and events. Have you ever felt hungry after getting a whiff of freshly baked pizza? Be it be spicy or sweet, each perfume has a special blend of oils and chemicals which then becomes the characteristic smell for that particular brand. It is always difficult to find the perfect cologne which truly describes who you are. Men all over the world show their class and style by the way they smell Continue reading “Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes” »

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