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Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

Dangerous AnimalsDangerous animals are basically those animals which usually harm human beings either directly or indirectly. If we take a walk in the jungle,surely enough we can come across hundreds dangerous animals which might be harmful to us. However, the current topic is about those dangerous animals which are quite deadly and can be counted as the top 10 dangerous animals of the world. While making this list, we have gone through various analysis including attacks on humans, deaths caused by their attacks, injuries, poison (if present in any), size, weight, teeth, paws and the probability of those dangerous animals of coming in contact with humans. All these factors have been weighted to make the list of the most dangerous animals present on our planet. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals” »

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Top 10 Places to See in Phuket

Top 10 Places to See in PhuketPhuket is one of those places which you can safely call heaven on earth. There are many other beaches on this planet which people will claim are far better and picturesque than the ones found in Phuket, but the sheer number of things to do and places to see once you go to Phuket simply blow your mind! From the breath taking waterfalls to the scenic endless beaches, Phuket has something to do and see for everyone! Being a separate island, you can experience all the hustle and bustle of the city one day and be on a secluded personal beach area the next! The Top 10 places to see in Phuket list give the Continue reading “Top 10 Places to See in Phuket” »

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Top 10 Fattest Countries

Fattest countriesBeing fat is not something bad; but if the entire country sports fat stomachs and obese people are all you see roaming around then that is bad. This can cause many problems in growth and economy of the entire nation. While making the list of fattest countries, we don’t intend to hurt the feelings of its biggest and largest citizens or make any kind of fun at their expense. The overall %  of overweight people as compared to those who have the ideal body weight or something near to it has been used to determine the rankings. It has been noticed that United States holds many a titles in almost any Top 10 Lists we come up with and United States makes it in the Continue reading “Top 10 Fattest Countries” »

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Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver

Top 10 Best Places to See in VancouverVancouver is a wonderful place to both visit and live in and has one of the best places to see and enjoy. The mountain ranges, alluring beaches and the generous green environment distinguishes it from other modern cities and its natural beauty attracts millions of eager tourists every year. Vancouver was ranked number one in the list of world’s most liveable cities in the Economist. Vancouver is also loved by producers of movies TV shows because of the scenic beauty found here as well as the high skilled graduates found in the area. There are many great places to visit in Vancouver and the best of the lot are listed as follow in the Top 10 Best Places to See Continue reading “Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver” »

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Top 10 places to visit in Toronto

Top 10 places to visit in TorontoToronto City is quite attractive to travellers and is a much preferred location for many tourists now days. Millions of people travel to Toronto to enjoy multitudes of cultures and natural beauty.  Holding the record of being the 5th largest city in North America, Toronto is economically strong and prosperous as well. Toronto is Canada’s largest financial centre and is all about big business and the strongest financial sectors, banks, and more than 112 securities firms. Toronto is the capital of Ontario province and has many worthwhile places to see and visit. We will, however list only 10 in our Top 10 places to visit in Toronto list. Continue reading “Top 10 places to visit in Toronto” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi

Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu DhabiAfter finally getting the entire visa and ticketing details in place, you can start worrying about what to see and where to shop in the UAE. UAE can be called the most flourishing and thriving oasis of the Arabian Desert and is a very popular spot for tourists to go to. Cities like Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi have made themselves quite a name in terms of sightseeing and shopping. The following is the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi where the locals as well as the visitors and tourists love to shop till they drop! These malls and shopping centers have been rated according to the variety of services available, prices, total visitors per day and structural beauty. So go through the list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cricket Pitches

Top 10 most dangerous cricket PitchesCricket, as they say, is a game of chance. A couple of sixes can suddenly breathe life in an otherwise dull game and can easily change the outcome at the end. Cricket has its dull moments in test matches as well as its most fast paced nerve wreaking battles in the T20 matches. Regardless of its thrills and fun moments, we should never forget that cricket, or any other professional sport for that matter, is a dangerous game if the proper safety kit is not being worn. It’s quite impossible to hurt yourself during a snooker match but cricket is a totally different ballgame. A fast bowler can hurl a lighting quick Yorker and the batsman has less than a second to judge the line and length of the delivery and to choose his shot. A beautifully Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cricket Pitches” »

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Top 10 Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Top 10 popular Honeymoon DestinationsThe big day has come and gone and now you are the happiest married person in the world. I meant both of you. Anyways, what next? Definitely a list of the best honeymoon locations and places! People with arranged marriages would some time together away from their families and get to know each other better. Some just want the fun not to stop so they go off either to see distant relatives. These trips are infact a very old tradition called Honeymoon and is now days thought compulsory (atleast by the bride!). The newlyweds celebrate their marriage by going on honeymoons and making special memories of the exotic and breathtaking places they had been to. Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Honeymoon Destinations” »

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Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2012

Top 10 Most Populated CountriesEver felt your neighborhood was getting more crowded by the day? Well that might just not be so but every day the population of the world is growing as our species has passed the 7 Billion mark and is set to be almost 10 Billion till 2050! The total world population, when broken down into territories and countries, varies a lot due to geographical and environmental conditions. Places with deserts and famine tend to be less populated than those which offer lavish lifestyles and successful career opportunities. The Top 10 Most Populated Countries may not be the most Continue reading “Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2012” »

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Top 10 Tea producing countries

Top 10 Tea producing countriesThe History of the Tea is that it was first produced and started by china as a medicine and with the passage of time it started becoming more and more popular and has become an important part of our daily life.It has become a common beverage which almost all of us prefer. Drinking tea and coffee are some of the most common things between us now days. Some prefer it very excessively while some take it just once or a day or even less. Sometimes people don’t even think about it at all. But it’s an interesting factor that tea is one of the major sources of income for most of the countries and there are countries where tea consumption is so high that Continue reading “Top 10 Tea producing countries” »

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Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet Connection

Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet ConnectionIt sounds really interesting when someone tells you that I download a complete Bluray movie within 10 minutes and my Internet connection is awesome. In present days while Internet speed matters a lot because most of the work is done online which mostly includes online streaming of movies, downloading of heavy data files, downloading of movies and songs and more over the online competitions related to gaming. There is still a lot more work beyond our thinking which requires high Internet speed and a fast Internet connection. There are multiple Continue reading “Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet Connection” »

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Top 10 Largest countries

World GlobeTop 10 Largest countries of the world are listed on the basis of their total area in this post along with some crispy things. The total area of our planet earth is round about 510 million square kilometers. Now if we do the analysis with the total size of land then it would be something near about 148.94 million square kilometers while the total area of the top 10 largest countries is 72.5 million square kilometers and rest of the countries has 76.44 million square kilometers. There are many countries in the world with different size and shapes according to world map. Some are popular for their beauty while some are popular because of their population and some due to their total occupied area. In total there are 196 countries which cover the whole planet Continue reading “Top 10 Largest countries” »

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Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel rooms

Most expensive hotelsAggressive competition among businessmen and the rich have escalated in the recent years. The struggle for market share and domination has increased mainly due to recession as well as a shrinking global market. In such tough times, showing opulence of wealth is very important to create a much desired successful image. On the other hand, the human need luxury and of feeling pampered kicks in and people indulge in spending hefty amounts of money on things like gold plated cell phones, exotic wines  and other most expensive things in any genre. Today we take a look at the Top 10 most expensive Hotel Rooms available all around the world. Some of these are presidential suites and others take up the complete floors of the hotel. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel rooms” »

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Top 10 Kings

Top 10 kingsIt’s a dream of almost every human being to spend a life of lavishness like kings and queens with all wishes being fulfilled with the wave of a hand. But all dreams are can’t come true! We have compiled a list of those people for who it has come true. Here, we go through the list of the Top 10 kings which are still alive and ruling their countries. Along with this, the following are listed on the basis of many aspects and stats like power, protocol, luxurious lifestyle and a lot more. In the following article, we will go through different aspects covering the wealth, accommodation, ruling power and lots more under a specific king or prince. Along with this, we highly consider the net value Continue reading “Top 10 Kings” »

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Top 10 Oldest cities

oldest citiesGetting old is not something that most people look forward too, but when it comes to cities it’s a different matter. Age adds to these oldest cities a lot of history, ancient monuments, and unique cultures (most of the time) that makes them intriguing places to visit. The Top 10 Oldest Cities list brings to you those cities which have stood the test of time and have managed not to get wiped off the face of the earth! It’s not the easiest task to work out exactly which is the world’s oldest cities, and historical records become more unclear the more you go back. The other thing is that many of the oldest cities were founded before the ones mentioned in this Top 10 oldest cities list, Continue reading “Top 10 Oldest cities” »

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