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Top 10 Places to See in Phuket

Top 10 Places to See in PhuketPhuket is one of those places which you can safely call heaven on earth. There are many other beaches on this planet which people will claim are far better and picturesque than the ones found in Phuket, but the sheer number of things to do and places to see once you go to Phuket simply blow your mind! From the breath taking waterfalls to the scenic endless beaches, Phuket has something to do and see for everyone! Being a separate island, you can experience all the hustle and bustle of the city one day and be on a secluded personal beach area the next! The Top 10 places to see in Phuket list give the Continue reading “Top 10 Places to See in Phuket” »

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Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days

Top 10 Most Unusual Gift DaysGift days are one of the latest crazes which have sprung up all over the country purely because of the “been there done that” syndrome. What better gift can you give to your friends and family that a whole day out doing whatever they like best! Gift days allow you to choose an activity for someone for the whole day and pay for it (I mean with money). If you’ve never heard of gift days then you’re in for a real treat. There are the normal gift days things like the full day at a spa or a day pass to a club. Today we take a look at the more unorthodox and unusual gift days. These unusual gift days vouchers Continue reading “Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days” »

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Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches

Sexy SofaIf you’ve ever fancied watching one of top10hm’s movie lists back-to-back, you are going to need the right and comfortable couches! Sitting in one spot for too long can leave you bottoms numb, causing backache and disrupting your viewing experience as well as your mood. Finding the most comfortable couches around should be the primary concern of any couch potato, but sitting on comfortable couches is relaxing even to those who use it occasionally! Finding the perfect couch for you is not as easy as it seems. Good comfortable couches needs to be soft enough to provide comfort, large enough to stretch out on, and needs some structure and support to make it long Continue reading “Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches” »

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Bugatti Veyron 10 things you would love to know

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bugatti VeyronFor every race car fan it’s a dream to own or drive a Bugatti Veyron and those people really don’t need a Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bugatti Veyron list for convincing them! Bugatti is currently the 2nd fastest car of the world and frequently mistaken as the fastest car of the world (which is SSC Ultimate Aero). It’s impossible to say that people who love race cars are not familiar with name of Bugatti Veyron.  Many people have given it different and somewhat attractive names like wild horse, hungry beast, night fury, speedy cat and lots more. In reality, the Bugatti  has endless power and incredible top speed but, as is the case with most racing cars, can only be seen on the race track as speeds above 120 mph are not easy to get on local roads. Continue reading “Bugatti Veyron 10 things you would love to know” »

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Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver

Top 10 Best Places to See in VancouverVancouver is a wonderful place to both visit and live in and has one of the best places to see and enjoy. The mountain ranges, alluring beaches and the generous green environment distinguishes it from other modern cities and its natural beauty attracts millions of eager tourists every year. Vancouver was ranked number one in the list of world’s most liveable cities in the Economist. Vancouver is also loved by producers of movies TV shows because of the scenic beauty found here as well as the high skilled graduates found in the area. There are many great places to visit in Vancouver and the best of the lot are listed as follow in the Top 10 Best Places to See Continue reading “Top 10 Best Places to See in Vancouver” »

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Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases 2012

iPhone 4 casesNow that you have your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S safely tucked away in the protective covers or bumpers, you can start choosing which iPhone 4 cases you are going to buy next. We covered the most popular casings last week and this week we are going to take a look at the Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases. The reason of the casing being expensive may be due to special or rare materials being used to manufacture the casing. Precious stones and gems have also been used to decorate the iPhone 4 cases which has given its price quite a jump! The price ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands Continue reading “Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases 2012” »

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Top 10 places to visit in Toronto

Top 10 places to visit in TorontoToronto City is quite attractive to travellers and is a much preferred location for many tourists now days. Millions of people travel to Toronto to enjoy multitudes of cultures and natural beauty.  Holding the record of being the 5th largest city in North America, Toronto is economically strong and prosperous as well. Toronto is Canada’s largest financial centre and is all about big business and the strongest financial sectors, banks, and more than 112 securities firms. Toronto is the capital of Ontario province and has many worthwhile places to see and visit. We will, however list only 10 in our Top 10 places to visit in Toronto list. Continue reading “Top 10 places to visit in Toronto” »

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Top 10 popular iPhone 4 cases and covers 2012

Top 10 popular iPhone 4 casesOne of the biggest problems the youth of today face is finding the perfect iPhone 4 cases to show off their latest gem while maintaining their uniqueness from the iPhones from around the world! That may sound very sarcastic but it is true. The Top 10 popular iPhone 4 cases featured in this list may not be as rare as other custom made cases but these are the most popular ones which have proved to be sturdy as well as attractive and eye catchy. These cases are not very cheap but they give your iPhone 4 loads of the much needed protection and pampering it deserves. Theses fit both the 4s as well as 4 models so there is no need to worry about buying new cases once you’ve made the switch.  To hurry through the list of the Continue reading “Top 10 popular iPhone 4 cases and covers 2012” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi

Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu DhabiAfter finally getting the entire visa and ticketing details in place, you can start worrying about what to see and where to shop in the UAE. UAE can be called the most flourishing and thriving oasis of the Arabian Desert and is a very popular spot for tourists to go to. Cities like Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi have made themselves quite a name in terms of sightseeing and shopping. The following is the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi where the locals as well as the visitors and tourists love to shop till they drop! These malls and shopping centers have been rated according to the variety of services available, prices, total visitors per day and structural beauty. So go through the list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012

Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012Despite refusing to switch to windows or android platform, Nokia Mobiles are still a very big hit, especially in Asia and Europe.  It was quite recently that they have decided to ditch their ever so loved Symbian OS in favor of cashing their partnership with Microsoft. Nokia Mobiles has time and again come up with super hit smart phones at a very affordable price and acceptable quality. This factor, coupled with the fact that most of our first phones were from Nokia Mobiles, has taken the Finish company to great heights. The year 2011 was no different and Nokia introduced the Anna and Bella OS upgrade which got positive reviews. The year 2012 will be no different as we predict that the 3rd and 4th quarter will see Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Nokia Mobiles 2012” »

Top 10 Richest Royals

Top 10 Richest RoyalsTo live like the richest royals is what we all wish for. Lavish spending and great banquets come to mind when we think of the lives of the richest royals and their family members. With huge amounts of wealth and power also come great responsibilities (spiderman style). The Top 10 richest Royals of the world mentioned here are ranked on the basis of several things like wealth, power, influence and popularity within and outside their kingdoms.  Simply saying, it is understood that a richer royal would probably be more powerful as well. Only a few select countries follow Kingship and Anarchy instead of democracy as democracy has become the most popular way of governing people. Continue reading “Top 10 Richest Royals” »

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Top 10 Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Top 10 popular Honeymoon DestinationsThe big day has come and gone and now you are the happiest married person in the world. I meant both of you. Anyways, what next? Definitely a list of the best honeymoon locations and places! People with arranged marriages would some time together away from their families and get to know each other better. Some just want the fun not to stop so they go off either to see distant relatives. These trips are infact a very old tradition called Honeymoon and is now days thought compulsory (atleast by the bride!). The newlyweds celebrate their marriage by going on honeymoons and making special memories of the exotic and breathtaking places they had been to. Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Honeymoon Destinations” »

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Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items

Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items As soon as you stuff down that Thanksgiving Day turkey and potatoes, you’ll have to make a rush to the stores as the best stores are opening up on 12 a.m. on Thanksgiving night instead of the usual 4 a.m., this might be a bid to increase the shopping time and hence the sales, or just to cash in the holiday excitement by starting off earlier. Americans like to spend a lot on Black Friday because of its mind blowing deals and literally throw away prices. Black Friday officially starts the Christmas holiday season which is full of gift buying and purchases for dear ones. This leads to Cyber Monday, Green Monday and Brown Monday which are similar to Continue reading “Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items” »

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Top 10 Best iPad games 2012

Top 10 iPad gamesWith over 90,000 apps available from the app store for iPad and iPad 2, Apple provides us with all types of educational and productive apps which saves us a lot of time and effort. The iPad 2 was released with a camera and a better display offering better graphics and higher contrasts than its preceder’s. It is also is an entertainment powerhouse and undoubtedly the best in the market. Indulging in social networking or browsing online media is truly a pleasure when using the iPad and wireless connectivity ensure that you are connected to the internet everywhere all the time. Games are also being released for it which compete head to head with other portable gaming devices and smartphones. Games look sharper and better on the iPad 2 mainly because of its upgraded processor and Retina display. Other than this, there is no Continue reading “Top 10 Best iPad games 2012” »

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Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes

Top 10 perfumes for menImagine heads turning as soon as you enter a room or hall. Everyone present notices the cologne or perfume you are wearing and you make a definite statement about your presence and personality without even saying a word. Such is the force and impact of fragrance to the human sensory system. People often associate various smells with different things and events. Have you ever felt hungry after getting a whiff of freshly baked pizza? Be it be spicy or sweet, each perfume has a special blend of oils and chemicals which then becomes the characteristic smell for that particular brand. It is always difficult to find the perfect cologne which truly describes who you are. Men all over the world show their class and style by the way they smell Continue reading “Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes” »

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