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Top 10 largest stars in the Universe

Top 10 largest stars in the universeIt was not until the 19th century that people finally accepted the fact that the Sun was not a stationary body and was, in fact, a star. No longer was it a deity or god and hydrogen was found out as its energy source. As technology advanced in leaps and bounds, it began to dawn on man that the solar system that was thought to be the whole of the universe was just the tip of the iceberg. Suddenly, the Sun was no longer a titan but a mere speck of dust in the universe as other stars many times its size were discovered like the VY Canis Majoris. Although it does contain 99.8% by mass of our solar system, it is nothing compared to the recently discovered stars. Paying homage to the star which was worshipped by our ancestors for millions of years, Continue reading “Top 10 largest stars in the Universe” »

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Top 10 Highest bridges Ever

top 10 Highest bridgesThere are many awesome bridges constructed all over the world and many have made their name in history on the basis of their construction marvel. Ponte Vecchio of Florence Italy, Tower Bridge of London and many more are an open example of well constructed bridges. The main purpose of building a bridge is to connect two places together so that people can move easily without any hurdles of traffic or rush. According to one of my professor a kiss is a connection between two souls and a bridge is a connection between two places.  Sometimes they are also built by such point of view that it can become a short cut and a lot of transportation time can be saved. Moreover sometimes bridges become a tourist spot for most of the people while driving on Continue reading “Top 10 Highest bridges Ever” »

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Top 10 Tallest buildings ever 2012

Top 10 Tallest buildings everSkyscrapers and tall buildings are fast becoming a normal part of our life now days. People have started switching from small ground floor houses to apartments in buildings for living and official purposes and that’s why huge and higher skyscrapers are getting built day by day. It’s a hobby of many people to reach the top floor of any high skyscraper and look down for hours while enjoying the view and thinking about the superiority sometimes as well. But this is not the same case always. Sometimes when a person is walking on a road and reaches near any skyscraper then it’s an obvious thing that he or she will look at the top of the building at least once with wide eyes. Continue reading “Top 10 Tallest buildings ever 2012” »

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Top 10 Largest countries

World GlobeTop 10 Largest countries of the world are listed on the basis of their total area in this post along with some crispy things. The total area of our planet earth is round about 510 million square kilometers. Now if we do the analysis with the total size of land then it would be something near about 148.94 million square kilometers while the total area of the top 10 largest countries is 72.5 million square kilometers and rest of the countries has 76.44 million square kilometers. There are many countries in the world with different size and shapes according to world map. Some are popular for their beauty while some are popular because of their population and some due to their total occupied area. In total there are 196 countries which cover the whole planet Continue reading “Top 10 Largest countries” »

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Top 10 Biggest hotels of the world

Biggest HotelsThe Top 10 biggest hotels worldwide are judged on the basis of their size as it’s a common saying that size does matter. While making the list of these largest hotels we came across different aspects for analysis because the list can be different from a luxurious and services point of view but we are preparing it by mainly looking at the total number of rooms and area occupied by the biggest hotels. By looking at the list of these hotels one would be tempted to visit this one or more than one of these fine hotels. Well to be honest a couple of nights’ stay may be out of league for most of us. The sheer size and presence of these hotels will leave you spellbound and are definitely worth a look even from the outside! No personal preference Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest hotels of the world” »

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Top 10 Longest lakes


All are in square kilometers

1.Caspian sea 371000
2.Michigan and Huron 117610
3.Superior 82100
4.Victoria 69500
5.Aral sea 33640
6.Tanganyika 32900
7.Baikal 31128
8.Great bear 31128
9.Malawi 28880
10.Great slave 28570

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Top 10 most beautiful mosques

Top 10 Beautiful MosquesWe have decided to bring a knowledge related post for you namely the Top 10 Mosques of the world. They can easily be defined as the place where Muslims offer their prayers and worships. There are many things which enhance the beauty of a mosque. While making this list, total space for people, art work, structure, area, shortcut moving facilities, technology, age and a lot more is taken in consideration. Most of the masjids have domes and minarets which makes it easier to differentiate then from other surrounding buildings. This is quite true as they also represent the Islamic culture and unique Islamic architecture style. However, it should be kept in mind that, I quote Continue reading “Top 10 most beautiful mosques” »

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Top 10 Highest mountains

Top 10 Highest MountainsHighest Mountains of the world describes here on the basis of their height from the sea level. It’s a common saying that beauty lies in the eyes of observer. The nature is full of heart capturing things if we look in to it from a natural point of view. The tall mountain of world enhances the natural beauty of this planet and sometimes becomes the most interesting thing for tourists and mountain climbers.  8 out of 10 highest mountains or 10 highest peaks of the world are located in Nepal. Well that’s a natural gift to Nepal and sometimes people of Nepal are also known because of their high mountains peaks. Before moving further we would like to clear one thing that there is a difference between the tallest Continue reading “Top 10 Highest mountains” »

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Top 10 Longest Road tunnels


  1. Laedral (Laedral – aurland,Norway)
  2. Zhongnanshan (Zhongnanshan, China)
  3. St. Gottard ( Uri – Ticino, Switzerland)
  4. Arlberg (Vorarberg – Tyrol,Austria)
  5. Hsuehshan (Taiwan)
  6. Frejus (France – Italy)
  7. Mt. Blanc (Alps,France – Italy)
  8. Gudvangen (Gudvangen – Flam,Norway)
  9. Folgefonn (Odda – Gjerde, Norway)
  10. Kanetsu (Gunma – Niigata,Japan)

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Top 10 Biggest ships

Top 10 Largest ShipsWhich ship is the biggest ship of the world? On hearing this question, the very first name which comes to our minds is the Titanic. It is no doubt one of the most legendary ships which met with quite an unforgettable doom on its first journey. There are many huge ships other than the titanic of which most of us are not aware of and that’s the reason we have brought you this list of the top 10 biggest ships ever which have fared our seas and oceans. There are many modes of transportation available nowadays and each one has its own advantages. Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest ships” »

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Top 10 Biggest stadiums of the world

Top 10 Biggest StadiumsStadiums and sports grounds have always played a major role in our society in terms of sports while on the other hand; they are also being used for huge occasional ceremonies or festivals in some countries. The ones included in the Top 10 largest Stadiums list are used for multiple purposes of sports including American football, soccer, athletics, cricket and some more. Whenever we hear biggest stadium then those who are sports fan are aware of some of the famous sports grounds like Wembley and the Nou Camp but most of the people are not aware about their capacity or ranking. While making this list, we have done in depth analysis to bring you Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest stadiums of the world” »

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Top 10 Tallest Women

Top 10 Tallest WomenTallest Women are not seen often but it is the nature of every human being that whenever something unique is seen by him he/she is attracted towards that. As human being is always in search of something new and unique so that he can gain attention of everyone. We have normally seen the taller males in our life and in our daily life we observed that normally men are taller in height than women’s. It is the source of depression for men whenever they see a women standing nearby is taller in height than a men, taller women are source of entertainment for many people. Everyone has the dream of being tall some love the average height everyone has its own choice. But these are the Continue reading “Top 10 Tallest Women” »

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