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Top 10 Funniest Signs

Top 10 Funniest SignsFunniest signs have been popping up all over the place due to shifting marketing strategies as well as changing consumer mind frame. Some of the funniest signs have been able to attract people’s attention and they usually tell their friends about these funniest signs and urge them to visit the restaurant or mall where they saw it! Ofcourse, some have been made out of anger at the consumers which the management is unable to express directly! Some of the funniest signs are actually not meant to be funny but are misinterpreted due to language or some other reason. The Asians have been known to translate their most serious instructions into English Continue reading “Top 10 Funniest Signs” »

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Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

Top 10 Ways to Quit SmokingSmoking is universally acknowledged as being exceptionally bad for the heath. It can be a major cause of various cancers, respiratory diseases, heart problems and premature death. With an estimated 440,000 deaths each year in the USA, it is no wonder that so many people are desperate to quit smoking! People very well know about the negative health impacts which are caused by smoking and the ominous implications of passive smoking, but nicotine is an addictive substance and it isn’t easy to eliminate it from your life just like that. Here are some tips to help quit smoking and breaking the habit that is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide Continue reading “Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking” »

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Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days

Top 10 Most Unusual Gift DaysGift days are one of the latest crazes which have sprung up all over the country purely because of the “been there done that” syndrome. What better gift can you give to your friends and family that a whole day out doing whatever they like best! Gift days allow you to choose an activity for someone for the whole day and pay for it (I mean with money). If you’ve never heard of gift days then you’re in for a real treat. There are the normal gift days things like the full day at a spa or a day pass to a club. Today we take a look at the more unorthodox and unusual gift days. These unusual gift days vouchers Continue reading “Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days” »

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Top 10 Beautiful Albino Animals

Albino AnimalsBeautiful Albino animals are a rare gift from nature and are seldom found on the planet. These traits are not only found in animals but in humans as well. Beautiful Albino animals are exotic gifts of nature and these beautiful creatures deserve attention. Although they are limited in numbers, we  occasionally do some across some beautiful Albino animals every once in a while. Some of the most beautiful Albino animals are found in different zoo of the world while some may be the pride of a certain billionaire’s farmhouse. Those who might not get a chance to see these Albino animals live can Continue reading “Top 10 Beautiful Albino Animals” »

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Top 10 Antivirus 2012

Top 10 Antivirus softwates 2012Top 10 Antivirus Softwares 2012 article enlists basically those antivirus softwares which have been dominant in the market on the basis of their performance and reliability. Thousands of systems get attacked by different viruses at various times while connected to the internet every day. Most of these viruses come from bad websites which contain malwares and Trojans in form of free downloadable content. To keep your systems safe, you definitely need to install one of these antivirus softwares. There are thousands of antivirus softwares present in the market nowdays but the question is that which one Continue reading “Top 10 Antivirus 2012” »

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Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches

Sexy SofaIf you’ve ever fancied watching one of top10hm’s movie lists back-to-back, you are going to need the right and comfortable couches! Sitting in one spot for too long can leave you bottoms numb, causing backache and disrupting your viewing experience as well as your mood. Finding the most comfortable couches around should be the primary concern of any couch potato, but sitting on comfortable couches is relaxing even to those who use it occasionally! Finding the perfect couch for you is not as easy as it seems. Good comfortable couches needs to be soft enough to provide comfort, large enough to stretch out on, and needs some structure and support to make it long Continue reading “Top 10 Most Comfortable Couches” »

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Top 10 Unusual Watermelon Facts

WatermelonWatermelon might not be the first thing which comes to mind when we decide to do some fact finding. However, if you do have some leisure time, go through the Top 10 Unusual Watermelon Facts and be amazed at this plump and juicy creation of God! A watermelon can be anything from light yellow to different shades of green depending on its ripeness as well as species. A watermelon is best eaten on an empty stomach before dinner as it purifies your system as well as keeps your digestive system in top notch condition. Seeing its size, the watermelon grows on a wine which keeps to the ground (thankfully). The funny thing is that both the plant as well as the fruit Continue reading “Top 10 Unusual Watermelon Facts” »

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Top 10 Best Mashups

Top 10 Best MashupsMashups fall in a very unique genre and are totally different from remakes, remixes and medleys. Mashups are those songs which in which two or more songs (not necessarily the same language) have been blended or “mashed up” together as a single song. It is quite amazing to find that songs which do not sound anything like another can be successfully made into Mashups and still sound brilliant. It has something to do with the chords and the key of the song but that’s too technical for us. The best Mashups songs range from mixing rap songs and symphony to rock songs with Bollywood songs! The following list is of the Top 10 Best Mashups Continue reading “Top 10 Best Mashups” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Viruses

Top 10 Most Dangerous VirusesDangerous Viruses are created, caught and destroyed everyday as the battle between the evil programmers and the antivirus companies continue. But it is not without some damage and fight that these dangerous viruses go out. Once an affective antidote has been made for these computer pests, they are no longer a threat as the update quickly travels to the internet users around the world. A virus is actually a hidden program with only a few set of commands to execute when run and often autoruns after being copied. From there on, it is up to its actions depend on its commands like wiping out or Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Viruses” »

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Top 10 Fattest Countries

Fattest countriesBeing fat is not something bad; but if the entire country sports fat stomachs and obese people are all you see roaming around then that is bad. This can cause many problems in growth and economy of the entire nation. While making the list of fattest countries, we don’t intend to hurt the feelings of its biggest and largest citizens or make any kind of fun at their expense. The overall %  of overweight people as compared to those who have the ideal body weight or something near to it has been used to determine the rankings. It has been noticed that United States holds many a titles in almost any Top 10 Lists we come up with and United States makes it in the Continue reading “Top 10 Fattest Countries” »

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Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad

Top 10 Stunts Gone BadShowing off is a very dominant human trait which is more visible in some people than others. People do stunts for two main reasons: to impress their friends (and horrify their parents) and to get famous. The media now days has become quite fast and videos of stunts do get around quickly. However, these videos of Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad got around a lot faster and got viral. People who are out to impress the world (read: girls) and failing badly is nothing to be laughing at; but you got to admit that it they are really funny! Karma has funny Continue reading “Top 10 Stunts Gone Bad” »

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Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases 2012

iPhone 4 casesNow that you have your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S safely tucked away in the protective covers or bumpers, you can start choosing which iPhone 4 cases you are going to buy next. We covered the most popular casings last week and this week we are going to take a look at the Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases. The reason of the casing being expensive may be due to special or rare materials being used to manufacture the casing. Precious stones and gems have also been used to decorate the iPhone 4 cases which has given its price quite a jump! The price ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands Continue reading “Top 10 most expensive iPhone 4 cases 2012” »

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Top 10 Most popular cartoon mouse

Top 10 mot popular cartoon mouseThe list of Top 10 Most Popular Cartoon Mouse is one which is full of golden childhood memories and the happy nostalgic feeling of remembering the good times. Mice has been used in cartoon since the beginning of, well, cartoons because of two main factors. A mouse is not so cute in real life but they have always been shown in cartoons as adorable and lovable albeit a bit mischievous. This appeals to children and has been a hit formula. The other reason is that they are small and are the underdogs in real life. So, Continue reading “Top 10 Most popular cartoon mouse” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Careers 2012

Top 10 Most Popular Careers 2012Making the right career choice is one of the most important and critical decisions and is given more thought than the decision of who to marry! Career choices depend on the interests and qualities of the person who is deciding as well as the market trends and demands. With the job situation looking better than last year, it is very important for you to start moving forward and jumping ship if an excellent opportunity arises. The Top 10 Most Popular Careers changes every year due to the political or financial situation of the international market. The golden job (which everyone dreams of having) Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Careers 2012” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi

Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu DhabiAfter finally getting the entire visa and ticketing details in place, you can start worrying about what to see and where to shop in the UAE. UAE can be called the most flourishing and thriving oasis of the Arabian Desert and is a very popular spot for tourists to go to. Cities like Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi have made themselves quite a name in terms of sightseeing and shopping. The following is the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi where the locals as well as the visitors and tourists love to shop till they drop! These malls and shopping centers have been rated according to the variety of services available, prices, total visitors per day and structural beauty. So go through the list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi” »

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