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Top 10 John Cena qualities

John CenaJohn Cena is currently the most popular and most famous WWE superstar of the world with millions of fans all over the globe. After the last Wrestle Mania in which John Cena was defeated by Rock, there were rumors that the career of John Cena will spiral downwards. But with an outstanding comeback match against Brock Lestner, John Cena not only proved that he is still the best but also proved that he is not afraid to face anyone in the ring! As every WWE Superstar has a unique set of qualities, so does John Cena which we are going to mention here in the form of a Top 10 list for John Cena fans and lovers. Continue reading “Top 10 John Cena qualities” »

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Top 10 Best John Woo Movies

John Woo MoviesJohn Woo movies always have had a special place among the Hollywood action movies as well as Chinese movies. With almost 90 titles to his name as director, producer, writer or actor, John Woo has never failed to impress his audience. He had a brief but successful stint at Hollywood but later returned to his roots and is currently busy with Chinese action movies. One of the signature scenes in John Woo movies  are the intense and fast action sequences which are filled with so many levels of details that even a couple of viewings would not be enough to grasp them all! A lot of inspiration for his movies came from the Western movies which he grew up watching in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Top 10 Best John Woo Movies” »

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Top 10 Strangest Movie Characters

Strangest movie charactersJust like some of the cartoon characters which we will always remember no matter how old we get, strangest movie characters are also those which leave a lasting impression on us. It may be due to their bizarre and strange appearance or because of their psycho behavior. The Top 10 Strangest Movie Characters list contains those names which have become an alternate to horror and terror. Some of the strangest movie characters listed here have made only one or two appearances and the others have been regular visitors of the silver screen. The intensity of their obsession and mania has guaranteed them a permanent place in the minds and hearts of the viewers Continue reading “Top 10 Strangest Movie Characters” »

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Top 10 Best Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Alfred Hitchcock MoviesRenowned as the true king of cinematic thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock has single handedly made what the cinema is today. Many would argue that cinema has also benefited from other great directors like Spielberg and Burton, but the fact that some of Hitchcock’s techniques and methods are still being regularly used today in mystery movies as well as thrillers; albeit with improvisations and modifications. Alfred Hitchcock Movies have attained cult status among his fans all over the world. Alfred Hitchcock directed around 55 movies out of which many are still being watched and critically praised even today! The Alfred Hitchcock Presents was a huge hit back in the 60s Continue reading “Top 10 Best Alfred Hitchcock Movies” »

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Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube channels 2012

Youtube Most Subscribed channel 2012Most subscribed YouTube channels is the topic which will catch the attention of every blog lover as well as YouTube channel owner. YouTube is currently the biggest online video watching site of the world and it has billions of users. Every day, millions of people upload their videos on YouTube and many of them get lucky enough to reach thousands of figures or may be millions depending on the nature and virility of their video. The YouTube website has spawned some great artists by bringing their talent to the front. Some have decided to stay on you Tube and have went on to become the biggest YouTube celebrities. Their channels turned into the Most Continue reading “Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube channels 2012” »

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Top 10 Most Famous Aliens of the World

top 10 most famous aliensThere are many aliens who have become so popular that they have become a part of our daily lives and we love to watch them on TV almost everyday. Aliens are still a part of our imagination and writers have created dozens of unique aliens to create wonderful stories and movies. The concept of using aliens was popularized by cartoons and was later adapted by shows and movies when the proper technology was made available. We have seen probably hundreds of aliens in TV serials, movies books and other places and have come to love them! Continue reading “Top 10 Most Famous Aliens of the World” »

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Top 10 Best Britney Spears Songs

Britney Spears SongsThe recently engaged Britney Spears (to Jason Tarwick) looks at the top of her game now days. One succesfull album out in the market with millions of sold copies. Music videos from that album are circulating 24 hours on the TV and her songs have spent weeks in the top 10 charts. Sounds perfect!!! The list of Top 10 Britney Spears songs listed here includes songs both from the golden era at the start of her carrer till the latest album titled like I wanna go and baby one more time. Life for Britney Spears has been full of ups and downs and is not exactly like the Cinderella’s tale. Continue reading “Top 10 Best Britney Spears Songs” »

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Top 10 Best Taylor Swift songs

Taylor Swift songsTaylor Swift is one of the most beautiful female singers of the young generation and people love to hear and watch her songs for hours. As the year 2011 has passed! Many people are searching for the most popular songs of Taylor Swift and people are searching for the best, most popular and most viewed songs of Taylor Swift that’s why we have brought you the list of most popular and most watched songs of Taylor Swift. As the new year 2012 has arrived, it has brought many changes with it and that’s why Top10HM Team has also done a change which is about the users requests Continue reading “Top 10 Best Taylor Swift songs” »

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Top 10 Richest Royals

Top 10 Richest RoyalsTo live like the richest royals is what we all wish for. Lavish spending and great banquets come to mind when we think of the lives of the richest royals and their family members. With huge amounts of wealth and power also come great responsibilities (spiderman style). The Top 10 richest Royals of the world mentioned here are ranked on the basis of several things like wealth, power, influence and popularity within and outside their kingdoms.  Simply saying, it is understood that a richer royal would probably be more powerful as well. Only a few select countries follow Kingship and Anarchy instead of democracy as democracy has become the most popular way of governing people. Continue reading “Top 10 Richest Royals” »

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Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players 2011

Top 10 highly paid NBA players 2011Being the highest paid in any category of sports is a great achievement and it could get to your head really quick. Being the Top paid star in NBA is a different ballgame altogether as the pressure really builds up on you as you expected to shoot 3 pointers and steal from the opponent flawlessly without failing! The NBA superstars listed here in this Top 10 list may not be the best basketball players in the history or be the most dominating ones in the court, but they sure are the most highly paid Basketball players for the year 2011 with huge salaries!So here is the Top 10 Highest paid NBA Players 2011 listed in ascending order of their salaries Continue reading “Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players 2011” »

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Top 10 Highest Scorers in ODI Cricket

Virender Sehwag 219 runsCricket is a game which becomes a passion in most of the cricket playing nations now days. Many people love to watch the lighting quick speed of the fast bowlers while many just watch it to see the exquisite shots played by the batsmen all over the ground. Many people are crazy about the innumerable stats related to batting and bowling and recently, thanks to T20, the cricket batsman who has scored the maximum runs in T20s and ODI (one day international). Recently Virender Sehwag broke one of the most astonishing records of the cricket world but who knows for how long. Continue reading “Top 10 Highest Scorers in ODI Cricket” »

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Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes

Top 10 Popular Video Game HeroesThey have liberated innumerable prisoners from the jaws of certain death and saved our world many times from evil forces and mad villains. They are fictional but yet more loved than most of heroes and heroines from the movies. They are the Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes of all time. They might not inspire you to face your boss or the nosey neighbor, but they do have a special place in our hearts. It may be because we link them to our childhood time or may be because they are so cute and attractive. Whatever the reasons, they are easily recognized all over the world within and outside the gaming community. Some have even been featured in Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes” »

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Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes

Top 10 Steve Jobs QuotesTo say that Steve Jobs was truly the Apple of our eyes would not be wrong. As we mourn his passing, we salute his impact on millions of lives around the world. Steve Jobs was the man who, despite all his medical complications and differences with team, single handedly materialized his visions and brought the future right into our present. The integration of fun, functionality and style were his trademarks which are evident in his biggest achievements in technological advancements. The legacy and reputation Steve left behind is already seen as legendary. Although Steve Jobs was not a literary genius, several of his quotes have gained popularity since his return to Apple. Here is a list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes” »

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Top 10 Best boxers ever

Top 10 BoxersBoxing is one of the most popular games played all over the world. From experienced boxers point of view boxing is a sport which requires passion, hard work, consistency, determination and blood to win any title. Basically it’s a one man show game in which not only power but the stamina, technique and style of fighting also maters to win the title and climb the ladder of success. No doubt Boxing is also one of the most expensive games played throughout the world. Now days you will listening about the new champs striking the world but this post is basically made on a special request of a subscriber and it is related to all time favorite boxers existed ever. For every sport everyone has their own ideal personality and some people do not agree Continue reading “Top 10 Best boxers ever” »

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Top 10 Tallest Man Alive

Tallest ManBeing taller is a good quality and plus point in most of the aspects of life and if you look it from a professional point of view then tall people have many more plus points then a normal heighted person because this being a tall ability enhances their personality and impression as well. Especially when it comes to forces or armies then tall people with good physique are preferred the most. This post is actually about those tallest males who are still alive. Hope you have met any Tallest Man present on the list. Although there are many people who have crossed the height of 8 feet but they are all dead now except one and we in this post will emphasize only on those tallest man who Continue reading “Top 10 Tallest Man Alive” »

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