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Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days

Top 10 Most Unusual Gift DaysGift days are one of the latest crazes which have sprung up all over the country purely because of the “been there done that” syndrome. What better gift can you give to your friends and family that a whole day out doing whatever they like best! Gift days allow you to choose an activity for someone for the whole day and pay for it (I mean with money). If you’ve never heard of gift days then you’re in for a real treat. There are the normal gift days things like the full day at a spa or a day pass to a club. Today we take a look at the more unorthodox and unusual gift days. These unusual gift days vouchers Continue reading “Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days” »

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Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012

WWE T shirts

WWE t shirts are the most common and affordable merchandise fans buy to show loyalty and support to their favorite Superstars. After Wrestle Mania 28, demand of WWE T shirts has skyrocketed and people are buying their favorite wrestler’s shirts. If we look at the history of WWE T shirts, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the one who brought radical changes in the concept of WWE T shirts. He was popular for his quotes and phrases and was as loved back then as John Cena is nowdays. Fans young and old love to buy the shirts like John Cena wears. After a short survey of real WWE fans and people who buy WWE merchandise Continue reading “Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012” »

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Top 10 Best Indoor Sports

indoor gamesIndoor sports were started when the extreme weather did not permit sports to be played outside as usual. This is true to some extent but not for all indoor sports. A lot of indoor sports have been made specifically to be played inside. The funny thing is that over 95% of indoor sports use some sort of ball in the game like football and hockey. Certain sports like basketball and can be played outdoor but the regulating authorities like NBA and NHL conduct matches indoors only. This takes a lot of natural factors out of the indoor games like wind and rainy weather. It is interesting to note that the WWE does not fall in the indoor sports category because it Continue reading “Top 10 Best Indoor Sports” »

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Top 10 John Cena qualities

John CenaJohn Cena is currently the most popular and most famous WWE superstar of the world with millions of fans all over the globe. After the last Wrestle Mania in which John Cena was defeated by Rock, there were rumors that the career of John Cena will spiral downwards. But with an outstanding comeback match against Brock Lestner, John Cena not only proved that he is still the best but also proved that he is not afraid to face anyone in the ring! As every WWE Superstar has a unique set of qualities, so does John Cena which we are going to mention here in the form of a Top 10 list for John Cena fans and lovers. Continue reading “Top 10 John Cena qualities” »

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Top 10 Best 6 Pack Exercises Ever

6 Pack ExercisesIf you have a big fat tummy, then trust me this article is going to be one of the best gifts for your life. The Top 10 Best 6 Pack exercises will help you to get yourself the ideal body shape and personality which you always dreamed of. Best 6 Pack exercises are always not so easy to do but as they always say; No Pain No Gain! If you will be doing all of these 6 pack exercises on daily basis for couple of weeks or months, there are more than 100 % chances that not only will you reduce your tummy a couple of inches but you will also rid yourself of all the unwanted fat. The best way to perform any sort of physical exercise or activity is to perform them under Continue reading “Top 10 Best 6 Pack Exercises Ever” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Maximum Facebook LikesOne of the biggest race going on facebook is about the likes of the specific pages including, brands, actors, actresses, athletes, companies, websites and lot more. The race gets more interesting when 2 opponents are close enough with the difference of just couple of likes. The most beautiful thing about the like page is that it not only encourages the specific like page owner about the repute and work done by him/her but also makes a true identity in front of the world about the business or work which he/she is doing. Many people who have like pages ask their friends and colleagues to like their page so that they can reach a specific thousand figure Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages” »

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Top 10 Most Popular WWE Superstars 2012 on Facebook

WWE superstars 2012WWE Superstars 2012 is one of those topics which changes quite often because no one knows when a old or new superstar suddenly becomes popular due to a outstanding match or event. Last year was quite entertaining in the sense of the performances of WWE Superstars. Some major ups and downs shocked the sports world but the biggest social media (Facebook) is a live example of the widespread popularity of these outstanding WWE Superstars 2012. No matter what people say and what you hear, the real thing which is what can be seen by our own eyes. Facebook shows us who is the true legend and most demanded WWE Superstar on the basis of their fans all over the globe. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular WWE Superstars 2012 on Facebook” »

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Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012

WWE Divas 2012

When we talk about WWE Divas, we are actually talking about the female pillars of WWE which are holding together the excitement of users in a unique way. Much of the excitment and entertainment would be lost if the WWE Divas were to be ignored! Although people love to watch WWE because of their famous wrestlers like John Cena, Undertaker, Khali, Triple H etc but many just watch WWE just for the sake of WWE Divas. While these WWE Superstars perform all the heavy action, the Divas hold the charge of entertainment and attraction. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012” »

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Bugatti Veyron 10 things you would love to know

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bugatti VeyronFor every race car fan it’s a dream to own or drive a Bugatti Veyron and those people really don’t need a Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bugatti Veyron list for convincing them! Bugatti is currently the 2nd fastest car of the world and frequently mistaken as the fastest car of the world (which is SSC Ultimate Aero). It’s impossible to say that people who love race cars are not familiar with name of Bugatti Veyron.  Many people have given it different and somewhat attractive names like wild horse, hungry beast, night fury, speedy cat and lots more. In reality, the Bugatti  has endless power and incredible top speed but, as is the case with most racing cars, can only be seen on the race track as speeds above 120 mph are not easy to get on local roads. Continue reading “Bugatti Veyron 10 things you would love to know” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters

NewscasterNewscaster is a face which we see almost every day. Somehow, I suppose, it is much better being told about some event or weather forecast by a beautiful woman than by some chap. Women have really dominated the news casting profession because of the facelift they give to the usually tense newsroom as well as the channel. It has almost become a ritual to name the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters every year! People do not realize that these women newscasters and news anchors enjoy as much attention interest as celebrities and movie stars do. They have their own makeup team and what they wear has become a matter of great importance to the TV channel! Most channels employee women news casters especially Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cricket Pitches

Top 10 most dangerous cricket PitchesCricket, as they say, is a game of chance. A couple of sixes can suddenly breathe life in an otherwise dull game and can easily change the outcome at the end. Cricket has its dull moments in test matches as well as its most fast paced nerve wreaking battles in the T20 matches. Regardless of its thrills and fun moments, we should never forget that cricket, or any other professional sport for that matter, is a dangerous game if the proper safety kit is not being worn. It’s quite impossible to hurt yourself during a snooker match but cricket is a totally different ballgame. A fast bowler can hurl a lighting quick Yorker and the batsman has less than a second to judge the line and length of the delivery and to choose his shot. A beautifully Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cricket Pitches” »

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Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players 2011

Top 10 highly paid NBA players 2011Being the highest paid in any category of sports is a great achievement and it could get to your head really quick. Being the Top paid star in NBA is a different ballgame altogether as the pressure really builds up on you as you expected to shoot 3 pointers and steal from the opponent flawlessly without failing! The NBA superstars listed here in this Top 10 list may not be the best basketball players in the history or be the most dominating ones in the court, but they sure are the most highly paid Basketball players for the year 2011 with huge salaries!So here is the Top 10 Highest paid NBA Players 2011 listed in ascending order of their salaries Continue reading “Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players 2011” »

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Top 10 Highest Scorers in ODI Cricket

Virender Sehwag 219 runsCricket is a game which becomes a passion in most of the cricket playing nations now days. Many people love to watch the lighting quick speed of the fast bowlers while many just watch it to see the exquisite shots played by the batsmen all over the ground. Many people are crazy about the innumerable stats related to batting and bowling and recently, thanks to T20, the cricket batsman who has scored the maximum runs in T20s and ODI (one day international). Recently Virender Sehwag broke one of the most astonishing records of the cricket world but who knows for how long. Continue reading “Top 10 Highest Scorers in ODI Cricket” »

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Top 10 Xbox 360 games

Top 10 Xbox 360 GamesVideo games have evolved a lot from the brick breaking mario days to the bluray supporting consoles of today. What was thought to be impossible in term of graphics five years ago is available to every avid gamer around the world. The seventh generation Microsoft Xbox 360 has set new standards in terms of gameplay as well as graphics and has given competitors like Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3 quite a hard time. With Gears of War 3 releasing today and Kinetic already a hit worldwide, the console is going strong even after 55 million sold units and 6 years of its release. Online competition has enhanced the home gaming experience and a lot of titles today support this feature and play seamlessly online. Fighters and Shooters game Continue reading “Top 10 Xbox 360 games” »

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Top 10 Best boxers ever

Top 10 BoxersBoxing is one of the most popular games played all over the world. From experienced boxers point of view boxing is a sport which requires passion, hard work, consistency, determination and blood to win any title. Basically it’s a one man show game in which not only power but the stamina, technique and style of fighting also maters to win the title and climb the ladder of success. No doubt Boxing is also one of the most expensive games played throughout the world. Now days you will listening about the new champs striking the world but this post is basically made on a special request of a subscriber and it is related to all time favorite boxers existed ever. For every sport everyone has their own ideal personality and some people do not agree Continue reading “Top 10 Best boxers ever” »

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