Beware of all the bouncers and beamers!

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cricket Pitches

Top 10 most dangerous cricket PitchesCricket, as they say, is a game of chance. A couple of sixes can suddenly breathe life in an otherwise dull game and can easily change the outcome at the end. Cricket has its dull moments in test matches as well as its most fast paced nerve wreaking battles in the T20 matches. Regardless of its thrills and fun moments, we should never forget that cricket, or any other professional sport for that matter, is a dangerous game if the proper safety kit is not being worn. It’s quite impossible to hurt yourself during a snooker match but cricket is a totally different ballgame. A fast bowler can hurl a lighting quick Yorker and the batsman has less than a second to judge the line and length of the delivery and to choose his shot. A beautifully Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cricket Pitches” »

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Top 10 Highest Scorers in ODI Cricket

Virender Sehwag 219 runsCricket is a game which becomes a passion in most of the cricket playing nations now days. Many people love to watch the lighting quick speed of the fast bowlers while many just watch it to see the exquisite shots played by the batsmen all over the ground. Many people are crazy about the innumerable stats related to batting and bowling and recently, thanks to T20, the cricket batsman who has scored the maximum runs in T20s and ODI (one day international). Recently Virender Sehwag broke one of the most astonishing records of the cricket world but who knows for how long. Continue reading “Top 10 Highest Scorers in ODI Cricket” »

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Top 10 Cricket Batsmen rating after World Cup 2011

Top 10 cricket batsmenCricket is one of the most popular sport played throughout the world after football. The core competition of this game is between the bowler and batsman. Everyone has his or her own choice regarding the  best batsmen. Some prefer class playing and some prefer playing with passion which entertains the crowd as well. The actual class and ranking of the batsmen can be judged on the basis of their performances including centuries and fifties. Continue reading “Top 10 Cricket Batsmen rating after World Cup 2011” »

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Top 10 Cricket teams after World Cup 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy 2011The latest, hottest and most exciting topic under discussion nowdays is the Cricket world cup 2011. Although it has been finished and Mahendra Singh Dhoni lifted the trophy but even after that the fans are discussing about the games and performance throughout the tournament by different players. Everyone has/her own thoughts and opinions. As there as millions of cricket fans all over the globe, everyone wants to know as much as he or she can to share the correct information with their friends. The question which intrigues every sports fan now a days after the tournament is this that what is the ranking of the teams now after the 2011 tournament and there Continue reading “Top 10 Cricket teams after World Cup 2011” »

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