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Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012

WWE T shirts

WWE t shirts are the most common and affordable merchandise fans buy to show loyalty and support to their favorite Superstars. After Wrestle Mania 28, demand of WWE T shirts has skyrocketed and people are buying their favorite wrestler’s shirts. If we look at the history of WWE T shirts, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the one who brought radical changes in the concept of WWE T shirts. He was popular for his quotes and phrases and was as loved back then as John Cena is nowdays. Fans young and old love to buy the shirts like John Cena wears. After a short survey of real WWE fans and people who buy WWE merchandise Continue reading “Top 10 WWE T Shirts 2012” »

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Top 10 John Cena qualities

John CenaJohn Cena is currently the most popular and most famous WWE superstar of the world with millions of fans all over the globe. After the last Wrestle Mania in which John Cena was defeated by Rock, there were rumors that the career of John Cena will spiral downwards. But with an outstanding comeback match against Brock Lestner, John Cena not only proved that he is still the best but also proved that he is not afraid to face anyone in the ring! As every WWE Superstar has a unique set of qualities, so does John Cena which we are going to mention here in the form of a Top 10 list for John Cena fans and lovers. Continue reading “Top 10 John Cena qualities” »

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Top 10 Most Popular WWE Superstars 2012 on Facebook

WWE superstars 2012WWE Superstars 2012 is one of those topics which changes quite often because no one knows when a old or new superstar suddenly becomes popular due to a outstanding match or event. Last year was quite entertaining in the sense of the performances of WWE Superstars. Some major ups and downs shocked the sports world but the biggest social media (Facebook) is a live example of the widespread popularity of these outstanding WWE Superstars 2012. No matter what people say and what you hear, the real thing which is what can be seen by our own eyes. Facebook shows us who is the true legend and most demanded WWE Superstar on the basis of their fans all over the globe. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular WWE Superstars 2012 on Facebook” »

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Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012

WWE Divas 2012

When we talk about WWE Divas, we are actually talking about the female pillars of WWE which are holding together the excitement of users in a unique way. Much of the excitment and entertainment would be lost if the WWE Divas were to be ignored! Although people love to watch WWE because of their famous wrestlers like John Cena, Undertaker, Khali, Triple H etc but many just watch WWE just for the sake of WWE Divas. While these WWE Superstars perform all the heavy action, the Divas hold the charge of entertainment and attraction. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012” »

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