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Top 10 Internet Browsers

Internet BrowsersInternet browsers are the gateways which get you  connected to the world of Internet. It is almost unbelievable that people were aware of just one or maybe two Internet browsers only a couple of years ago. These used to rule the Internet browsers market and were the most commonly used Internet browsers all over the world. As better and faster alternate internet browsers become available, people started switching to different internet browsers depending on personnel choices and features which suits them the most according to their work as well as leisure needs while browsing. One of our regular reader requested a list of most secure Internet browsers of the world that’s why we have brought Continue reading “Top 10 Internet Browsers” »

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Top 10 Antivirus 2012

Top 10 Antivirus softwates 2012Top 10 Antivirus Softwares 2012 article enlists basically those antivirus softwares which have been dominant in the market on the basis of their performance and reliability. Thousands of systems get attacked by different viruses at various times while connected to the internet every day. Most of these viruses come from bad websites which contain malwares and Trojans in form of free downloadable content. To keep your systems safe, you definitely need to install one of these antivirus softwares. There are thousands of antivirus softwares present in the market nowdays but the question is that which one Continue reading “Top 10 Antivirus 2012” »

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Top 10 Windows 8 Facts

Windows 8 FactsWe have covered Windows 8 updates and its unique love-hate relationship with its millions of users worldwide who religiously follow its progress and jump to any beta testing opportunity, only to bad mouth it later and call it crap! Windows 8 has made a huge impact on the tech world and will revolutionize the way we surf the internet as well as carry out normal everyday tasks. Jumping form one Windows 8 system to another is no longer a royal pain as you can import all your settings and customizations with a single click! The new metro interface which comes with the Windows 8 has gotten a lot of mixed reviews with people getting excited as well as wary of Continue reading “Top 10 Windows 8 Facts” »

Top 10 Most Dangerous Viruses

Top 10 Most Dangerous VirusesDangerous Viruses are created, caught and destroyed everyday as the battle between the evil programmers and the antivirus companies continue. But it is not without some damage and fight that these dangerous viruses go out. Once an affective antidote has been made for these computer pests, they are no longer a threat as the update quickly travels to the internet users around the world. A virus is actually a hidden program with only a few set of commands to execute when run and often autoruns after being copied. From there on, it is up to its actions depend on its commands like wiping out or Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Viruses” »

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Top 10 Best E3 Games 2012

E3E3, 0r the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the biggest platform for upcoming video games as well as consoles to be displayed. With the Nintendo Wii U being the main event of the E3 2012, a lot of attention is also being given to the hugely popular titles and their installments which are set to be showcased in the event. E3 will feature big titles from gaming giants Activision, EA, CapCom and Microsoft. Much awaited sequels from games like Resident Evil and Gears of War will be featured which is sure to draw a huge crowd at E3 2012. Every year the best video games of E3 are given the E3 award. With only a few days remaining, let us speculate which the best games of E3 will be. Here is the list of the Top 10 Best E3 Games 2012 Continue reading “Top 10 Best E3 Games 2012” »

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Top 10 Best PC Games 2012

pc gamesPC Games hold a niche of their own and give quite a different experience to gamers who are addicted to consoles. PC games are more enjoyable as the Pc is technically far more superior to the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii in any aspect. Couple that with the sound systems and dedicated graphic cards and you have one big reason to switch over! The only catch is to turn off all notifications (like your email and antivirus software’s notifications) when you start the PC games or else the pesky pop-ups will appear and destroy your progress! Following is the list of Top 10 Best Pc Games 2012 and it lists all the best games Continue reading “Top 10 Best PC Games 2012” »

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Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook

Celebrities on FacebookPopular celebrities on Facebook is a unique list created for you. Popular Celebrities have owned the world of entertainment and our planet is full of legends and celebs everywhere. No matter what you watch, you come come upon these popular faces known as popular celebrities. Due to the rapid increase in demand of popular celebrities’ related posts on Top10HM, our team has decided to bring something very interesting and entertaining as related to popular celebrities. But our list is something different because we are not going to rank these popular celebrities Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest Celebrities on Facebook” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Maximum Facebook LikesOne of the biggest race going on facebook is about the likes of the specific pages including, brands, actors, actresses, athletes, companies, websites and lot more. The race gets more interesting when 2 opponents are close enough with the difference of just couple of likes. The most beautiful thing about the like page is that it not only encourages the specific like page owner about the repute and work done by him/her but also makes a true identity in front of the world about the business or work which he/she is doing. Many people who have like pages ask their friends and colleagues to like their page so that they can reach a specific thousand figure Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages” »

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Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube channels 2012

Youtube Most Subscribed channel 2012Most subscribed YouTube channels is the topic which will catch the attention of every blog lover as well as YouTube channel owner. YouTube is currently the biggest online video watching site of the world and it has billions of users. Every day, millions of people upload their videos on YouTube and many of them get lucky enough to reach thousands of figures or may be millions depending on the nature and virility of their video. The YouTube website has spawned some great artists by bringing their talent to the front. Some have decided to stay on you Tube and have went on to become the biggest YouTube celebrities. Their channels turned into the Most Continue reading “Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube channels 2012” »

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Top 10 Google Easter Eggs

Top 10 Google Easter EggsAn Easter egg, on the internet atleast, means a hidden or veiled message hidden in plain view or visible to only those who know where to find it! Google is quite famous for its totally unexpected April’s Fools pranks, Ester Eggs and Hoaxes which is mercilessly throws at its users and despite knowing better, millions fall for it every year! It has been a sort of tradition for Google to come up with new and exciting ideas on every occasion and especially the New Year.  The Easter Eggs can come as big surprise announcements which are too good to be real or as special limited time offers for its dedicated and loyal users. They may be anything from the words falling off your screen when a certain Continue reading “Top 10 Google Easter Eggs” »

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Top 10 Best Tablets 2012

Top 10 Most Popular TabletsTablets have become a very popular gadget used for entertainment as well as light to medium productive work as it can’t handle fully fledged applications and stuff. It is, however, the perfect mobile device which you can carry anywhere and is not heavy like laptops. They have large screen for easy of viewing or working and is their main advantage over Smartphones like the ones HTC, Samsung and Blackberry make. They also boast of better battery timings so that the tablet does not die on you during long trips! Apple is responsible for reviving and revolutionizing the usage and popularity of tablets as they were thought as Continue reading “Top 10 Best Tablets 2012” »

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Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes

Top 10 Steve Jobs QuotesTo say that Steve Jobs was truly the Apple of our eyes would not be wrong. As we mourn his passing, we salute his impact on millions of lives around the world. Steve Jobs was the man who, despite all his medical complications and differences with team, single handedly materialized his visions and brought the future right into our present. The integration of fun, functionality and style were his trademarks which are evident in his biggest achievements in technological advancements. The legacy and reputation Steve left behind is already seen as legendary. Although Steve Jobs was not a literary genius, several of his quotes have gained popularity since his return to Apple. Here is a list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes” »

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Top 10 Computer viruses

Top 10 Computer VirusesComputer Virus is a common threat which all of us faces now days. A virus is basically a hidden code programmed to do something harmful or against the will of the computer it attacks. We try  to use one the best anti- virus available according to our data and computing needs .Computer virus is a virtual disease which affect the pc in various ways for example, deleting and corrupting files, slowing down the speed of processing or operating, deleting system files, stealing/sending data without permission and making the pc freeze for a long time. These are relatively less harmful as compared to others. There are some viruses which have literally destroyed the computers of the modern world. Continue reading “Top 10 Computer viruses” »

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Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet Connection

Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet ConnectionIt sounds really interesting when someone tells you that I download a complete Bluray movie within 10 minutes and my Internet connection is awesome. In present days while Internet speed matters a lot because most of the work is done online which mostly includes online streaming of movies, downloading of heavy data files, downloading of movies and songs and more over the online competitions related to gaming. There is still a lot more work beyond our thinking which requires high Internet speed and a fast Internet connection. There are multiple Continue reading “Top 10 countries having Maximum Internet Connection” »

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