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Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures

Megan Fox without makeup picturesMegan Fox is no doubt one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of the current era and is popular all over the globe because of her outstanding acting skills. Every actor and actress, however, has something which people rarely get to see; their real faces! We have brought you the list of some pictures of Megan Fox without makeup. In these pictures, she might be looking like an ordinary young lady but in reality, the Megan Fox is the heartbeat of millions of her fans all over the globe! After the transformers series, people are desperately waiting for her new and upcoming movies and that’s why we have decided to bring something different for her fans. Continue reading “Top 10 Megan Fox without makeup pictures” »

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Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit

Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup KitThe list of Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit basically takes a look at those items which are an important part of your make up. We also will tell you how and why theses makeup products so critical for you and should always be kept in your hand bag. Choosing the smokey eyes look or opting for the minimalist and natural look, keeping these cosmetic products handy will let you change your entire look within minutes which comes in quite handy for the working girls! Just make sure you know what you are doing while using these items as make, even when overdone slightly, looks out of place and very noticeable. These Top 10 Must haves in your Continue reading “Top 10 Must haves in your Makeup Kit” »

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Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes

Top 10 perfumes for menImagine heads turning as soon as you enter a room or hall. Everyone present notices the cologne or perfume you are wearing and you make a definite statement about your presence and personality without even saying a word. Such is the force and impact of fragrance to the human sensory system. People often associate various smells with different things and events. Have you ever felt hungry after getting a whiff of freshly baked pizza? Be it be spicy or sweet, each perfume has a special blend of oils and chemicals which then becomes the characteristic smell for that particular brand. It is always difficult to find the perfect cologne which truly describes who you are. Men all over the world show their class and style by the way they smell Continue reading “Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes” »

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Top 10 Tallest buildings ever 2012

Top 10 Tallest buildings everSkyscrapers and tall buildings are fast becoming a normal part of our life now days. People have started switching from small ground floor houses to apartments in buildings for living and official purposes and that’s why huge and higher skyscrapers are getting built day by day. It’s a hobby of many people to reach the top floor of any high skyscraper and look down for hours while enjoying the view and thinking about the superiority sometimes as well. But this is not the same case always. Sometimes when a person is walking on a road and reaches near any skyscraper then it’s an obvious thing that he or she will look at the top of the building at least once with wide eyes. Continue reading “Top 10 Tallest buildings ever 2012” »

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Top 10 Beautiful cities

top-10-beautiful-citiesBeauty does not need words to explain it is express itself. The beautiful things always attract and gain the attention of people itself. Everything that attracts you is beautiful. There are many cities in the world but it is normally said that the cities which are larger in size are beautiful but it is not always the same case many cites with smaller area are beautiful than those having larger area . As it a famous saying that Beauty lies in the eyes of viewer or observer and it all depends on him or her how to observe and view things. Continue reading “Top 10 Beautiful cities” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful churches

Most Beautiful churchesChurches are basically the Holy places of Christians for their religious activities and worships. As there are countless churches in the world, many are well known for their extra ordinary beauty and design. But we are going to discuss some of those churches which are considered as some of the most beautiful churches of the world. According to religious scholars the only thing which matters for the real worship of God is a pure clean soul and a clean heart to remember the Almighty God. Rest of the things doesn’t matter because if the intentions are neat and clean then it doesn’t matter how much costly or beautiful place you are in to pray. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful churches” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful fish of the world

Beautiful fishFishes have fascinated people for a very long time. Although fishes are very healthy as a nutrient intake and also as a medicinal ingredient, they are also very popular with hobbyists for their beauty and attraction. Beautiful Fish is attraction of sight by many fish lovers. Sparkling like moonlight, these creatures color the oceans and the rivers with their brilliance and radiation. They soothe the senses and relieve the mind of its occupancies, distributing calmness and peace along their path. There is a long list of species of fish in the world and each has its own “beauty fish” to boast of. We thought of compiling a brief list of the prettiest fishes in the oceans and in freshwaters which continue to indulge collectors, ever willing to shift their beauty to their personal aquariums, as well as the general public, with their Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful fish of the world” »

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Top 10 Fastest fishes

Fastest Fish of the world

Fishes vary in quite a lot in size and this affects their speed. Speed is essential for predator fishes so that they are able to capture their prey successfully. This can be done by ambush or pursuit. However, the same can be said about a fish which is running for its life! It is amazing to know how fast the top 10 fastest fishes can move. The chemical reactions happening inside their lives alone can propel them to unbelievable velocities. Such is the acceleration of some fishes that their speeds are comparable to vehicles running on mechanical motors! It is extremely difficult to measure the speed of a moving fish but the list of the fastest fishes has finally been Continue reading “Top 10 Fastest fishes” »

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Top 10 Tallest Women

Top 10 Tallest WomenTallest Women are not seen often but it is the nature of every human being that whenever something unique is seen by him he/she is attracted towards that. As human being is always in search of something new and unique so that he can gain attention of everyone. We have normally seen the taller males in our life and in our daily life we observed that normally men are taller in height than women’s. It is the source of depression for men whenever they see a women standing nearby is taller in height than a men, taller women are source of entertainment for many people. Everyone has the dream of being tall some love the average height everyone has its own choice. But these are the Continue reading “Top 10 Tallest Women” »

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