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Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez (real name Jennifer Lynn Lopez) is an international sensation who is an acclaimed singer as well as a successful movies star. Jennifer Lopez, also known as Jlo, has also tried her hand at fashion accessories, perfumes and other related things with moderate triumph as well. This Latin diva’s big breakthrough came in 1995 when roles started to come in quite frequently. Jennifer Lopez’s beauty dazzled the world in countless movies and she became an icon of gorgeousness. Her first music album named “On the 6” went triple platinum and showed the world how good this multi-talented star was. Jennifer Lopez’s shapeliness is very unique and she has Continue reading “Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs” »

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Top 10 Best Zombie Movies

Top 10 Zombie MoviesIt doesn’t really matter where the zombies start coming from as very few movie attempt to explain it. A few, however, the ones in the Top 10 Zombie Movies list do show a virus breakout or alien invasion of some sort. That out of the way, Zombie movies are basically horror movies which showcase gory and bloody scenes in which the dead are being killed again or are trying to recruit more people to their gang! Flying body part and popping eyes make up most of the action parts and define the Zombie movies genre. The first zombie movie to be released was the well loved “Frankenstein” and zombie movies have since then been experimented with several times like mixing Continue reading “Top 10 Best Zombie Movies” »

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Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items

Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items As soon as you stuff down that Thanksgiving Day turkey and potatoes, you’ll have to make a rush to the stores as the best stores are opening up on 12 a.m. on Thanksgiving night instead of the usual 4 a.m., this might be a bid to increase the shopping time and hence the sales, or just to cash in the holiday excitement by starting off earlier. Americans like to spend a lot on Black Friday because of its mind blowing deals and literally throw away prices. Black Friday officially starts the Christmas holiday season which is full of gift buying and purchases for dear ones. This leads to Cyber Monday, Green Monday and Brown Monday which are similar to Continue reading “Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items” »

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Top 10 Action Movies 2011

Top 10 Action Movies 2011It that time of the year again when we sit back and take a look at the biggest titles of the year past. In the Top 10 Action Movies 2011 genre, a lot of big hits were seen in the year and some movies like the much awaited Harry Potter, Thor and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean were just borderline action as they were more of adventure cum drama rather than action flicks. Action movies are definitely a man’s area of expertise and this year big titles were lined up to capture the crowd. 2011 also saw some very big titles being released on video games like Call of Duty series and theses games gave the producers run for their money! 3D was a biggie Continue reading “Top 10 Action Movies 2011” »

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Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes

Top 10 Popular Video Game HeroesThey have liberated innumerable prisoners from the jaws of certain death and saved our world many times from evil forces and mad villains. They are fictional but yet more loved than most of heroes and heroines from the movies. They are the Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes of all time. They might not inspire you to face your boss or the nosey neighbor, but they do have a special place in our hearts. It may be because we link them to our childhood time or may be because they are so cute and attractive. Whatever the reasons, they are easily recognized all over the world within and outside the gaming community. Some have even been featured in Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes” »

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Top 10 Best Halloween Horror Movies

Top 10 Halloween moviesAfter going through all the trick or treating and handing out candies to the neighbors’ kids, most of us have time for family time to end the holiday perfectly. With all the urban legends and myths surrounding the Halloween night, it’s only natural for you and your family to huddle up in front of the TV and watch something chilling and scary. Although a hundred different Top 10 Halloween lists can be made like, we focus solely on the top horror movies that would definitely be watched on Halloween’s night. A lot of horror movies deserve a mention in this list like Anthony Hopkins starring The Rite and The hills have eyes by Wes Craven but the most popular movies which Continue reading “Top 10 Best Halloween Horror Movies” »

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