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Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants

Top 10 Most Poisonous PlantsPoisonous Plants are mostly found in jungles and sometimes in human living areas as well. Plants and their produce form a major part of the diet of animals and humans alike. People often become vegetarian and only thrive on vegetables and fruits. An average nonvegetarian diet consists of over 80% of foods which have to be grown. Animals which are an important part of our diet like cows and chickens are herbivirous and are totally dependent on plants for their nutrition. There are, however, some plants which carry toxins which can be compared to spiders and snakes! People unknowingly or mistakenly eat them without realizing the consequences. After all, how dangerous can a plant be? If you do not know the answer to that, Continue reading “Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants” »

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Top 10 Deepest caves

Top 10 Deepest cavesCaves have always mystified humans throughout our history. Some times they are used as shelters from rain, heat and snow. Other times they become a source of protection for human as well from dangerous wild animals. Our ancestors used caves extensively for homes. The world has a vast number of caves of different types. Some are very deep and some are very narrow.Some caves strike fear in the hearts of people and have become a constant target for urban legends and ghost stories. There are many different classifications of caves for example Dangerous, tourist, commercial, wild, deadly or deepest caves.

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Top 10 Computer viruses

Top 10 Computer VirusesComputer Virus is a common threat which all of us faces now days. A virus is basically a hidden code programmed to do something harmful or against the will of the computer it attacks. We try  to use one the best anti- virus available according to our data and computing needs .Computer virus is a virtual disease which affect the pc in various ways for example, deleting and corrupting files, slowing down the speed of processing or operating, deleting system files, stealing/sending data without permission and making the pc freeze for a long time. These are relatively less harmful as compared to others. There are some viruses which have literally destroyed the computers of the modern world. Continue reading “Top 10 Computer viruses” »

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Top 10 Popular Crocodile-Alligator species

American AlligatorBefore proceeding further to this post I would like to tell you a brief difference between crocodile and alligator. There are many differences but some of the main physical appearance difference can easily differentiate both the alligators and the crocodiles. One of the main thing found in crocodiles is that they have a V shaped snout which is a long one and narrow as well while on the other hand the alligators have a U shape snout and it’s mostly very wide as well as compared to crocodile. The other common difference is this that crocodiles have both the jaws almost the same and the teeth’s used to show out all of the jaw line while alligators have upper jaw quite wider than the lower jaw and Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Crocodile-Alligator species” »

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Top 10 Deadliest bugs-insects

Fat Tailed ScorpionTop 10 deadliest bugs and insects are hard to find because every bug and insect has its own specialty. In our normal routine we use to see different types of insects and bugs on daily basis and sometimes we just walk away without even noticing them. Most of the times we use to hear that one of our friends is bitten by a bug or sometimes we see faces which show as weird liked swollen or skin color change in excess manner or may be something more after bitten by the bugs or insects. According to scientists there are thousands of bug species which are very dangerous for human being but among thesethousands there are many which can be called extremely Continue reading “Top 10 Deadliest bugs-insects” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous sports

Top 10 Dangerous SportsThere are many kind of sport being played now a day’s some are played for the fun and entertainment but there are some which are so much risky that can even be injurious to health and may even cause death.  Every sportsman has the passion to do something for himself and his country. The people who take part in such kind of games are full of confidence and passion they know there is a risk involved and in trying to do so they can get injured or hurtled badly and may even lose their life but the word difficult make them stronger because the believe that nothing is impossible.  Nothing can stop these people in doing such sports even having the knowledge Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous sports” »

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog breeds

Most dangerous dogsDogs have been one of the best companions as well as protectors for humans for many centuries now.Dogs are kept as pets everywhere now and have become an integral part of our families and lives. The Most dangerous dogs list is made keeping those dogs in mind which make good aggressive guard dogs and are specifically trained to be so. Some people who have kept these dogs treat them like their own children and face no threat from them at all! While we were making this list of most dangerous dogs, Continue reading “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog breeds” »

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Top 10 Most Poisonous animals

Top 10 Most Poisonous animalsWhenever we hear the phrase poisonous animals the very first things which strike our minds are snakes, scorpions and may be spiders but the reality is this that there are creatures in this world which are much more dangerous than ordinary garden snakes or scorpions. The animals on the list are not listed on the basis of total annual deaths caused by them but on the level of the venomousness of their poison which they have. Nature has granted the gift of poison to these animals for their defense and these poisonous animals don’t hesitate to use it against any predator. Before moving further we would like to differentiate between poison Continue reading “Top 10 Most Poisonous animals” »

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