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Top 10 Unusual Watermelon Facts

WatermelonWatermelon might not be the first thing which comes to mind when we decide to do some fact finding. However, if you do have some leisure time, go through the Top 10 Unusual Watermelon Facts and be amazed at this plump and juicy creation of God! A watermelon can be anything from light yellow to different shades of green depending on its ripeness as well as species. A watermelon is best eaten on an empty stomach before dinner as it purifies your system as well as keeps your digestive system in top notch condition. Seeing its size, the watermelon grows on a wine which keeps to the ground (thankfully). The funny thing is that both the plant as well as the fruit Continue reading “Top 10 Unusual Watermelon Facts” »

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Top 10 Fattest Countries

Fattest countriesBeing fat is not something bad; but if the entire country sports fat stomachs and obese people are all you see roaming around then that is bad. This can cause many problems in growth and economy of the entire nation. While making the list of fattest countries, we don’t intend to hurt the feelings of its biggest and largest citizens or make any kind of fun at their expense. The overall %  of overweight people as compared to those who have the ideal body weight or something near to it has been used to determine the rankings. It has been noticed that United States holds many a titles in almost any Top 10 Lists we come up with and United States makes it in the Continue reading “Top 10 Fattest Countries” »

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Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2012

Top 10 Most Populated CountriesEver felt your neighborhood was getting more crowded by the day? Well that might just not be so but every day the population of the world is growing as our species has passed the 7 Billion mark and is set to be almost 10 Billion till 2050! The total world population, when broken down into territories and countries, varies a lot due to geographical and environmental conditions. Places with deserts and famine tend to be less populated than those which offer lavish lifestyles and successful career opportunities. The Top 10 Most Populated Countries may not be the most Continue reading “Top 10 Most Populated Countries 2012” »

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Top 10 largest stars in the Universe

Top 10 largest stars in the universeIt was not until the 19th century that people finally accepted the fact that the Sun was not a stationary body and was, in fact, a star. No longer was it a deity or god and hydrogen was found out as its energy source. As technology advanced in leaps and bounds, it began to dawn on man that the solar system that was thought to be the whole of the universe was just the tip of the iceberg. Suddenly, the Sun was no longer a titan but a mere speck of dust in the universe as other stars many times its size were discovered like the VY Canis Majoris. Although it does contain 99.8% by mass of our solar system, it is nothing compared to the recently discovered stars. Paying homage to the star which was worshipped by our ancestors for millions of years, Continue reading “Top 10 largest stars in the Universe” »

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Top 10 Highest bridges Ever

top 10 Highest bridgesThere are many awesome bridges constructed all over the world and many have made their name in history on the basis of their construction marvel. Ponte Vecchio of Florence Italy, Tower Bridge of London and many more are an open example of well constructed bridges. The main purpose of building a bridge is to connect two places together so that people can move easily without any hurdles of traffic or rush. According to one of my professor a kiss is a connection between two souls and a bridge is a connection between two places.  Sometimes they are also built by such point of view that it can become a short cut and a lot of transportation time can be saved. Moreover sometimes bridges become a tourist spot for most of the people while driving on Continue reading “Top 10 Highest bridges Ever” »

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Top 10 Largest bugs-insects

top-10-largest-bugs-insectsBugs and insects are part of our daily life nowadays and some people are so much frightened by bugs and insects that they start screaming and running around which, sometimes, makes a very funny situation and if the video is captured at that time then no doubt that video can get couple of 100 thousand views on any social media site. According to scientists and many named researchers, there are more than quintillion insects and bugs species living and extinct since this world started. That’s a quite huge number to imagine the types of bugs and insects like the Giant Weta. The following list is not made on the base of the poison, venom or biting ratio but the list is basically related to those bugs Continue reading “Top 10 Largest bugs-insects” »

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Top 10 Tea producing countries

Top 10 Tea producing countriesThe History of the Tea is that it was first produced and started by china as a medicine and with the passage of time it started becoming more and more popular and has become an important part of our daily life.It has become a common beverage which almost all of us prefer. Drinking tea and coffee are some of the most common things between us now days. Some prefer it very excessively while some take it just once or a day or even less. Sometimes people don’t even think about it at all. But it’s an interesting factor that tea is one of the major sources of income for most of the countries and there are countries where tea consumption is so high that Continue reading “Top 10 Tea producing countries” »

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Top 10 Deepest caves

Top 10 Deepest cavesCaves have always mystified humans throughout our history. Some times they are used as shelters from rain, heat and snow. Other times they become a source of protection for human as well from dangerous wild animals. Our ancestors used caves extensively for homes. The world has a vast number of caves of different types. Some are very deep and some are very narrow.Some caves strike fear in the hearts of people and have become a constant target for urban legends and ghost stories. There are many different classifications of caves for example Dangerous, tourist, commercial, wild, deadly or deepest caves.

Continue reading “Top 10 Deepest caves” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Candies of the world

Top 10 CandiesWhenever i hear the word chocolate, the first words that come to my mind are smooth, sweet, luscious, creamy, delicious and milky m&ms! Chocolates are liked by everyone. Not only kids, but the young generation also has fallen for its addictive taste as so have the elders. As candies are a definite part of our life nowadays, and most of us can’t live without them. However, there are some things which will shock you that candies which are not related to its calorie contents or packing. The business of chocolate manufacture and supply controls a wide range of cash flow throughout the world .Everyone has its own favorite candy and that is the reason why numerous number of companies are fighting to reach up to the taste of every customer. Candies have the maximum business globally after tobacco it is sold are over the world and has the perfect Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Candies of the world” »

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Top 10 Largest countries

World GlobeTop 10 Largest countries of the world are listed on the basis of their total area in this post along with some crispy things. The total area of our planet earth is round about 510 million square kilometers. Now if we do the analysis with the total size of land then it would be something near about 148.94 million square kilometers while the total area of the top 10 largest countries is 72.5 million square kilometers and rest of the countries has 76.44 million square kilometers. There are many countries in the world with different size and shapes according to world map. Some are popular for their beauty while some are popular because of their population and some due to their total occupied area. In total there are 196 countries which cover the whole planet Continue reading “Top 10 Largest countries” »

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Top 10 Biggest hotels of the world

Biggest HotelsThe Top 10 biggest hotels worldwide are judged on the basis of their size as it’s a common saying that size does matter. While making the list of these largest hotels we came across different aspects for analysis because the list can be different from a luxurious and services point of view but we are preparing it by mainly looking at the total number of rooms and area occupied by the biggest hotels. By looking at the list of these hotels one would be tempted to visit this one or more than one of these fine hotels. Well to be honest a couple of nights’ stay may be out of league for most of us. The sheer size and presence of these hotels will leave you spellbound and are definitely worth a look even from the outside! No personal preference Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest hotels of the world” »

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Top 10 Biggest Marathons

Top 10 MarathonsMarathons take their roots from a very celebrated journey made by a Greek solider from the city of Marathon to Athens during the Persian Greek Clashes. It is said that he ran all the way and brought the news of victory to his people in Athens. Although no historian would vouch for this tale, people view it as sheer determination and passion and it has become the base of all modern marathons. Initially held between the two cities only, they were later included in the Olympics of 1896. They have now been set to be 42.195 Km in length. It is estimated that atleast 1.5 million people take part Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest Marathons” »

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Top 10 most beautiful mosques

Top 10 Beautiful MosquesWe have decided to bring a knowledge related post for you namely the Top 10 Mosques of the world. They can easily be defined as the place where Muslims offer their prayers and worships. There are many things which enhance the beauty of a mosque. While making this list, total space for people, art work, structure, area, shortcut moving facilities, technology, age and a lot more is taken in consideration. Most of the masjids have domes and minarets which makes it easier to differentiate then from other surrounding buildings. This is quite true as they also represent the Islamic culture and unique Islamic architecture style. However, it should be kept in mind that, I quote Continue reading “Top 10 most beautiful mosques” »

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Top 10 Highest mountains

Top 10 Highest MountainsHighest Mountains of the world describes here on the basis of their height from the sea level. It’s a common saying that beauty lies in the eyes of observer. The nature is full of heart capturing things if we look in to it from a natural point of view. The tall mountain of world enhances the natural beauty of this planet and sometimes becomes the most interesting thing for tourists and mountain climbers.  8 out of 10 highest mountains or 10 highest peaks of the world are located in Nepal. Well that’s a natural gift to Nepal and sometimes people of Nepal are also known because of their high mountains peaks. Before moving further we would like to clear one thing that there is a difference between the tallest Continue reading “Top 10 Highest mountains” »

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Top 10 Biggest ships

Top 10 Largest ShipsWhich ship is the biggest ship of the world? On hearing this question, the very first name which comes to our minds is the Titanic. It is no doubt one of the most legendary ships which met with quite an unforgettable doom on its first journey. There are many huge ships other than the titanic of which most of us are not aware of and that’s the reason we have brought you this list of the top 10 biggest ships ever which have fared our seas and oceans. There are many modes of transportation available nowadays and each one has its own advantages. Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest ships” »

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