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Top 10 Richest Royals

Top 10 Richest RoyalsTo live like the richest royals is what we all wish for. Lavish spending and great banquets come to mind when we think of the lives of the richest royals and their family members. With huge amounts of wealth and power also come great responsibilities (spiderman style). The Top 10 richest Royals of the world mentioned here are ranked on the basis of several things like wealth, power, influence and popularity within and outside their kingdoms.  Simply saying, it is understood that a richer royal would probably be more powerful as well. Only a few select countries follow Kingship and Anarchy instead of democracy as democracy has become the most popular way of governing people. Continue reading “Top 10 Richest Royals” »

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Top 10 Most Expensive cars 2012

bugatti veyronEvery driver has a dream to own one or more cars off the Top 10 most expensive cars of the world list. It is because of their luxurious looks, charming style and classy personality that leaves heads turning in awe and wonder when one of these beauties are spotted going down the road. The world is full of luxurious items which are status symbols and one of the most common luxury from which your wealth can easily be shown off  is your car. Some of the luxurious cars in this post also hold the title of being in a list of top 10 fastest cars of the world as Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive cars 2012” »

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cell phones

The cell phone has a basic need of today. Most of the times we tell about our cell phones with our friends and associates and discuss their plus and negative points with them. The social as well as communicational value of cell phones has become higher than ever before. Owners of iphone 4 or more expensive cell phones have an attitude which can’t be touched with a ten foot pole! The world is full of luxury items and cell phones are one of the most common part of the everyday luxuries. Not only they represents your style, class and worth but also make your status and personality in the society while impressing other people. But do you guys have any Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive Cell phones” »

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Top 10 Most Expensive cocktails

When it comes to luxury people spend not only thousands but millions of dollars to fulfill all of their costly desires based on luxury items. Some complete it in the form of an expensive car or some try to buy the most valuable property in the town to build their house in that area. The thing which is brought to your information today is the top 10 most expensive cocktails of the world. These cocktails don’t have any super powers to boost your skills or can make a Spiderman or hulk or iron man. More over these expensive cocktails don’t have any extraordinary unique taste as well. So what makes them so much costly? These drinks and cocktails are highly priced because Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive cocktails” »

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Top 10 men’s fashion brands

Top 10 men’s fashion brandsFashion is a thing which changes every hour in this world and you can never keep yourself up to date every time with it. Some people are very much conscious about the fashion that they keep on buying new and new stuff just in thinking that it might look odd if they use or wear old fashioned things. Simply saying some people like the thing some like the brand and such kind of people are called brand conscious. Men are less caring about fashion as compared to women but even then there are many men who like to wear branded clothes and love to talk about it. However we have brought you a list of some of the most popular fashion brands for men of the world based on different things like demand, quality, style, trend, Continue reading “Top 10 men’s fashion brands” »

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Top 10 Biggest hotels of the world

Biggest HotelsThe Top 10 biggest hotels worldwide are judged on the basis of their size as it’s a common saying that size does matter. While making the list of these largest hotels we came across different aspects for analysis because the list can be different from a luxurious and services point of view but we are preparing it by mainly looking at the total number of rooms and area occupied by the biggest hotels. By looking at the list of these hotels one would be tempted to visit this one or more than one of these fine hotels. Well to be honest a couple of nights’ stay may be out of league for most of us. The sheer size and presence of these hotels will leave you spellbound and are definitely worth a look even from the outside! No personal preference Continue reading “Top 10 Biggest hotels of the world” »

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Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel rooms

Most expensive hotelsAggressive competition among businessmen and the rich have escalated in the recent years. The struggle for market share and domination has increased mainly due to recession as well as a shrinking global market. In such tough times, showing opulence of wealth is very important to create a much desired successful image. On the other hand, the human need luxury and of feeling pampered kicks in and people indulge in spending hefty amounts of money on things like gold plated cell phones, exotic wines  and other most expensive things in any genre. Today we take a look at the Top 10 most expensive Hotel Rooms available all around the world. Some of these are presidential suites and others take up the complete floors of the hotel. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel rooms” »

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Top 10 Kings

Top 10 kingsIt’s a dream of almost every human being to spend a life of lavishness like kings and queens with all wishes being fulfilled with the wave of a hand. But all dreams are can’t come true! We have compiled a list of those people for who it has come true. Here, we go through the list of the Top 10 kings which are still alive and ruling their countries. Along with this, the following are listed on the basis of many aspects and stats like power, protocol, luxurious lifestyle and a lot more. In the following article, we will go through different aspects covering the wealth, accommodation, ruling power and lots more under a specific king or prince. Along with this, we highly consider the net value Continue reading “Top 10 Kings” »

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