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Top 10 Tea producing countries

Top 10 Tea producing countriesThe History of the Tea is that it was first produced and started by china as a medicine and with the passage of time it started becoming more and more popular and has become an important part of our daily life.It has become a common beverage which almost all of us prefer. Drinking tea and coffee are some of the most common things between us now days. Some prefer it very excessively while some take it just once or a day or even less. Sometimes people don’t even think about it at all. But it’s an interesting factor that tea is one of the major sources of income for most of the countries and there are countries where tea consumption is so high that Continue reading “Top 10 Tea producing countries” »

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Top 10 Deepest caves

Top 10 Deepest cavesCaves have always mystified humans throughout our history. Some times they are used as shelters from rain, heat and snow. Other times they become a source of protection for human as well from dangerous wild animals. Our ancestors used caves extensively for homes. The world has a vast number of caves of different types. Some are very deep and some are very narrow.Some caves strike fear in the hearts of people and have become a constant target for urban legends and ghost stories. There are many different classifications of caves for example Dangerous, tourist, commercial, wild, deadly or deepest caves.

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Top 10 Beautiful cities

top-10-beautiful-citiesBeauty does not need words to explain it is express itself. The beautiful things always attract and gain the attention of people itself. Everything that attracts you is beautiful. There are many cities in the world but it is normally said that the cities which are larger in size are beautiful but it is not always the same case many cites with smaller area are beautiful than those having larger area . As it a famous saying that Beauty lies in the eyes of viewer or observer and it all depends on him or her how to observe and view things. Continue reading “Top 10 Beautiful cities” »

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Top 10 Most Beautiful fish of the world

Beautiful fishFishes have fascinated people for a very long time. Although fishes are very healthy as a nutrient intake and also as a medicinal ingredient, they are also very popular with hobbyists for their beauty and attraction. Beautiful Fish is attraction of sight by many fish lovers. Sparkling like moonlight, these creatures color the oceans and the rivers with their brilliance and radiation. They soothe the senses and relieve the mind of its occupancies, distributing calmness and peace along their path. There is a long list of species of fish in the world and each has its own “beauty fish” to boast of. We thought of compiling a brief list of the prettiest fishes in the oceans and in freshwaters which continue to indulge collectors, ever willing to shift their beauty to their personal aquariums, as well as the general public, with their Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful fish of the world” »

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Top 10 Recently Discovered species

Top 10 Recently Discovered speciesIt’s a small world after all where we interact with people from all around the world as if they were sitting in the next room! Technology and useful gadgets have reduced uncertainty was we now know everything from the far off planets and stars a million light years away to the hot liquid core of the earth! However, as you will see, some animal and plant species have managed to give us the slip and have been living under our noses (literally!) for thousands of years. These include land animals as well as marine life which have managed to stay hidden from our scientists and biologist. These are the Top 10 recently discovered Species list and is ranked on the Continue reading “Top 10 Recently Discovered species” »

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