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Top 10 best iphone 4 cases and covers 2012

iphone 4 casesAs the world is changing rapidly, people love to go with the flow of the latest technology and luxury, and so is the case (pun intended) with iphone 4 lovers. Iphone 4 cases are one of the most likely topics discussed between people who keep iphone 4. People who keep this expensive phone always want it to look unique as well as good enough so that they can not only keep it safe from scratches or any sort of losses but to also make a great impression in front of their friends and colleagues. Apart from just making impressions, most of the people have a habit of changing their Continue reading “Top 10 best iphone 4 cases and covers 2012” »

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Top 10 Best Chris Daughtry Songs

Chris DaughtryHailing from McLeansville NC, Chris Daughtry is the most successful American Idol contestant who has not actually won the contest but has gone on to be a Rockstar after being eliminated at the 4th spot. A very dedicated father and husband, he kept stating even in the show back in American Idol Season 5that his family was his main inspiration. He sings mainly metal and rock songs with mixing up the genres with alternate and pop a bit sometimes. His performances in the American Idol are still remembered today among one of the best rock performances including Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi), Hemorrhage (Fuel) and I walk the line (Johnny Cash). Continue reading “Top 10 Best Chris Daughtry Songs” »

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Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez (real name Jennifer Lynn Lopez) is an international sensation who is an acclaimed singer as well as a successful movies star. Jennifer Lopez, also known as Jlo, has also tried her hand at fashion accessories, perfumes and other related things with moderate triumph as well. This Latin diva’s big breakthrough came in 1995 when roles started to come in quite frequently. Jennifer Lopez’s beauty dazzled the world in countless movies and she became an icon of gorgeousness. Her first music album named “On the 6” went triple platinum and showed the world how good this multi-talented star was. Jennifer Lopez’s shapeliness is very unique and she has Continue reading “Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs” »

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Top 10 Google Easter Eggs

Top 10 Google Easter EggsAn Easter egg, on the internet atleast, means a hidden or veiled message hidden in plain view or visible to only those who know where to find it! Google is quite famous for its totally unexpected April’s Fools pranks, Ester Eggs and Hoaxes which is mercilessly throws at its users and despite knowing better, millions fall for it every year! It has been a sort of tradition for Google to come up with new and exciting ideas on every occasion and especially the New Year.  The Easter Eggs can come as big surprise announcements which are too good to be real or as special limited time offers for its dedicated and loyal users. They may be anything from the words falling off your screen when a certain Continue reading “Top 10 Google Easter Eggs” »

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Top 10 Best Tablets 2012

Top 10 Most Popular TabletsTablets have become a very popular gadget used for entertainment as well as light to medium productive work as it can’t handle fully fledged applications and stuff. It is, however, the perfect mobile device which you can carry anywhere and is not heavy like laptops. They have large screen for easy of viewing or working and is their main advantage over Smartphones like the ones HTC, Samsung and Blackberry make. They also boast of better battery timings so that the tablet does not die on you during long trips! Apple is responsible for reviving and revolutionizing the usage and popularity of tablets as they were thought as Continue reading “Top 10 Best Tablets 2012” »

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Top 10 Best Pitbull Songs List

Pitbull SongsPitbull is currently one of the best singer and record producer of the world. Most of us only know him by stage names Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide and Mr.305 (which refers to Miami); in real life, his name is Armando Christian Perez. When it comes to body shaking beats and groovy music, trust me Pitbull songs and Pitbull music really high in the best music artists around. His style ranges from beautiful dance and electro hop styled songs to recently introduced and popular reggaeton style. It’s almost impossible to a disco or club which has not played Pitbull Songs to entertain their customers. The real bass and trance of Pitbull music touches the soul Continue reading “Top 10 Best Pitbull Songs List” »

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Top 10 Popular Christmas Cookies

Top 10 Popular Christmas CookiesEvery holiday has its own values and presentations which can be easily recognized by the dress, food, parties and different type of activities. Christmas, as the others, has its own traditions regarding foods and it’s impossible to celebrate it without a very excellent collection of tasty and attractive Christmas cookies! While Christmas cookies are used as Christmas gifts mostly, people love to make different shape and designs of tasty Christmas cookies to increase the joy of this day. The recipes of most of the Christmas cookies are the same but the real thing which makes them attractive to people are the unique shapes and beautiful coloring combinations. We have brought you the list of some of the most famous Christmas Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Christmas Cookies” »

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Top 10 Popular Christmas Poems

Top 10 Famous Christmas PoemsLately, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people opting to stay home and spending time with their loved ones on Christmas. This may be due to several factors but the main cause is that man has just realized that we should be happy for what u get and should be thankful to God for all HE has given us. Huddled up near the fireplace on Christmas and enjoying talking to family and friends is one of those traditions which are the heart and soul of this day. Naturally, chatting dries up a bit and someone comes up with the idea of singing Christmas songs or Christmas Carols. This eventually leads to Christmas poems being recited as all the family read out their favorite Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Christmas Poems” »

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Top 10 Famous Christmas Quotes

Top 10 Christmas QuotesChristmas quotes are, in a way, the essence of this holiday and they enhance the beauty of the Christmas day to its limits. For every occasion or festival, there are some sayings/quotes which increase the value of that specific day like the quotes we mentioned on Veteran’s Day. Christmas is that day on which people try to forget every hurt and sorrows. They enjoy the day with their beloved ones and share their time and emotions to make it a memorable day of the rest of their lives!. This day cannot be complete without the Christmas quotes as they express the gist of this holiday to us. This is a list of Top 10 common Christmas quotes Continue reading “Top 10 Famous Christmas Quotes” »

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Top 10 Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Top 10 popular Honeymoon DestinationsThe big day has come and gone and now you are the happiest married person in the world. I meant both of you. Anyways, what next? Definitely a list of the best honeymoon locations and places! People with arranged marriages would some time together away from their families and get to know each other better. Some just want the fun not to stop so they go off either to see distant relatives. These trips are infact a very old tradition called Honeymoon and is now days thought compulsory (atleast by the bride!). The newlyweds celebrate their marriage by going on honeymoons and making special memories of the exotic and breathtaking places they had been to. Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Honeymoon Destinations” »

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Top 10 Best Zombie Movies

Top 10 Zombie MoviesIt doesn’t really matter where the zombies start coming from as very few movie attempt to explain it. A few, however, the ones in the Top 10 Zombie Movies list do show a virus breakout or alien invasion of some sort. That out of the way, Zombie movies are basically horror movies which showcase gory and bloody scenes in which the dead are being killed again or are trying to recruit more people to their gang! Flying body part and popping eyes make up most of the action parts and define the Zombie movies genre. The first zombie movie to be released was the well loved “Frankenstein” and zombie movies have since then been experimented with several times like mixing Continue reading “Top 10 Best Zombie Movies” »

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Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping DestinationsStanding for hours in front of a superstore only to be first ones to grab that perfect Black Friday deal before it runs out is one of the best things about this holiday! Sadly the trend of doing so is declining every year. This Black Friday, however, will be a totally new experience as shops opt to open a lot earlier than usual and trying to be the first to get the deals may very well cost you your Thanksgiving dinner! Ordering gifts off the internet is quite a different experience. No hassle, no waiting and no searching frantically for parking space! A study shows that an average American is willing to spend up to $600 in deals on Black Friday. Following is a list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations” »

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Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes

Top 10 Popular Video Game HeroesThey have liberated innumerable prisoners from the jaws of certain death and saved our world many times from evil forces and mad villains. They are fictional but yet more loved than most of heroes and heroines from the movies. They are the Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes of all time. They might not inspire you to face your boss or the nosey neighbor, but they do have a special place in our hearts. It may be because we link them to our childhood time or may be because they are so cute and attractive. Whatever the reasons, they are easily recognized all over the world within and outside the gaming community. Some have even been featured in Continue reading “Top 10 Popular Video Game Heroes” »

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Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes

Top 10 Steve Jobs QuotesTo say that Steve Jobs was truly the Apple of our eyes would not be wrong. As we mourn his passing, we salute his impact on millions of lives around the world. Steve Jobs was the man who, despite all his medical complications and differences with team, single handedly materialized his visions and brought the future right into our present. The integration of fun, functionality and style were his trademarks which are evident in his biggest achievements in technological advancements. The legacy and reputation Steve left behind is already seen as legendary. Although Steve Jobs was not a literary genius, several of his quotes have gained popularity since his return to Apple. Here is a list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes” »

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Top 10 most popular cartoons

Top 10 cartoonsHow does it look like when today we wake up early in the morning and see the children’s watching cartoons with the same interest as we use to see when we were kids. It just gives us a flash back to our childhood. As they are liked by children and they choose their hero and try to act and behave likewise. Moreover every animated character teaches some moral lesson. Cartoons are basically the animated movies which are the source of fun for kids. Many of the people say that the best cartoons where made in early 80s and 90s those had a charm and not only kids of that era but elders also use to watch cartoons. Now day’s children are so much addicted to cartoons that they start watching them before going to school and finishes before sleeping and one thing which is Continue reading “Top 10 most popular cartoons” »

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