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Top 10 Football teams ranking after May 2011

Football Ranking

When you ask for the game of the globe, the only answer that comes in mind is Football. It is the game played all over the world, and truly marked as the universal sport. Football’s mega event, the Fifa Football world cup attracts masses from all over the world. Football has a huge fan following from almost every country. For football fans, football is their passion, football is their emotion and football is everything for them. FIFA is the governing body of football headed by Sepp Blatter. It has 208 member countries. Its main job is to hold the mega event, the Football World cup every four years. The next world cup will be held in Brazil in 2014.In this post we will be giving a top 10 view of International Football teams based Continue reading “Top 10 Football teams ranking after May 2011” »

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Top 10 Best PC games ever

The sims 1A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device. Many types of video games are now in market available in which PC games have a fair share of variety. According to World Direct Survey Organization, more than 1 million games have been made in world which really a huge figure. Here we are showing you world Top 10 PC Games ever. The list has been prepared by analysing record in sale or in viewers rating and have a unique Style and Game play. In this list every game has earned more than millions Continue reading “Top 10 Best PC games ever” »

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Top 10 Snooker players ranking 2011

john higginsSnooker is a passion for millions of people all over the globe. Player get so immersed in the game that sometimes they even forget for how many hours they have been playing Snooker. Many people like to play Snooker a lot because it is played in a well disciplined and pin drop silence environment, which makes it even more interesting and exciting. The audience are watching you with their complete interest but they don’t speak even a word fearing that their favorite player might lose concentration towards his shot. The applause after playing a good shot which a player receives is priceless for him because at that time a feeling of delight and fulfillment engulfs the player which cannot be expressed Continue reading “Top 10 Snooker players ranking 2011” »

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Top 10 Snooker players-2010

Top 10 Snooker Players 2010Snooker is a craze for millions of fans across the world snooker is one of those sports which do not need extra strength and stamina to play like swimming of football. It does, however, require the utmost concentration and the ability to plan ahead and can be compared to chess in this aspect. Snooker, like chess, is played in complete silence with the playing area being lit more than its surroundings.  Recently ranking of the players were shuffled and restructured in the latest ranking system. After doing a bit of research we have brought you the latest and up to date ranking of Snooker players according to 2010. The Top 10 Snooker players Continue reading “Top 10 Snooker players-2010” »

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