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Top 10 Best Zombie Movies

Top 10 Zombie MoviesIt doesn’t really matter where the zombies start coming from as very few movie attempt to explain it. A few, however, the ones in the Top 10 Zombie Movies list do show a virus breakout or alien invasion of some sort. That out of the way, Zombie movies are basically horror movies which showcase gory and bloody scenes in which the dead are being killed again or are trying to recruit more people to their gang! Flying body part and popping eyes make up most of the action parts and define the Zombie movies genre. The first zombie movie to be released was the well loved “Frankenstein” and zombie movies have since then been experimented with several times like mixing Continue reading “Top 10 Best Zombie Movies” »

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Top 10 Best Halloween Horror Movies

Top 10 Halloween moviesAfter going through all the trick or treating and handing out candies to the neighbors’ kids, most of us have time for family time to end the holiday perfectly. With all the urban legends and myths surrounding the Halloween night, it’s only natural for you and your family to huddle up in front of the TV and watch something chilling and scary. Although a hundred different Top 10 Halloween lists can be made like, we focus solely on the top horror movies that would definitely be watched on Halloween’s night. A lot of horror movies deserve a mention in this list like Anthony Hopkins starring The Rite and The hills have eyes by Wes Craven but the most popular movies which Continue reading “Top 10 Best Halloween Horror Movies” »

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Top 10 Best Horror Movies 2011

horror movies 2011Although most people wouldn’t want to be chased by a ghost in the middle of the night, it would be perfectly alright to watch a horror movie that would make your blood run cold. Just like extreme sports, horror movies 2011 give you an adrenaline rush full of thrill and fear. This is something which is not an everyday experience for a normal human and thus it creates attraction. Some people enjoy being scared in a safe kind of way and others get a kick out of it. Be it your bedroom or a cinema hall, the special effects mixed up with surprises and a nerve wrecking climax of the best horror movies 2011 . Horror movies do keep Continue reading “Top 10 Best Horror Movies 2011” »

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Top 10 Scariest places

Top 10 Scariest placesWe all seem to love ghost stories; making sure everyone has heard about the latest ghost you have heard or some creepy facts about the strange house just around the corner where no one lives. Haunted houses are often visited by children (without the consent of their parents) just to enjoy the thrill even if they get scared out of their wits! The most widely accepted theory is that people have lost their lives in those areas which are haunted by their ghosts or have come back for revenge or unfinished business. Continue reading “Top 10 Scariest places” »

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