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Top 10 Best Ties for men

Top 10 Best Ties for menTies are a staple part of a businessman’s dressing as well as of those who are of executive and managerial class. The image of a sharp dressed man can never be complete without a tie! A classy tie does not have to be very expensive. Choosing the right color and type to go with your suit is very important as a bad tie can make you look clueless and unproffesional. A nicley matching one, on the other hand, can make even an inexpensive suit look amazing. The four main materials from which ties are being Continue reading “Top 10 Best Ties for men” »

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Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping DestinationsStanding for hours in front of a superstore only to be first ones to grab that perfect Black Friday deal before it runs out is one of the best things about this holiday! Sadly the trend of doing so is declining every year. This Black Friday, however, will be a totally new experience as shops opt to open a lot earlier than usual and trying to be the first to get the deals may very well cost you your Thanksgiving dinner! Ordering gifts off the internet is quite a different experience. No hassle, no waiting and no searching frantically for parking space! A study shows that an average American is willing to spend up to $600 in deals on Black Friday. Following is a list of the Continue reading “Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Destinations” »

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Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items

Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items As soon as you stuff down that Thanksgiving Day turkey and potatoes, you’ll have to make a rush to the stores as the best stores are opening up on 12 a.m. on Thanksgiving night instead of the usual 4 a.m., this might be a bid to increase the shopping time and hence the sales, or just to cash in the holiday excitement by starting off earlier. Americans like to spend a lot on Black Friday because of its mind blowing deals and literally throw away prices. Black Friday officially starts the Christmas holiday season which is full of gift buying and purchases for dear ones. This leads to Cyber Monday, Green Monday and Brown Monday which are similar to Continue reading “Top 10 Best Black Friday Deal Items” »

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Top 10 most awaited gadgets

Top 10 upcoming gadgetsFrom James Bond’s larger than life gadgets of the 60s to the unmanned aircrafts of today, technology has advanced quite a lot. The involvement of technology in our daily lives has grown to such an extent that hardly a minute goes by in which we do not interact in any sort of way with a machine or gadget. Sales and usage of various gizmos like laptops, mobile devices and other communication devices has increased more than tenfold over the last five years. Recent survey shows that 80% of the tech loving younger generation check their mobile phones and face book accounts first thing in the morning after getting up! Technology is making our lives easier and more comfortable Continue reading “Top 10 most awaited gadgets” »

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Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes

Top 10 perfumes for menImagine heads turning as soon as you enter a room or hall. Everyone present notices the cologne or perfume you are wearing and you make a definite statement about your presence and personality without even saying a word. Such is the force and impact of fragrance to the human sensory system. People often associate various smells with different things and events. Have you ever felt hungry after getting a whiff of freshly baked pizza? Be it be spicy or sweet, each perfume has a special blend of oils and chemicals which then becomes the characteristic smell for that particular brand. It is always difficult to find the perfect cologne which truly describes who you are. Men all over the world show their class and style by the way they smell Continue reading “Top 10 Best mens perfumes and colognes” »

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Top 10 Most Expensive things 2012

Most expensive car Bugatti VeyronTop 10 most expensive things is one of the most common and difficult thing to talk about because every day something new just pops up and the previous expensive items are gone way back and people easily forget them and start talking about the new ones. As it’s a common thing that everyone wants to enjoy a luxurious life by somehow using expensive or branded goods to make a glorious lifestyle. But for some people just reading creates a smile on their lips which other may not get even after buying these goods. However we have found some of the most expensive items and products around the globe which are brought to you. They might not really be the most expensive thing which you have gone through or have seen but these are really very Continue reading “Top 10 Most Expensive things 2012” »

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