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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Maximum Facebook LikesOne of the biggest race going on facebook is about the likes of the specific pages including, brands, actors, actresses, athletes, companies, websites and lot more. The race gets more interesting when 2 opponents are close enough with the difference of just couple of likes. The most beautiful thing about the like page is that it not only encourages the specific like page owner about the repute and work done by him/her but also makes a true identity in front of the world about the business or work which he/she is doing. Many people who have like pages ask their friends and colleagues to like their page so that they can reach a specific thousand figure Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages” »

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Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube channels 2012

Youtube Most Subscribed channel 2012Most subscribed YouTube channels is the topic which will catch the attention of every blog lover as well as YouTube channel owner. YouTube is currently the biggest online video watching site of the world and it has billions of users. Every day, millions of people upload their videos on YouTube and many of them get lucky enough to reach thousands of figures or may be millions depending on the nature and virility of their video. The YouTube website has spawned some great artists by bringing their talent to the front. Some have decided to stay on you Tube and have went on to become the biggest YouTube celebrities. Their channels turned into the Most Continue reading “Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtube channels 2012” »

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Top 10 Best Madonna Songs

Top 10 Best Madonna SongsMadonna (Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) is has done everything a music diva can possibly do under the sun (and the moon too) and yet amazes us again and again with her mind blowing live performances as well as rocking songs! The list of the Top 10 Best Madonna songs is a great showcase of her vast musical diversity and boundless creativity. Her music as well as videos have a niche of their own and are masterpieces in themselves. She is currently the most successful solo female artist of all time and has even tried her hand at acting, designing, production as well as writing! Madonna recently rocked America with her Super Bowl halftime Continue reading “Top 10 Best Madonna Songs” »

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Top 10 Most Popular Kolaveri Di Versions

Top 10 Most Popular Kolaveri Di VersionsWe finally give in to our curious nature and give Kolaveri Di a try. What did you expect? Love it or hate it, Kolaveri Di is here to stay for a very, very long time and will spawn thousands of imitations like the Top 10 Most Popular Kolaveri Di versions listed below. This totally unknown songs shot to fame in late 2011 and quickly became one of the Top 10 most popular and viral YouTube videos of 2011. Why it got so famous is still a mystery. We admit that the music and beat is quite catchy but that is as far as our understanding goes. Even with subtitles enabled, it was pretty hard to figure out what the singer was saying and you can not imagine our astonishment when we found out that Continue reading “Top 10 Most Popular Kolaveri Di Versions” »

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Top 10 Justin Bieber Best Songs

Top 10 most popular Justin Beiber SongsYou are probably a huge fan of Justin Bieber because you have come here to have a look at the Top 10 most popular Justin Bieber songs. He shot to fame so quickly that even well established singers have expressed their doubts about his talent and tactics! However, Justin Bieber proved them all wrong with hits like and the negative publicity helped him increase his fame even further. YouTube gave him the platform to start his carrier and it was from there that Scooter Braun picked him up and Continue reading “Top 10 Justin Bieber Best Songs” »

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Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez (real name Jennifer Lynn Lopez) is an international sensation who is an acclaimed singer as well as a successful movies star. Jennifer Lopez, also known as Jlo, has also tried her hand at fashion accessories, perfumes and other related things with moderate triumph as well. This Latin diva’s big breakthrough came in 1995 when roles started to come in quite frequently. Jennifer Lopez’s beauty dazzled the world in countless movies and she became an icon of gorgeousness. Her first music album named “On the 6” went triple platinum and showed the world how good this multi-talented star was. Jennifer Lopez’s shapeliness is very unique and she has Continue reading “Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs” »

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Top 10 Best Pitbull Songs List

Pitbull SongsPitbull is currently one of the best singer and record producer of the world. Most of us only know him by stage names Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide and Mr.305 (which refers to Miami); in real life, his name is Armando Christian Perez. When it comes to body shaking beats and groovy music, trust me Pitbull songs and Pitbull music really high in the best music artists around. His style ranges from beautiful dance and electro hop styled songs to recently introduced and popular reggaeton style. It’s almost impossible to a disco or club which has not played Pitbull Songs to entertain their customers. The real bass and trance of Pitbull music touches the soul Continue reading “Top 10 Best Pitbull Songs List” »

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