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Top 10 Angelina Jolie tattoosWith the attention now more towards the tattoos of Megan fox and Justin Beiber, Angelina Jolie tattoos have somewhat vanished from the spot light as they no longer attract the masses. Angelina Jolie tattoos are well past their prtattime and we have decided to give them one last tribute before her children grow up and make her remove them! Some of the Angelina Jolie tattoos had to be covered up with make up for a few movies like the action movies Tomb Raider because they did not fit the character. From the Cambodian inscriptions to the snakes and dragons, we show you the most famous Angelina Jolie tattoos. These are, ofcourse, the ones visible to the public eye. You will have to get on a first name basis with Angelina first to even hope to see the rest of Angelina Jolie tattoos! Good luck in your quest of knowledge!


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We divide the Angelina Jolie tattoos in two categories, the first type of Angelina Jolie tattoos are the lizards and dragons. Though Angelina Jolie has stated a number of times that they all are dragons, although some people say that some of her tattoos are basically those which are Tattoos for men, we still believe that some of them look more like lizards than dragons. This also includes the big black cross tattoo she later on had on her lower abdomen to hide her famous little blue dragon tattoo. She did the same thing with her dragon tattoo on the lower back when she had it covered with a great white Bengali tiger tattoo. Looks like that Angelina Jolie tattoos reflect more of her mind frame and stances when they are made and she later on gets them covered or removed when they no longer matter.

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With her beautiful looks and charming personality, she has already shown the world her class. Angelina Jolie tattoos then go on to show her literary side as well. Angelina Jolie tattoos which fall in the quotes of characters type have been so varied and numerous that one tends to forget them. Her most famous one was the Billy Bob tattoo on her left arm which she was forced to remove after her divorce. Instead, there are now a set of coordinates written there on her left arm. A Cambodian prayer on the left and an Arab inscription on the right complete the Asian tattoo experience for her! Angelina Jolie tattoos also contain a number (13) which shows that she believes more in hard work and determination than in bad luck and witchery. These are more like the Megan Fox tattoos we get to see so much nowdays!

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Finally, smack in the middle in the back of her neck are the words “Know your rights” which must mean something to her (I have no clue!). On a last note, Angelina Jolie tattoos got a lot of attention when her movie Wanted came out. It was after the hype died down that people got to know that all those new Angelina Jolie tattoos were temporary and only for her action movies!

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