Top 10 Beautiful Albino Animals

Albino AnimalsBeautiful Albino animals are a rare gift from nature and are seldom found on the planet. These traits are not only found in animals but in humans as well. Beautiful Albino animals are exotic gifts of nature and these beautiful creatures deserve attention. Although they are limited in numbers, we  occasionally do some across some beautiful Albino animals every once in a while. Some of the most beautiful Albino animals are found in different zoo of the world while some may be the pride of a certain billionaire’s farmhouse. Those who might not get a chance to see these Albino animals live can see them here in our post which is made on a special demand of our regular reader. Enjoy the list of some of the most beautiful Albino animals present on our planet right now. All the animals, beautiful Albino animals or not, deserve attention because of excessive hunting and unnecessary slaughtering just for their skins and tusks.


Albino Animals List


10. Albino Peacock

Albino Peacock
In the list of Albino animals, Albino Peacock is one of those beautiful creatures which is more often found than other Albino animals. Most of the people who love to keep Peacocks as a pet would definitely consider keeping a this Peacock because it displays a breathtaking view of its feathers while it dances! It’s a commonly known fact that white is a peaceful and pleasantly soothing color and definitely captures the eye. Albino Peacocks look like little animal fairies with their wings wide open to showcase their beauty. Peacocks are found in many different color combinations and every breed has their own beauty but these Peacocks are the most celebrated and famous ones all over the world and are the natives of India. While making a list of Albino animals, Albino Peacocks deserve a place in the list.


9. Albino Deer

Albino Deer
Albino Deer may be the closest animal to the mythical Unicorn. They are so rare that people call them ghosts! Some deer lovers also have a strong believe that these beautiful Albino animals have magical powers to disappear in the night. Approximately 300 White Dears are left in the world and are in a small town in Carson country, Texas, United States. The Albino Deer has this color because of a recessive gene which renders it void of all colors save white. This extra ordinary herd is safeguarded and bred on a former army camp surrounded by fences meant to keep the humans out and the deer in! People rarely get to see them because they live inside the depot and never come out. These Beautiful Albino animals seriously deserve our attention because they are a natural treasure of our planet which will vanish if we don’t care for it.


8. Albino Dolphin

Albino Dolphin
Dolphins are considered to one of the loveliest and friendliest fishes on our planet with a great affection and attachment to mankind. The recent analysis of Albino Animals research has proved that there are around 140 white dolphins in the Pearl River(China). Keeping in mind the normal and ideal Dolphin sizes, Albino Dolphins are a tad larger in terms of size and weight as compared to the normal Dolphins. The body length of the whites between 2 to 3.5 meters and sometimes even more than this. In Hong Kong, exhibition acts with white Dolphins is a very old tradition. In our list of Albino Animals, these beautiful animals are placed on the 8th position.


7. Albino Squirrel

Albino Squirrel
Squirrels basically belong a medium-to-small rodents family which have different name according to their activities and size. Squirrels are found in almost all the countries of the world and can be seen anywhere with greenery and trees. In the list of Albino animals, Albino Squirrels hold the 7th spot because of their rareness and beauty. Almost all of the Albino animals are considered beautiful and attractive but this little creature has its own specialty. Albino Squirrels are endangered as only 220 or so are left in the world.


6. Albino Whale

Albino Whale
Whales are currently the biggest living creatures present on our planet. There are around 40 species of whales present right now and among these huge whale species, there are some numbered Albino whales too. These Albino animals define the epitome of beauty of the sea and its dwellers. Albino Whales are mostly found in Arctic or Sub Arctic Cetacean. These beautiful Albino Animals cannot live in hot or moderate temperature water and that’s why they are mostly found near the Arctic regions. Their numbers are not confirmed but these Albino animals are no more than double figures.


5. Polar Bear

Polar Bear
While making the list of Beautiful Albino Animals, It’s impossible to ignore one of the biggest and the most beautiful predator of the north, the Polar Bear. Mostly found in the Arctic regions, these are closely related to their brown skinned cousins and are better adapted to living in colder climates. The polar bears are mostly seen in some of the biggest Zoo of the world and their stuffed bodies can be seen in the collections of hunters or rich tycoons. According to them, this huge creature is a symbol of power and courage and displays their hunting skills. Polar Bears are not an endangered species right now but could be in a few years if hunting them down is not controlled and stopped.


4. Albino Gorilla

Albino Gorilla
When it comes to Albino Gorillas, then you will be astonished to find that only one has been found till now! That’s right, the total number of white gorillas found on our planet was just a single male gorilla! Imagine the attention it got from every Zoo tourist of Barcelona Zoo, Catalonia and Spain! The gorilla was given the name Snowflake because of its snow colored skin which later on turned pale with the age and time. Unluckily, even after breeding, the off springs were not born as Albino animals but as normal gorillas. The lifespan of Snowflake was between 38 to 40 years which was way higher than the average age of any Gorilla. The list would be incomplete if we would have missed this beautiful creature. The Albino Gorilla is the rarest of the Albino animals and the world has yet to find another.


3. Albino Kangaroo

Albino Kangaroo
Kangaroos are the national animals of Australia and are found in a vast majority in Australian jungles and nearby areas. Albino Kangaroos have been  only seen in Australia and even those found are in a very small number. All the gimmicks and activities of these beautiful Albino animals are just like other fellow kangaroos and the only thing which makes them separate and prominent out of the herd is their white color. These Albino Kangaroos are being bred so that the number of these Albino animals can be increased to a safe amount. We wonder how they would look with boxing gloves on(just for the sake of cuteness, though)!


2. Albino Lion

Albino Lion
For centuries, African jungle tribes have believed that if their jungle has a white lion, then they will be blessed and no shortage of food will ever fall on them! According to scientists, these white lions are missing their normal colors due to the inhibitor Gene. The White Lion protection Trust states that there are no more than 550 White Lions present in the world right now and most of them are the main show of many big Zoos. This massive king of the jungle becomes more attractive and beautiful in its creamy colored skin and mane. These Albino animals look so innocent and heavenly than even the hunters think that Albino lions are a true natural treasure and should be kept alive and protected.


1. Albino Tiger

Albino Tiger
Albino Tigers, with their beautifully stunning ice blue eyes and white stripped coat, are counted as one of the most beautiful animals on earth. These beautiful Albino animals also have pink noses, black lips and a pink under-paw. Mesmerized by the beauty of these Albino animals, many of us are unaware that white tigers can no more be found in jungles as most of them have been transported to Zoos and breeding farms. Different Big Cat associations are doing all they can to prevent these Albino animals from vanishing from the face of the earth. The white Tiger species reach puberty more quickly as compared to normal tigers. A short historical story tells us that Maharajah Shri Martand Singh was the first person to come upon the Albino Tiger species while hunting in the forests of his territory. In the list of most beautiful Albino animals, these white Tigers holds the first position.




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