Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats

Top 10 Most Beautiful CatsBeautiful cats are the epitome of cuteness and can win the heart of pet lover with a single meow!  Cats are the most kept pets (after dogs) with more than 37 million houses in the US being home to these beautiful cats. On a larger scale, people wrongly believe that dogs are more popular as pets all over the world as detailed analysis shows that more than 350 million beautiful cats are kept as pets all over the globe and the figure is still rising every day. Recently, our team got a request to make the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats of the world list and the subscriber sent us a list of some of the most beautiful cats present in the world right now. We do stress that all cats are beautiful cats because they are innocent creatures looking for love and give their whole lifetime in return! Maybe your favorite beautiful cats might not be present on the list so your comments and suggestions will guide us. So enjoy the list and don’t forget to comment about the beauty and charm of these innocent and cute looking creatures called beautiful cats!





10. Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats

One of the oldest documented beautiful cats in history, the Siamese Cats are indeed a very special breed and among the more popular house pets in the US as well as Europe. Proper and selective breeding has led the Siamese Cats of today to be the most beautiful cats as all their imperfections were sorted out and finished. They have more than ten different varieties which range from the standard face and paws marking ones to the exotic pointed ears variety. However, all the Siamese Cats share the same blue eye color which is characteristic of their breed. The Himalayan variety was developed by crossing the Siamese Cats with the Persian Cats which led to long coated beautiful cats having traits of both of their parents. The oriental longhair and short hair also deserve a mention as these Siamese Cats are among most beautiful cats in the world!


9. Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blue Cats

Next on the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats are the Russian Blue Cats. The Russian Blue Cats usually cause a bit of confusion as potential owners try to find out if the cat they want to buy is a pure breed or not. Although these beautiful cats do show a deviation sometimes, there are certain features which are common to all. Firstly, the Russian Blue Cats may look a bit gray to you so. That is ok as long as it is thick and shines at the ends. The Russian Blue Cats have bottle green eyes and a darker shade at the tip of their paws. Occasionally, these beautiful cats do have some sort of white spot on their bodies which is usually not liked by breeders. The Russian Blue Cats are extremely gentle animals and like to stick to their owners all day long without bothering them much. These beautiful cats are very good with children too and produce less of the stuff which causes allergies!


8. Persian Cats

Persian Cats

With its name linking it to ancient Persia, the Persian Cats are said to be originally from Iran, just like the Turkish Angora Cats are linked to Turkey. With a cute round face and small nose, these beautiful cats have been winning hearts for a very long time now. They were brought to Europe and later on to the USA and were a huge hit with pet lovers as well as breeders. With thick heavy coats, these beautiful cats are better suited indoors in cool places as to keep them comfortable. A little brushing everyday goes a long way in making sure that they maintain a full and healthy coat all year round. The Persian Cats come in a full range of colors which can be anything from black, white to silver! These beautiful cats have a much laid back attitude and are very sweet and calm by nature. Children or other pets who are loud and rowdy might take a toll on the Persian Cats nerves so owners have to make sure that these beautiful cats get a proper atmosphere.


7. Turkish Angora Cats

Turkish Angora Cats

The Turkish Angora Cats are the most unique ones in the list of Top 10 Beautiful Cats. This is so because the Turkish Angora displays many characteristics which are commonly associated with dogs instead of cats! These beautiful cats may not bark or chase red wagons but they are highly intelligent and display clear signs of a clever and imaginative mind. The Turkish Angora love to spend time in water which comes as a surprise. Like dogs, Turkish Angora usually carry out whatever task they have set their minds upon and no amount of wooing will deter them. They are very friendly and loving but their intelligence does not allow them to waste their time idling like other beautiful cats! However, spending time with them will make them more interested in owners instead of being mischievous. These beautiful cats bond easily with all the family and are a joy to watch as they are very active!


6. Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats

Suited to the colder parts of the world, the Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick and heavy coat to keep them warm and dry. These beautiful cats are a hit in Europe because of their adaptability to their climate and very popular house pets there. The Norwegian Forest Cats were revived in Norway after they almost got extinct! With looks similar to the Maine Coon, they have thick tails and water resistant double coat which keeps their bodies dry even if they jump into water! With forest as their middle name, you can be sure that they love the outdoors and are very active and full of energy. Also, these beautiful cats are famous for their nocturnal adventures as they love to explore when all their masters are asleep! They are pretty tough and not only can they withstand periods of inattention from their owners; these beautiful cats love to be on their own once in a while!


5. Pixie-Bob Cats

Pixie-Bob Cats

Pixie-Bob are often confused with their wild bob cats or Savannah Cats and very wrongly so. The Pixie-Bob are a very active breed and need constant attention and love to play with toys as well as humans. The coats (both short and long) of these beautiful cats have various patters ranging from lines, spots and even solid stripes. They always have black paws and lips and this is a good indicator of their breed. Do not be put off by the large size of the Pixie-Bob as well as a somewhat aggressive look these beautiful cats have as they are extremely friendly and have a mild temperament. The Pixie-Bob are also famous for their short tails as well as the extra toes they have in their front paws. This lets them grab things and objects in a way no other cat can! Like the Turkish Angora, Pixie-Bob love water and swimming comes to them naturally and easily.


4. The Birman Cats

The Birman Cats

The Birman Cats are much loved by their owners as well as the ones who visit them. The reason is that these beautiful cats are always eager to please and love to interact with humans. Requiring very little or no grooming at all, The Birman will follow you around religiously and try to learn about new things or objects they see around the house. These beautiful cats will willingly stay up late at night so that they can spend maximum time with you and fully combine their lifestyle with yours! The Birman will always have blue eyes and white paws and this is a preliminary way to identify them. The dark patches on their faces will range in color and intensity but will be there nevertheless.  These beautiful cats are slowly making their way into US where they are relatively lesser know than other breeds. The Birman rank 4th in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats of the World list.


3. Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cats are one of the most beautiful cats around because of their thick fur as well as a nature so simple that most of the times they do not know what will harm them! Ragdolls were first bred here in America and they slowly spread all over the world due to their increasing popularity. The Ragdoll become very still when picked up and hence their names. These beautiful cats have a blue eye colors which ranges from deep blue to ice blue. They have thick furry coats with a color not unlike the Siamese cats. These beautiful cats have an extremely friendly nature and look forward to being picked up and played with by humans! This trait makes the Ragdoll the perfect house cat but can get it into trouble sometimes as beautiful cats completely trust any human they come in contact with! Ragdoll rank 3rd in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats of the World list.


2. Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats

Despite its size, the Maine Coon is strangely very gentle and mild by nature. These beautiful cats seem to demand respect and reek of authority at the first glance but are infact gentle giants. The large bushy tail is more of a trademark of these beautiful cats and they are easily recognized by this physical trait alone. The size of Maine Coon also gives them away as they are the biggest of the domesticated cats in USA today.  These beautiful cats come in a range of colors and you can easily find one in a color of your liking but the eyes and throat should always have a white lining if the color is not solid. Their shiny coat is usually thin at the ends while being a bit thicker in the middle. These beautiful cats have been named after a raccoon because of their size and this has led to false stories that the Maine Coon were the result of cross breeding between a cat and a raccoon!


1. Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold Beatuiful kitten

The Scottish Folds have to be the cutest and most beautiful cats you would have ever seen on your life. The kitten themselves are very cute and you will want to pick one up as soon as you see one but the grown up Scottish Fold are also very beautiful cats and look as cute and adorable only as a cat can be. These beautiful cats are named so because of their floppy ears which fall or fold towards the front and hence the name Scottish Fold. The round face and eyes of the Scottish Fold coupled with the flat ears give them a unique look. Also, these beautiful cats are different from other because of their vocal range which varies in tone but always remains soft and warm. They also have a strange habit of sitting upright with their legs in front of them! The Scottish Fold was thought to be a gene defect and was bred by humans and these beautiful cats later made their way from Europe to America and straight into the hearts of millions of Americans!




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