Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters

NewscasterNewscaster is a face which we see almost every day. Somehow, I suppose, it is much better being told about some event or weather forecast by a beautiful woman than by some chap. Women have really dominated the news casting profession because of the facelift they give to the usually tense newsroom as well as the channel. It has almost become a ritual to name the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters every year! People do not realize that these women newscasters and news anchors enjoy as much attention interest as celebrities and movie stars do. They have their own makeup team and what they wear has become a matter of great importance to the TV channel! Most channels employee women news casters especially in the weather report and sports segments. They also make excellent hosts of talk shows where they flaunt their charms and aim to analyze the latest trends. Following is the list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters and News Anchorsfrom around the world who work for channels like CNN, NBC, BBC and Fox.




10. Newscaster Ghida Fakhry

Ghida Fakhry

Ghida Fakhry ranks 10th in the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters and news anchors and is currently working for Al Jazeera’s English network. Ghida Fakhry is one of the primary journalists and newscaster for Al Jazeera English. She is from Lebanon and holds a double Masters degree. She appears and hosts the popular show Witness and fluently speaks 4 different languages! Ghida Fakhry is the perfect example of beauty with brains! Ghida Fakhry is a very bold newscaster.


9. Newscaster Amy Robach

Amy Robach

Amy Robach is more widely known for her beauty and attractive legs than her intellectual and political finesse. NBC’s Today show host Amy Robach holds a Master’s degree in broadcast journalism and is one of the most watched newscasters and news anchors on national television. She occasionally appears on other shows on the NBC network. Amy Robach is a very confident newscaster.


8. Newscaster Reham Khan

Reham Khan

Reham Khan became an international sensation during her years at Legal TV. Reham Khan is an expert on weather and appears on the weather report on TV as well as the local radio in England. Reham Khan holds a Postgraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism is currently a BBC weather girl. She is placed 8th in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters of the world list.


7. Newscaster Sharon Tay

Sharon Tay

Appearing in the most important news edition at KCAL9, Sharon Tay has come a long way from through which she started her career. Probably the oldest female in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters of the world list, Sharon Tay is also one of the most experienced and sought after newscaster. She also tried her hand at entertainment and appeared on shows related to music and fashion for a year at MSNBC. Sharon Tay is the most beautiful newscaster of Singapore.


6. Newscaster Liz Cho

Liz Cho has been a mainstream newscaster and celebrity since she began co-hosting the WABC TV Eyewitness program. The specialty if Liz Cho, apart from her good looks and beautiful smile, is that she manages to be everywhere and has covered most of the major events for her network for over 5 years which has made her the face of WABC TV. Liz Cho has even been named once in the top 50 most beautiful people’s list!


5. Newscaster Robin Meade

Robin Meade

What better way to start off your day with the morning show with Robin Meade. Robin Meade is a huge with the audience because of her attractive personality and good looks. Robin Meade even released a book and a music album which received a satisfactory response. Robin Meade even hosts a show on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). She has been rated 5th in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters of the world list. Robin Meade is a newscaster with very lovely smile.


4. Newscaster Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz is one of those sports reporters who get more camera time than the players who are actually playing in the field! It is not uncommon for the cameramen to focus her at the sidelines in break time or even during game play! Ines Sainz works for the Spanish wing of CNN as well as Aztec TV. She even appears in an English show which is related to boxing. Ines Sainz is considered to be the hot newscaster of the world.


3. Newscaster Rudi Bakhtiar

Rudi Bakhtiar

Rudi Bakhtiar has a very remarkable and personality and her good looks make her presence felt even more! Though she started her career with journalism and news casting, she has now become an international human rights advocate. Rudi Bakhtiar has around 10 solid years of news casting and stunning people with her good looks and stylish dressing!


2. Newscaster Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido is the dazzling Puerto Rican working at Univision primarily as a weather woman and occasionally fills out other slots when needed. This beauty even came as the runner up of a Spanish dancing reality show! Jackie Guerrido has a degree in meteorology and has worked for the radio as well. Jackie Guerrido comes in the 2nd spot of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters of the world list.


1. Newscaster Mélissa Theuriau

Mélissa Theuriau

Number one on the Top 10 Most Beautiful Newscasters and news anchors of the world list is the dazzling and irresistibly beautiful Mélissa Theuriau. Though it’s a shame that I can’t understand one word that she says (she’s from the French channel M6), beauty and charisma are universal so I resort to watching her only! Mélissa Theuriau is the latest sensation and is widely accepted as the most beautiful woman in the news business. Currently Mélissa Theuriau is considered to be the most beautiful newscaster all over the world.




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