Top 10 Most Beneficial Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea is the newest health drink which is receiving phenomenal attention from health conscious people from all around the world. The green tea has been linked with cures of almost every disease and ailment under the sun as devotees as well as researchers are coming up with new findings about the benefit of green tea every day! Being more popular than energy drinks which claim replenish your body’s lost energy, the green tea is more of an exotic drink which is related to the famous English Tea and black Tea. Either factory refined or all natural, the benefits of green tea are indeed countless. Green tea is prepared from a number of ingredients which affect its flavor and aroma and the base ingredient is always leaves or seeds from a particular plant. Following is the list of Top 10 Most Beneficial Green Tea. Take a sip and enjoy!




10. Ceylon Green Tea

Ceylon Green Tea

Most of you would have only heard about Ceylon Green Tea only on weight reducing sites and forums. Although not quite off the mark, the Ceylon Green Tea can also be enjoyed as a normal green tea with numerous health benefits. The Ceylon Green Tea may taste a bit strange but health benefits like improved hand-eye coordination as well as super smooth skin make this drawback insignificant! The taste makes the Ceylon Green Tea stand out from the rest but it is in no way inferior to them in other aspects.


9. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea is usually thought to be the only Peppermint Tea around which is not true. Although the Moroccan Mint Tea is basically Peppermint Tea, this green tea follows a few norms like there must be mint leaves in the cup and the hot water is to be poured from a distance (God knows why). Peppermint Green Tea is very valuable because it has proved effective against the ailments of the digestive system and effectively cures bad breath as well! The Peppermint Green Tea is also sometimes added with Spearmint leaves to increase the flavor.


8. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea

Another front runner in the weight loss arena is the Cinnamon Tea. The Cinnamon Green Tea miraculously has also been claimed to be helpful for people suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. The aroma of Cinnamon Tea is refreshingly sweet and easily brings a smile to the face of anyone drinking it for the first time! Cinnamon Tea also provides important minerals which are important for everyday bodily functions. This green tea is most effective when taken at night before going to bed.


7. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

Everything about the Chamomile Tea is redolent and relates to one health benefit or another. Chamomile Green Tea is known to have soothing effect on the stomach as well as the entire digestive track. This green tea also hampers infection and its growth in the body. Some people have also claimed that the Chamomile Green Tea relaxes and soothes the nerves as well and is a great drink to have just before bed! Also, the Chamomile Green Tea on the list which has a fruit like taste to it!


6. Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

The Japanese Green Tea has a color not different from Mountain Dew or Gatorade but its health benefits are far more than both of these soft drinks combined may offer. The Japanese Green Tea is usually served in a small round bowl instead of cups and this is the traditional way to consume it. The Japanese Green Tea has many grades which depends on the leaves used and varies greatly in taste. Apart from weight loss benefits, Japanese Green Tea is also brimful of antioxidants which are a must in this modern world.


5. Chinese Green Tea (Camellia)

Chinese Green Tea

With as much as 7 varieties, the Chinese Green Tea (Camellia) is the most consumed green tea of the world. The Chinese Green Tea (Camellia) reduces and even prevents deadly diseases like cancer according to Chinese research. The Chinese Green Tea is all natural and is not fermented like the regular black tea and thus retains its natural antidotes which greatly benefit mankind. Several companies have Chinese Green Tea with added fragrances and enhanced flavor but have managed to retain their natural essences!


4. Kahwah


Quite like the green tea from Kashmir, Kahwah is a traditional Arabic green tea and is a must served item at every gathering and meeting. Kahwah is a mixture of herbs and spices like cardamom and Cinnamomum and often sweetened by honey. More often than not, it is left unsweetened and a piece of sweet jaggery is offered with this green tea to keep your mouth from getting to bitter. The color of Kahwah is golden and the green tea itself is transparent with a few dry fruit pieces sitting at the bottom.


3. Ginseng Tea

Ginseng Tea

Low blood pressure and prolonged youth are just some of the advantaged which go with this green tea, people claim. The Ginseng Tea is very popular among the youth of today and is consumed all over the world. This green tea is also said to give a kick of energy not unlike other popular energy drinks available in the market nowdays. The Ginseng Tea is the only green tea in this list which is made from the roots of the plant instead of its leaves. Ginseng Tea tastes a bit like sand and salt but is very healthy for you and the positive effects become visible almost instantly!


2. Basil Tea

Basil Tea

Basil Tea is made from the Holy Basil which is important to many religions of the world due to its in-numerous health benefits. People who regularly consume Basil Tea have reported better eyesight, better digestion as well as glowing skin and hair! The Basil Tea has a distinct taste which reminds you of some oriental spices and is quite pleasant with a little honey added. The leaves of the Holy Basil which are used to prepare the Basil Green Tea have great medicinal value and are used to make many medicines.


1. Ceylon Silver tip Tea

Ceylon Silver tip Tea

The Ceylon Silver tip Tea is more of a privilege than a green tea! The Ceylon Silver tip Tea has one of the best and smoothes flavors a green tea can have and its aroma is simply to die for! The Ceylon Silver tip Tea is highly priced because of its low production. The leaves used in making this green tea are really tipped with silver color! As the name states, it is cultivated in Ceylon (old name of Sri Lanka). Just one teaspoon per cup of green tea will provide with just the proper amount of antioxidants required to flush your systems of harmful chemicals!




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