Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs 2012

top 10 best punjabi songs 2012Punjabi songs are some of the most sought after songs nowdays as they are being remixed with inhouse, techno and lots of other genres like these. Punjabi songs are also known as bhangra songs and are quite popular with music lovers who don’t even fully understand Punjabi language! Indians have a way with everything and manage to shine and stand out from the crowd in any field. The west has successfully infused their music types with Punjabi songs and bhangra songs to bring out a wonderful new experience for the listeners worldwide. Punjabi Songs are more popular in the UK than in US but that may change in a couple of years. This huge and widespread success of Punjabi songs has had its influence on them and now we get to listen to brand new type of Punjabi songs genres like Punjabi Rap (Bohemia the Punjabi rapper), techno bhangra and many other new experimental songs. Following is the list of Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012. Enjoy the rhythm and dance to the beat!





10. Kuriye Kuriye Mind Na Karin

Translating to “Please don’t mind, girl”, J&Juliet along with DD&N have come up with a spiky number Kuriye kuriye Mind Na Karin which will force you to get off your feet. Punjabi songs 2012 have been getting more international attention than previous years and the rising standards of Punjabi songs like these are doing justice to this music. This song will come as a surprise to many listeners as it sounds more like a hip hop song with electric drums and acoustic guitars instead of the dhol found in Punjabi songs! Kuriye kuriye Mind Na Karin ranks 10th in the Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 list.


9. Fatto

Returning to the core, we hear a lot more Punjabi songs beat in Fatto. Fatto is a girl who the singer is trying to propose! The thing is she has a lot of attitude and loads of guy friends! The guy tries to impress her with cars and money but might very well be losing the case! This quite serious matter of heart is sung quite lightly by the hit duo of J&J and DD&NB. The Punjabi dialect used in this song is of the most popular type and is associated with Sikhs. These types of Punjabi songs 2012 have been well received in Europe and regularly get air time in radio channels as well as clubs and parties.


8. Kabootri

Complete with a very Bollywood video, Kabootri by Sippy Gill has all the elements to make it into the Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 list. Kabootri means pigeon but the Indians regard the pigeon a bird of love and peace (like we consider doves). Kabootri actually refers to a girl who the singer loves but is being married off to another man forcefully (believe me that is possible!). With the signature dhol beats and harmonious lyrics, this number will make you fall in love with it and want to explore the Punjabi songs genre!


7. Jind Mahi

Punjabi songs used quite a bit of odd instrunments like the “ting ting ting” one in the beginning known as “ik tara”. That is when the pop fusion kicks in and the song Jind Mahi starts to impress you. There are even pieces of jazz to enhance the easy going theme of the song. Jind Mahi by Malkit Singh advises everyone to never forget their roots and to stick with them no matter what you do or where you live. It is a patriotic song and will make you feel nostalgic (if you can understand and relate to it). Punjabi Songs also have that trademark “ho ho hoooo” which actually does not mean anything but is used as a melodic filler!


6. Pind Nanke

Punjabi songs are very different from our music as they are mainly related to love, betrayal and being left alone (they have their own set of problems!). That is why it may be a bit difficult to understand them even with subtitles! Pind Nanke by Gippy Grewal tells the tale of a small town guy who falls in love with a city girl. The upbeat music sounds anything but like Punjabi songs but the lyrics are there to confirm its genre. The video done for this song is a bit over the top but this is the norm for Bollywood songs and hindi songs. Pind Nanke takes the 6th place in the Top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 list.


5. B.A. Fail

Preet Harpal has one of the nicest voices around in Punjabi Songs (imho) and all his songs are pretty good (though I have to grill my Punjabi friends to understand what he’s singing about). BA fail is a funny song about a guy who whiles away his time in college after girls and flunks the finals. The funny thing is all the girls have graduated and now he is realizes his mistake! The music of BA Fail is really catchy and makes you want to dance to it (a specialty of Punjabi songs)! The video is thankfully better this time around and sort of relates to the song. The singer gets beaten up and even thrown into jail because of these girls but he does not let go of his fascination with them!


4. Judaa

Amrinder Gill is no stranger to huge hits and is regularly seen in the Top 10 Punjabi Songs charts. The song Judaa is indeed a very unique song and is unlike any other Punjabi songs. The song has a orchestra powered chorus which gives it a different type of epicness. Judaa by Amrinder Gill is a sad song which tells about how memories stay behind and haunt even when somebody has left for good. The video makes this song even better with its perfect settings (all that rain and snow) and ambience. Judaa ranks 4th in the Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs 2012 list.


3. Brown Rang

Yo Yo Honey Singh is the latest sensation of bhangra and Punjabi songs as he has churned out one great number after another. Brown Rang (Brown Skinned girl) is a song how the brown skinned girls are as good looking and attractive as any other woman on earth! Yo Yo Honey Singh has all the right ingredients in this track to get it into the top Punjabi songs of 2012. He fluently mixes English with his native language and even raps a bit about how the gorgeous girl has gotten the attention of all the guys of the town! The model shown in Brown Rung is eye catching indeed and the video is done up beautifully as well.


2. Yaarian

With his second song in the top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 list, Amrinder Gill has done it again. It Dr Zeus and shortie he has paired up with to bring you one of the best Punjabi songs of the year. Yaarian (friendships) is about the strong bonding and understanding between friends. The bass is quite solid and makes the track very listenable! Yaarian by Amrinder Gill features a short rap by shortie which completes the east meets west Punjabi songs which are so sought after these days. The concept of the video, however, is still a mystery to us with a beautiful girl thrown in who randomly roams the city!


1. Ki Samjaiye Punjabi Songs 2012

Three is a charm and Amrinder Gill has exactly that number of songs in the top 10 Punjabi Songs 2012 list! Ki Samjaiye by Amrinder Gill ranks at the top of the Punjabi lists songs because of its popularity and a very brilliant display of talents! Ki Samjaiye depicts a guy who is trying to talk his heart out of loving a girl.The girl in the video is pretty hot though so it might be a little hard! Punjabi songs have undergone a huge change and this number is a perfect example of this fact. The track sounds more like a 50 cents song crossed over with a gospel track!




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